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Source: OddBawZ

The 75 MLRS in War Thunder is a Rank 4 Premium Vehicle that is INSANELY BUGGY! What should be a really fun tank to use has been riddled with problems since its introduction in October of 2018! YES, it’s been like this for 3 years! 🙂

The 75 MLRS is also one of the most expensive premiums that can be bought with Golden Eagles. A whopping 8200GE it almost $50 USD!

some of the WORST too!

I really didn’t get scammed and I’m sure Gaijin aren’t in the practice of scamming their players either. I just wanted to showcase how broken this vehicle is and hopefully it’ll bring it to the attention of whoever can fix the problems it has!

What could be one of the most fun meme vehicles in the game definitely deserves some love!

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OUTRO (22:33)



    • IIRC Gaijin reasoning behind high prices of MLRS vehicles (Oxy mentioned it multiple times in his videos) was exactly so that people won’t just randomly buy them

    • I just don’t buy virtual products that could disappear at any time and nothing I can do about it. War Thunder could just go away if they wanted. Probably won’t, but they could.
      I’m satisfied with all the stuff I can do for free. I threw them a few bucks for a premium account for bit because I enjoy the game but that’s all they get.

    • i bought it at 8 and dont regret it

    • Might as well want it for free

    • calls it bad but wipes out the whole team with it


  3. I have big question! Why does your enemy never see the YouTubers and they are always deaf???

  4. Clearly no.6 isnt a bug. If you fire HE at yourself and it detonates, then frankly, you’re an idiot. Not you personally, just in general, and also in general for anyone that detonates HE on themselves

  5. If I could get one for free? I’d play the crap out of it just for the memes.

  6. All I have seen from this video is that War Thunder is in fact PAY TO WIN at high tiers. I no longer have any interest in playing higher tier matches and am grateful I have not attempted it. If you call this gem broken in any way its the fact that people who pour hours and hours into this game to get to the high tiers get there and get immediately wiped by people like yourself who buy a 50$ tank and complain that you got 10 kills and not 20. Mind blowing.

  7. I guarantee a first time player with little to no gaming experience could, while still learning how to play, get at least 3 kills a match with this tank. Let alone a garbage player that knows how to play even if they are awful teammates.

  8. oddbawz: veru buggy tank
    me who has been playing war thundr with 20% PL and 100% ping everytime: bruh you get kills on that thing

  9. I havent played for like 9 months, should i reinstall it and try it out again? I have like 900 hours I think but it just wasnt fun anymore

  10. Misty Dolphin Arts

    great content loved it ❤😁

  11. The m901 in the American tech tree has the same exact ammo rack glitch which makes it essentially unusable because that’s it’s only strong suit is it’s ability to not show your tank

  12. As broken as this thing is, I love it. Once you get used to how the rockets fly you can get so many kills in such a short amount of time, and it’s unreasonably survivable as well. I’ve tanked way more shots than I ever should have playing this thing.

  13. Type 75 MLRS: what you love about the Type 75 SPH but in full auto

  14. Quality control? What quality control?

  15. OddBawZ: “I got scammed by War Thunder!”
    Me as a veteran: “First time?”

  16. milk truck rise

  17. only in war thunder can you aggressively push the enemy with a mobile rocket artillery piece lol

  18. Hope you got a refund and a free Type 75 for your troubles.

  19. Pls make a video on how broken low tier mid map AA is absolutely broken

    • Do you not like being ripped to shreds by a M163 in your 109 G-6?! HAHAAHAHA

    • @OddBawZ that happened to me in my p51 the other day after they shot down 3 other friendlies. But more specifically what I’m referencing is in tier 1 it’s literally impossible to ground pound without dying. It’s like Gajin specifically doesn’t want you to like the game unless you buy high tier premium

  20. NoOneLikesPokimane

    I don’t understand how you can pump out all this great content like, once a day. Respect to you man

  21. This is my favourite tank in warthunder, and also one of my best performing ones.

    I gotta say though, it suffers from a lot of bugs. But playing a Type75 squad is hilarious fun.

    BUt where it truly truly shines is in Arcade Battles, I usually hate AB, but with this, its just a pure devastating meme (As you can reload everything, and with max lvl loader your reload speed is as long as KV2) And its as fast as a racecar.

  22. The music sounds like Chinese

  23. OddbawZ please play my fav combo, SU 100Y soviet love hammer and the su-6 with HE rockets

  24. I am new on this chanel and I like what I see :))

  25. Johannes Kirschner

    this actually isnt scamming cuz u got what u overpayed for XD

  26. Have approximate range with spotted markers. Also have horizontal line on gunsight. Dial your range to the horizontal line, aim in direction or target point, and saturate area. Perhaps have it where you can measure on map, or put marker for your own aiming.

  27. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Me: *reads the title*
    Also Me: *welcome to the club pal.*

  28. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    bro, honestly, i wouldnt buy this thing for 2000GE even. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE raining hellfire on my enemies, but not like this lol. Pay 2 Fun? no thank you.

