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  1. me playing for almost 9 months i got only the Su-25 and the MiG-21F-13

  2. Kristina Junker Stengaard

    Can u make a vid when the update drops and get all of the new planes and spade them all

  3. This is not researching a tree in proper manner, is bulshiting premium top planes with premium account 24h per day until you got tree RP need it to cover. In the end you didn’t play ANYTHING from that tree.

  4. I thought you were going play from rank 1. This is just “ I used a $60 prem to research vehicles not even relevant to the vid”

  5. Bro finished 2 tech trees in a week and in my 2 years of playing I’ve only got one

  6. Lol now there’s more plans in the tech trees from the update

  7. You also wasted 139,98 Euro. For some reason.

    I would be impressed if you didn’t use a premium plane to grind. :* :*

  8. How do you use missles and flares?

  9. You’re cheating. Playing with premium vehicles. Play like most of us people. No premium and u’ll see the struggle. 😀

  10. i want to use a prem to grind germany but the only good one to just bomb is the ju288 and that would be slow past tier 5

    • yeah, Germany is in a tricky spot as the only good one is the “Lazur-M”, but hopefully 11.0 isent as bad as it used to be since we now have 12.3

    • @Jerrycanoas someone who is commenting as they are climbing in a Lazur M, the matchmaking is so much better, constant downtiers with the new 12.3 ceiling! Definitely one of the strongest premiums right now

  11. I love the martincitopants inspiration

  12. already knowing bro aint shower whole time

  13. 120h in a week?? 7*24=168h a week 168-120=48h of sleep at a minimum of 6h per night that is insane

  14. why did u use turkey flag on youre plane where are you from

  15. wow, you bought payplane and grinded faster! WOW! What a skill!

  16. Is it possible to learn this power

  17. what’s the song at 7:00?

  18. bro really did use the turkish dart

  19. Me: German toptier with premium Rank 6 Mig21 in 4 months, This guy: 2 TOP TIERS IN A WEEK?? this is a well deserved subscribe

  20. Ok what is the martincitopants copying 😂

  21. why can some planes in air rb see where the bombs will drop but some cant

  22. This guy is a copy cat of martoinopants

  23. I literally just finished the USA tech tree

  24. Touch grass

  25. Quite clearly a martincitopants inspired content, good tho
    (maybe credit him for the insperation next time 😉 )

    • glad you liked it. was’nt really all to inspired by martincitopants tbh(Good CC tho just dident know who he was until a month ago). Mostly internethistorian and finzar, maby some spiffingbrit in there asswell. 🙂

    • ​@Jerrycanoyeah it shows but it’s still really good. Nice and refreshing to have some different wt content

    • @Jude Kirby Glad you liked it 🙂 but yeah any new media is going to build upon what is already existing😀

  26. du høres norsk ut

  27. Gone are the days of spending 8 hours a day grinding for me. Adulthood and it’s responsibilities have taken its place.

    • Work your way out of the rat race and you can sit 4h a day playing games, just saying 🤷‍♂️

    • ​@El Newbiesays the guy who dosent have a job:

    • @Youngblood because I have passive income and I don’t have to worry about following orders of an arrogant asshole that is stealing my time and life for a shitty paycheck. Want to be a slave? Stay in the rat race 🤷‍♂️

  28. You forgot to say you are a Wallet Warrior in the title

  29. martincitopants is that u

  30. With a premium, of course.

  31. I wish I could play like you, I have the phantom II on the UK tech tree and every time I fly out I’m always shot down by a missile even if I cut engines and flair

    • yeah, F-4J UK has suffered ever since it got added to the game. the curse of Great Britain.

    • @Jerrycano I’ve decided to start using bombs and I’m getting better luck now, more so that I’m actually getting points and to level up, so hopefully I can love on soon but due to the bombing runs I’m doing I’m running into less people, so now I have better chances

  32. Premium really just gets the job done

  33. Respekt That you done this

  34. it must be amazing having all tech trees so you can just play whatever you want whenever you want

  35. I’m in top tier for tanks and have completed the ground tech tree for America, Britain, Germany, Russia, Italy, and France but I have just started to grind the air tech trees

  36. are you gonna stream today?

  37. This guy ground out 2 tech trees in the equivelant of 5 days if i ground for 1 month on US army tree i would get from beginning of rank 4 (where i am) to maybe rank 5 somewhere. This is… impressive and also do a video of XM-1 Chrysler grinding USA Army in mininum time possible i need to see strats

  38. i see…… you love martin so much huh 🤣 …..nice

  39. its an f104 u boom and zoom not that hard to play

  40. how do you get so much researchpoints for kills and stuff? I only get like max 2k per game

  41. Now do getting every plane in warrhunder

  42. where did you buy your hacks? and were they expensive?

  43. Im grinding italy now for the AV-8B And I’ve had many people tell me the premium 104 for Italy was useless

  44. I know how u did it it’s called not having a life

  45. Can somone give me tips on getting jets I’ve been playing for 2 years and haven’t got anything past Tier 2 😅 my goal rn is to get the a 10 in one plane away from making it past tier 2

  46. ¿Puedes encontrar quién dio un scooby doo?

    Bro is war thunder martincitopants

  47. You are literally a mertincitopants rip off

  48. can i get 365 day of premium

  49. Respect for bringing out such an amazing video man!
    keep it up

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