I got a nuke | T-44

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Source: PhlyDaily

I got a nuke | T-44

Thumbnail by Abinavski!


  1. wow good job steve

  2. T-44 is easily my favorite in the game. It just does everything perfectly. Everyone says how T-34-85s and IS-2s are great but I just suffer with them, sometimes lose 10 games straight. The T-44 is the first tank that gives me confidence, and I achieved some badass comebacks with it. I just LOVE it!!

  3. This video had so many enemies with so much ammo loaded.

  4. Leonardo Christophe

    Rip T-44 got its Br increased to 6.7

  5. Could you make a b25j-30 vid?

  6. gaijin: move t-44 to 11.3! too OP! germoney supphers too much because of this!

  7. Didn’t mean it 😢

  8. Do You think old game sounds should be added back Phly? Cause the new ones don’t have the kind of “BOOM” sound as much anymore.

  9. I’m in this video and I’m not sure I like It.

  10. I got my second nuke in the T-44-122, I think 6.3 russia is good luck for nukes

  11. I-16 type 10 please Phly. 3 years of requesting

  12. i got my first nuke too, just yesterday😂🤝

  13. LETS GO. You got the nuke in my fav tank in the game. T44 is mega for flanking and if the round pens it’s just perfect

  14. And he did it IMO one of the worst 6.3 medium tanks in the game

  15. Wind the cables, turn off the game. Well done…

  16. t44 in randoms is an absolute bully. at 6.7 if apcr was working correctly it would be fine with its speed and armor
    6.5 would be perfect but thats another story

  17. back in the day my T-44 have to face T-10 and IS-4 in arcade…. HOW THE HACK CAN MY 85mm Cannon deal with those op bias armor… T.T

  18. Way it’s going to 6.7 dafak

  19. Am I the only one thinking is well deserved why the t44 becomes 6.7 ?
    I mean you literally see it in this video why. Almost one shots everything in sight and at the same time can’t really be damaged by other tanks.

  20. I learned that just having Germans in your side makes you lose even though there’s only 2 of them, and sometimes it’s just you and an entire team of oblivious German players

  21. Finally, dude. Grats and well done.

  22. w o w g r a p e

  23. Awesome intro

  24. I wish I could be as good as you phly. I always play tactically with a panzer IV but I always seem to get shot.

  25. T54E1 and F98-B/D attempt 24

  26. 0:36 Great moment 🙂

  27. This is the funniest intro you’ve EVAR done Phly!! Loved watching Elon get all his tissues atomized! LULZ!!!!

  28. Does a nuke always end a game? And does it all ways give you a win for the nuke as well?

  29. Congratulation. At last.

  30. Phly – You had me at Nuke.

  31. We all know that it’s going to 6.7 because Germany Suffers

  32. LETSGOOO, btw what are your opinions about some of the vehicles repair costs?

  33. 17:25 he’s gotta be careful how he plays this hahahahha

  34. T44 6.7 wtf are u gonna do against maus and other heavies

  35. cmon they made germans super weak in this game

  36. you either play Russia or you always die it`s not only Germany. This game with it`s economy is a Russian BS if play too long like 4 hours in 30 years I only rage quitted this game

  37. That “mmmm” at 6:05 sounded so sour lmaoooo the snail blesses you

  38. This is like Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar. A nuke for Phly has been long overdue. Steve, congratulations on a well deserved accomplishment!

  39. Jesus, why are you so happy about leveling to the ground some Alaska city? xD

  40. Dwayne Martodikromo

    Once i got nuje just with 6 kills and a lot of bounces i dont know how actualy

  41. Hey boss man could you let me know what the song is in the beginning

  42. English Electric Studios

    i tend to find US teams struggle more than german teams, as soon as one of their tanks have been destroyed, its a 1 and done domino effect all the way down till the game is over

  43. Juan Ignacio Quiroz

    fino señores

  44. Day 293: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  45. That’s one of the most edgiest thumbnail I’ve ever seen

  46. Well with tiger II h i once had 17 kills in a match, even though my whole team was dead and i was getting pushed from all sides.
    Maybe you have to be german to play good with them. :’D
    I always see everybody push carelessly with the german tanks i dont know, maybe most of the players dont know what the weaknesses are of their tanks..

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