I guess this tank is “OKAY )))))))” | STB-1 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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I guess this tank is “OKAY )))))))” | STB-1 (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Phly pls tell me how to do to try tanks lke u did at the beginning of the video? its a user misison?

  2. jokes on you, I straight piped my 99 Subaru Legacy wagon and love it.

  3. (T95E1) I don’t think I’ve seen you play this tank, so loving the unloved?

  4. Why you no 4K?

  5. Hey phly, #lovetheunloved and fly out the A-36 Apache in GFRB/air RB (attempt 19)

  6. ram kill a big bomber with a small fighter!


  7. Russian ammo racks are stupid

  8. That Camo is dank

  9. Everyone we need to see Andrew Cloud get his wish. Everyone who actually thinks he is annoying and wants him to stop should probably do this and copy [aste his thing so Phly has no choice to do it!

  10. Dead Teammate Challenge: Your task is to spawn in a captured version of a tank (German Churchill, Russian Panzer III, etc), get to the front lines as fast as possible, and face your own spawn. You must trick an enemy into believing that you were on of their teammates that was killed before they made it to the battle. Once they pass, blast them to Hell.

    Do it Phly I want to see this wish fulfilled. I am the wish fulfilling Fairy.

  11. Play the leo 1 one more time plz

  12. They need to add the T82 for the Americans

  13. that fuckin intro lololol

  14. Phly destroyer of fucking worlds

  15. Hey phly can you play the T54 1951

  16. i like that camo on the stb phly

  17. you cant fight the CHEEKI BREEKI KOMPOT MACHINE aka is6

  18. These ads on your channel is now getting ridiculous. Please reduce them! I’m now at the point to not coming to your channel anymore and unsubscribe, because all of your videos are now ad infested and its annoying.

  19. Intro XD

  20. And there you see wt mm is fucked up. 6.7 tanks should not fight leo and stbs 🙁

  21. Lmao i love the intro. xD

  22. I had war thunder before… But my pc broke ?

  23. Phly it is time my pupil for we must uses the Japaneses last hope
    play Ki-109 and the Chi-To Late with honor and faith and remember


  24. You had me twice on the fking intro.

  25. Phly the t14 now has a stabilizer

  26. If ya no how ta aim

  27. Hey PHly what app do u use to get golden eagles

  28. Sadistic Spece Marine

    Evidence of russian bias in the intro

  29. Like you new tag phly, keep the vids up, your awesome

  30. That armor Is bad but how accurate can you be sniping 1000m trying to hit that small plate

  31. ░░░░░░░███████ |]============0 ……. This is a Pzkpfw. VI Tiger 1
    ░░████████████████ ……………………. Designed by Henschel in 1937
    ░░l█████████████████]…………………. Copy and Paste this all over the
    ░░◥⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙◤………………….community if you support the Third Reich

  32. To bad that i suck in this game, and often get rect without single shot fired.

  33. 15:28 when you are royally screwed and you know it… and all you have left is calling for back-up and the off-chance that somebody… anybody… will come. This day your prayers were answered. Nice vid, Phly!

  34. Lol the intro though

  35. what’s with all the brackets

  36. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play The Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #8 (?)

  37. I want them to make this on mobile

  38. 7.7 is the Panther II br right ? It feels way better than Panther II

  39. Why you are not showing battle from intro? I noticed u do that since last 2-3 episodes. Im curious tl;dr; and i want to see it also.

  40. German Rocket Challenge: Play any tanks of your choice, and use the Bf 109 F-2 w/ rockets and kill at least 3 tanks.
    Attempt #1

  41. I miss the everybody song for your intro

  42. Same thumbnail as slick used 3 weeks ago you lazy ape phly

  43. STB-1 design is not that bad considering that it is japanese tank.

  44. Oneof the best vids . Tense !

  45. Where did you get that tank test drive map?

  46. Phly, you really need to smoke off to disengage or conceal your movement in risky terrain. Say, to cover where enemies may attack you from while you’re engaged with someone else.

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