I hate the Lorrain 40T but am playing it anyways

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. you’re just challenged

  2. I hate the -Lorrain 40T- *entire game* but am playing it anyways



  3. ArtyPreventsCamping

    I hate clickbaity titles but I clicked on this anyway (love you lemmingdaddy)

  4. The amount of drepession in lemmings voice when he said ‘that’s the way the cookie crumbles’ was astounding.

  5. Liked Lol ?

  6. It is 7:30 am in the UK, but I’ll watch anyway

  7. I liked the video even tho I disagree with you <3

  8. Here’s a sub lemming!
    also how did u get to tier 9 on EU so fast love the content keep it up!

    • mark maragh premium account, premium tanks, boosters.. during last Christmas. Or whenever the Swedish tech tree came out.. I managed to get from tier 1 to tier 10 within a week…
      if you focus on one line at a time, doing a line in a week is pretty much easily done.

      I said to myself once.. let’s grind out the WZ-111 5A, took me 2 weekends, I had college so.. yeah.. limited time.. yet, 4 days and I went from the tier 5, Type T-34 to the 5A

    • +Sir_Flankalot I’m 13 i can’t spend that much money on the game any other tips

  9. I love you lemming your vids have helped me out a lot, I’m not unicum I’m not even close but thank you for bestowing your knowledge among us ketchup covered Neanderthals (get it? ketchup? cause tomatoes?)

  10. Why do you hate this tank?

  11. The Lorraine 40t is my favorite tank, actually…but I like keeping enemies outside the spotting circle, so, it fits my style. Its great for ambushing, and great for flexing.

  12. Good video LR, totally agree about the Lorr, it can’t carry effectively and is a support tank which can’t poke and snapshot either. Devastating in a platoon though where you can coordinate reloads, but in randoms it’s a hard one to make work solo.

  13. Tier 10 game on a tiny map with a bad team is going to be a bad time. Good games dude. Dropping a like for gold rounds.

  14. Which is better Lorrain 40t or Progetto?

  15. @LemmingRush to answer your question at 17:31 there is a detailed video on what you could have done and where to go on this map

  16. Who is here after Khabib smashed irish boy? 😀

  17. In the last game, you should’ve suicide rammed someone off the cliff for more damage 😉 gud vid

  18. I love my Lorraine 40T, I play it when I want to make credits, I enjoy it, but youi have to play a  lot of games  to learn how top use  it, youll just rage quit if you only play it a coupel of times.  And thats just the way it is!!

    • The problem is that the people who hate it probably usually play heavily armored tanks, and don’t understand that you need patience with the 40T. This is a guerrilla warfare type of tank.

  19. Thanks, I have this tank and I am glad it is not entirely my lack of skills. I think an autoloader is nice if you can pump out fast. This tank is just a tat faster in shooting as my Tiger 1 but the latter has no half hour reload time. I like this type of “live” videos. Very useful.

    Can you make video about playing and surviving something very slow like the KV-4 ? I’m grinding modules for this one and it can soak enormous amount of damage (best MM I saw in over 50 games was all tanks tear 8, most were tear X games). The DT25 troll canon is great in tear 7 but useless against IX and X. The top gun is a terrible grind. I did well in the KV-3 but even after +50 games and every thing upgraded except the topgun, I still end in the last 5 from the bottom in the KV-4, almost every game. Same in the Tiger 2, Even with apcr I have a hard time penetrating (and I do aim at soft-spots) I’m a one shot for most higher tiers. I peak 1 time around a corner and if it’s a tear 9 or 10 I’m dead.
    People do well in these tanks so I probably suck but I want to learn. The fact that I have won several class 2 medals in the KV-4 shows me that more people struggle with this tank. Can you play a game in it so I can learn

    • My suggestion is to play tank you like and grind free XP. Secondly try some boosters, they’ll help a lot. With free XP and the gun too. I’m playing tanks I like for a while, just leaving module grinds to rotten and I somehow I have over 40k free XP :D. I use it only to skip low tiers (to tier six or five) and to skip stock tanks. Good luck with it.

  20. I learn from you. Thank you for the video. U cool as. Please do a video on the best heavy tank you like and how to play.

  21. On the console version it’s in the tech tree as a tierIX

  22. nah bra you’re just bad

  23. I Hate it too 🙁

  24. By far my favorite tank at tier 8. It honestly feels like easy-mode when playing at tier 8/9. You only really have to think about how you play at tier 10 but the tank is situational and not always performing well, though I feel like certain positions on every map are always more of a farm fest than actual gameplay…

  25. I think its the best premium tank, but it can also be the worst because of the gun handling

  26. Lemming is such a sexy man

  27. btw, is the European server more enjoyable than the American server?

  28. Daniel Dumitrascu

    I think u made mistakes in the beginning as u waited too long and u could give some support to the hill….but this days in wot u get one good game and then 3 pkay with bots

  29. Well, to solve your problem, you just need to find a moderator, plat with him/her/it, and use the mod MM that they have to get yourself into top tier in every game.

  30. Lorraine*

  31. It the tactical whiz….

  32. Should I buy the T34-3 lemming , is it difficult to play I am a 2k WN8 player

  33. I just love it … I also love your vids… <3

  34. I like watching you because you a good at the game, I also respect you for still playing this game.

  35. Hey lemon, why did u switch to EU anyways?

  36. You think this is a bad tank? Try playing a t34.

  37. It can clip out lower tiers, that tank is nightmare for tier 6-7

  38. BagelsGamingOnline

    Nice vid lemming, only tip I could say is to have communicated with your team in chat and convincw the grille to not be retarded. but that is still only a 50/50. honestly I feel there was not much you could do other than that.

  39. I don’t know what else could have been done. High-tier games on small maps with poor teammates are very difficult. I think this is when map knowledge becomes its most valuable state, but I don’t know enough of the map to give any meaningful advice. Sorry.

    You definitely made the best out of the situation though.

  40. wtf are you talking about? It is an awesome tank when played correctly.

  41. so, what exactly do you dislike about the lor. 40t? its fast, got good gun handling, it a great flanker. just curious. great video!

  42. Very usefull video 🙂
    I am looking forward to more Lorraine gameplay

  43. I’m a scrub that looks for unexpected angled to attack from or use big heavies as meat shields before relocating between most reloads. It works ok for me, but I’m an ok player.

  44. How can you hate the Lorraine? Its unicorn tank…even tho I’m like 50% in mine. Lol

  45. If you hate the Lorraine, try it with GLD. Helped me a bit with the gun, but if you do that, food is pretty much mandatory

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