  29. This tank got literally 0 drip

  30. Maybe they made it perfect…so it never got “fixed”? The real thing might have bad suspension and buggy firing mechanics and cost too much.

  31. damn, even if the vehicle is bad, the rockets are still absurd

  32. I wonder if the bug where the r3 t20 can only replenish one ammo belt the entire game, resulting in a r3 t20 with no ammo if you had already gotten your one ammo belt from the cap

  33. I bought it with a 500% reduction. I am satisfied by it 🙂 once I went behind enemy lines, killing 6 of them in less than 15 seconds. It can ba amazing but it’s very situational. (don’t buy it full price obviously)

  34. Can you play the Sagittario 2 cause ever since it’s nerf it’s fell off the face of the earth and I love it and it should be shown of it’s insane dogfight capability

  35. Aint been on a while baws. Awesome as usual. Makin a pile of sh¢t shine as usual lol.

  36. Clickbait

  37. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    So the disaster that this vehicle is makes me want it more
    I like the pain

  38. I mean true it do be buggy like my “turret” sometimes just stops rotating and I cant use it it happend to me only like twice and only once I couldnt fix it causing me to not do any kills beside an assist on a plane but overall this is actually the most fun I had in long ass time in wt and I dont say it lightly I am a vet of this game playing for like idk 6 maybe 7 years now if not more hard to tell but regardless when nukes came out this tank was 1st tank I ever got nuke on

  39. Gaijin fix squad, best squad ever! =)
    You: Gaijin fix this.
    Gaijin: We don’t care…

  40. Buggy eh? Welcome to the japanese tree! If it works, it sits!

  41. “The Ammo Rack Explodes even the Rockets are empty” that rule not only for Type 75 MLRS, but also All the TANKS in the game which uses “ATGM or ROCKETS or any type of MISSILE” has this problem. And I send this problem in the War Thunder FORUM, and still sending for about 2-3 years but They removed and still continue to remove my Topics every time when I share it, so They don’t give a F.

  42. dam i would love to have 92,000,000 SL

  43. Vehicle scammed u,also u didnt do any research on the vehicle abt it and such? buying wo knowing puts u at fault as much as gaijin

  44. Imagine paying money to not enjoy yourself. That feels like the tag line for war thunder

  45. i hope tos m1 , torando or m270 or maybe m109 pladin

  46. “THIS VEHICLE SUCKS!” proceeds to murder everyone

  47. At first I thought it was the TOS 1 and I was going to say I see how they scammed you😂

  48. I unironically love this tank even before Overpressure, but the bugs are unbearable, I think I got it on sale which should probably be the normal price :p

  49. Odd: “This vehicle it’s a scam”
    Me 3 month ago: GAIJIN TAKE MY GE

    PS: i love this thing it’s stupid and awesome at the same time <3

  50. The core of the game at this point is a scam, engine was built for the IL games so of course tanks and helos have a shit ton of bugs and you would be hard press to find any aircraft introduced past around 2017 that is in a full functional state. Everything from missile locking and tracking to damage models are bugged in this game and its hard to even go a match without noticing how many bugs there are. its to the point of laziness where RWR will be pinged by AF the entirety of the match which makes it hard to tell exactly if you are being pinged or not by an enemy (pretty fucking important if you ask me), they will never fix the games core issues unless there is a mass purge of the WT player base, until then they will just keep releasing buggy software cause people will eat it up. Honestly why should they change tactics in their own eyes tho, theyre killing it financially.

    The “free” aspect of the game is just to lure you in and give you enough of a taste to where you want more but the only way to have any type of fun in this game past rank 3 is to pay, the strategy for them is to get you frustrated enough with the game for reasons that are out of your control so that you will cave in and eventually buy a bundle, which cost the same as a full AAA released game, but that one premium will come with its own set of bugs, will eventually just be obsolete and for all my top teir homies you know that ppl dont just casually get there, you have to spend real time and money. I have 3600 hrs in game and refuse to spend anymore money on this pit. I purchased the mig17 AS when it dropped to try and help me get to top tier faster which eventually i did but the returns are so diminishing past a certain point and with every update that came along things got more expensive so that you made less lions and cant even play the game how u want with the jets uve worked ur ass off for. 3 kills in Air RB using the su-17 nets me around 17k lions, barely enough to even cover repairs so when i eventually run out of lions im forced to jump in a jet i do not want to play with and hopefully tear ass for a night to get my lions back up, if i dont play like a professional and absolutely hammer people in the jet i like every match i will just bleed lions. you may be thinking im exaggerating when i say you have to play like a god but its seriously impossible to keep playing in some jets unless you are a 1 percenter in this game even when you are going positive and playing quite well doing your part in battle.

    I dont play tanks much because im not that good with them in the first place and the economy seems to be in a worse state than Air, although i havnt experimented too much in the trees thats my experience so i just avoid it to be able to play what vehicle i want when i want.

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