I GOT STUCK THERE? QuickyBaby Best Moments #1

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. QuickyBaby’s Moments #1.


“Breaktime”, “Midnight Tale”, “One-eyed Maestro”, “The Builder”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



  1. that was amazing, and had me in tears for a good long section of it this was hilarious. So much better than the personality-less RNG videos WoT does by themselves

  2. I really like those real life moments with you when you eat, walk/travel and not the wot moments … If you cant do that just try to focus on the daily show and dont bother with moments montages like this … its boring

  3. MORE MORE MORE!!!!!

  4. Just to share with you boys, I have set two lowest standards for RNG bullshitting players:
    for myself, I had once, when I was in Tiger I with the long-barrelled 8,8cm/L71, a tier 5 french light, AMX ELC, bounced a shot off me. I didn’t hit him on the gun, didn’t take off his tracks, in fact, I hit him somewhere on his front and he just plain ricocheted the shot.That was my worst ever shot in this game, nothing humiliated me more than this. Sure, I miss often, hit some Soviet tank in the back of the turrent and got bounced, but this I can take – I also bounced others using the rear of my Tiger I, maybe they hit me on the exhaust or something – but ELC ricocheting a 8,8cm/L71, to quote Quickybaby, ‘this is not World of Tanks’.
    for others, I once bounced a shot from a Super Conqueror, in a G.W.Tiger. He came at me from my front, aimed for a little while and fired while ramming me. Then it hit that round metal plate in the rear of my tank-well, self-propelled artillery- and did no damage. Somehow, the shell goes not into my chassis, which was right in front of him, but over my large gun and missing the fighting compartment very carefully, and hit a useless round plate in the back. I own a Conqueror now, and I swear to myself, if this kind of bullshit happens to me, I will sell it at once.

  5. Oh my God that was funny as hell!!! Please do more!!!! @phil is awesome!!! My stomach hurts like hell now from laughing!!

  6. Oh man, post more of these!

  7. To be completely honest…

    I wish the wheeled vehicles would launch themselves into the air and crash spectacularly more often.

  8. It was hilarious! Thank you! …and SargentMorningWood, you crack me up! How are the nuggets? – DolphinsSG on Twitch

  9. I would do anything for a pc like that right now haven’t played wot in months because my old pc crashed and all my money goes to my kid and gf ?

  10. Thanks for showing us that the reality of ridiculous that is WoT happens to everyone, not just me.

  11. Rage Baby

  12. so there’s 14k likes , so you need to upload 14k vids of Best Moments

  13. I liked it!!!

  14. thanks for the laughs quicky I really needed it after being forced to watch the super bowl

  15. Great vid probs one of my faves from you ever

  16. Love this video!

  17. Loved it was great fun ?

    made my day

  19. Its amazing

  20. Loved this!

  21. this is really good refreshment for this channel, had a lot of laugh and fun watching it, keep it comming lads!

  22. I’ve being stuck vertically against buildings 3 times in my wheelies after hitting a building……frustration

  23. glad to see RNGeezus screws you over too.

  24. I swear shooting in wot is more like playing lotto now.

  25. Jo Andreas Berg Rasen

    This was fun, more of this. And maybe som RNG also

  26. Lmao

  27. This is great

  28. wtf is this viedo about?

  29. Do it again. Have more of these videos. It really makes me laugh out loud.

  30. :))))) baietu’ wtf


  32. 3:10 wait, is this pallet town theme?

  33. One of the best QB-vids ever 😀

  34. Both thumbs up

  35. Someone is trying to warm up ones image after recent happenings 😀

  36. Very nice! Do it again! 🙂

  37. please MORE!!! xD

  38. 7:04 I was lucky to see that the KV-3 has 2 different 122mm guns when i outfitted it a few days ago,but damn,why the hell does it have 2 and with almost the same name too.
    Also for that miss parade before it,i can relate to it,like most of the players. 😀
    MAKE MORE. :]

  39. That was actually one of the best and funniest videos you’ve uploaded.

  40. Damn i wish u were there in de clash event.. mis u realy we would have won for sure

  41. Fits a 1080 ti before the cpu cooler lol

  42. Cookie marciano Schink

    nice more

  43. You should do these more often Will XD

  44. Loved it ?

  45. 6:28 my life with the Mutz:

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