I Got Hired As A Tank Factory CEO | ARMS TRADE TYCOON: Tanks

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Download the demo and play today! – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1662210/Arms_Trade_Tycoon_Tanks/

0:00 Kickstarter Information
3:26 Research
6:52 Engineering
:20 Design
10:09 Tycoon Savage

20:36 TANK Battle


  1. How much are they paying you to promote this game

  2. Phly if you could would you actually want a job like that?

  3. I backed a boxed copy hope it’s a single bluray not a ton of dvds would be a first for the pc gamers even XD but yay hope it works out! and we get maus ratte etc

  4. No way we’re the same age! I’ve always thought of you as older. by like 3 years. Just a little more mature ya know.

  5. Gigih Tri Novilistyo

    Is this a mobile game?

  6. Game looks awesome!

  7. I was a huge fan of the Open TTD game.
    Big fan of creating complex train networks

  8. 2023 jesus lol

  9. Hopefully they implement a mechanic to circumvent the hiring and firing.

    For example: have employee veteran levels or something? The longer the HR stay employed the better they are at their job? – this could reduce labour costs perhaps, instead of hiring 2 guys for 100 you would keep the experienced guy and pay him 150 for example.

    This would also allow you to progress exponentially as it looks as if there is a maximum capacity of workers. So just getting more workers isn’t really an option at that point of production.
    You could go even further to make specialisations and training courses for workers with its own building – similar to the administration building but called a dormitory or barracks or something?

    Just a passing idea. Thoughts?

  10. Day 16 of asking Phly to take out the N.C.223.3 again but with it’s 4791 kilograms bombs (200 kg x15 100 kg x12) into ground RB with friends for maximum rolling thunder

  11. I was pumped for this game, but then heard of sprocket lol

  12. Hahaha! I believe I am the pledge to reach the goal. 😀

  13. Moreeeeeeeeee

  14. 10+ tries and bankrupt every time, not even seen the first battle. Demo is NOT noob friendly, I should know, I am one.
    Cool concept though, with a few tweaks to make the start more noob friendly it could be a good game.

    • The trick is to rush the MKI tank overall design and production of it ASAP. Start producing as much as possible because you WILL DEFINITELY win your first few tank contracts that aren’t asking for Whippet light tanks. You can optionally go for researching upgrades like optics and crew support stuff, but it’s not strictly necessary and it won’t improve the performance of your tanks in the first and only battle you can see in the demo. When the game has a discount on raw materials, STOCK UP BECAUSE YOU WILL BURN THROUGH THEM FAST. Make sure you have at least 10 to 15 MKIs in your storage, so when initial contracts come in for like 14 to 18 tanks or so, you can rush production of them with like 50 to 60 workers on the remaining amount you need to top up and immediately ship out those in your storage. Don’t Just-In-Time your whole production process, you need to get ahead of the curve in demand and be sure you have a tank design that WILL WIN your competitors (which frankly is not difficult in the early stages).

    • @Nelsonwmj That is what I have done, several times too. Managed to get the first contract done with just 2 missing off the order, but still bankrupt after a week or so.
      I must be a particularly nooby noob, can’t get it right. Loving the concept, just hope they put in a nooby noob difficulty setting 😉

    • @Jessica Danielsthere’s a lot of hidden financial metrics to consider in the game to make sure you are in the black. even developing a full tank design costs money, as does transporting your tanks to the army companies purchasing them. This really is a game of feast or famine finances wise!

  15. Looks like warpath

  16. Glad hes moved to other games, finally realizing we aren’t here for war thunder, were her for him

  17. Tycoon? Tanks? Design and tech tree??? SIGN ME UP

  18. Train tycoon was the thing

  19. Day 204 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  20. Day 2 of suggesting Phly to go brrrt in an SBD-3 Dauntless with 6 50.cals at rank 1

  21. I missed coronation street reruns for this?

  22. 03:27 surely you meant “So here vee go!”

  23. Make loooooooooong episodes pls

  24. 10:32 *SpiffingBrit enters the chat*

  25. Please make a 9 hour long video on this

  26. when i was also really young i also played a lot of tycoon games it was also my fav games till i got my xbox 360 and played cod on it

  27. If you were still interested, the bulges on the side that house the main guns are called sponsons. The theory was that this placement would both enable the tank to fire fore and aft (to an extent) as well as (and indeed more importantly) fire into trenches as it went over the top of them.

    The design was taken from war ships (tanks were quite often referred to and designed as land ships), where a form of this design had seen frequent use by different nations as a means of allowing for a broadside, as well as being able to have a limited traverse fore and aft, typically firing in support of a main battery as the age of superfiring turrets had come into being.

  28. Day 4 a2d1 as a bomber in air rb

  29. This looks great. You know what would be cool random events, like worker strike, bombarding, sabotages, etc. Thank you for showing this jewel.

  30. Its a cool game, keep it up

  31. Phly will there be anti air tanks?

  32. Phly made a video 10 hours ago when the company needed 6000$, now after 10 hour that your video has gone online the, game has reached is goal of collecting 10000$.

    Just, good job in helping these small company.

  33. Day 8 – fly the he-51 C1 with the air dropped 10kg smoke grenades.

  34. Man i suck at this one lol i think im trying to make my tanks too upgraded at first and cant meet their demands lol

    • Upgrades don’t matter as much in the beginning; everyone’s competing on the same grounds from the get go and your early tanks will NOT be killing any enemy tanks (then again the only German tank you encounter is one firing machine guns whilst you already have 6 pounders).

      Focus on front-loading supply so once the demand comes in for the initial tank companies you have enough to ship off the bat. Watch your resources carefully, because oftentimes your main bottleneck is not in having insufficient workers but running out of stuff like medium or high carbon steel etc, and those can really hurt your production capacity and subsequently time. Whenever you can stockpile materials, do so.

  35. The Kickstarter has now exceeded 12k

  36. I’m gonna definitely try the demo. I’ve loved all tycoon games I’ve played and I love war thunder (as much as it is a bully at times)
    I’m sure this game will be the best of two worlds

  37. the whole video i thought is this really a demo i am so fucking hyped for the game

  38. EXCELLENT GAME. Even the short introduction Alpha version of the game is miles more immersive than you’d have thought for an Alpha build, or even some fully built tycoon style games. Definitely a game to watch and support, I’ll be contributing to its Kickstarter for sure. If this does well… maybe even a similar game concept or version for planes and ships?

    EDIT: MKI tank is a dead-ender. The game so far is set up to heavily emphasise on production of Whippet light anti-infantry tanks. Optimise your research and production for those.

  39. Phly, have you ever tried to play war thunder with vr? or with a joystick? in my opinion using helicopters and planes in this way becomes super immersive, and it would be nice to see you try it

  40. Already broke 10k on the Kickstarter thats awesome

  41. He has the tank knowledge only reserved for people on the spectrum.

  42. Boooooring 🙂

  43. I’m gonna have to check this out when I get some time!

  44. Danm this game is so dense, really amazing!

  45. 15 hours later… $12,768 Goal met lol

  46. It’s nice to see such a game, but there is NO EFFING WAY I am going to pay to alleviate the risk for a company with as much history and funding as Microprose to create a new game. This kind of thing really has gotta stop.

  47. day 96: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

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