I hate this tank because it’s perfect | TAM

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Source: PhlyDaily

I hate this tank because it’s perfect | TAM


  1. TAM is just broken, as you said phly TAM can bounce off and absorb rounds what should kill it, while bmp-1, bmp-2 has thee same UFP angle and thickness but it cant even stop .50

  2. When you say you’re not insane or crazy eighteen times in a row, it means you’re insane or crazy.

  3. You’ve never made a video of the charioteer either

  4. I think we all need a Phlyday

  5. 0:31 not sure about the penetration characteristics but it would have about the same energy as a 50 bmg

  6. Do A Vid On The German T-34 !!!

  7. Pz.Kpfw. T 34 747 , Do a vid , I just got it , would love to see

  8. Where the heck do you send Phly fan mail? It’s almost like he doesn’t want any!?? Like whaaaat?

    … I swear this sweet ass book does NOT have anthrax in the pages… Just easy to read pictures and fun facts… It’s actually pretty sweet.

  9. Phly you should make a video about how unplayable is the naval battles when you have gun boats not torpedo boat, guns only and how everyone else is with destroyers how you supposed to beat that with a gun boat at 3.0?

  10. Nikos Papasotiropoulos

    American turbines in Warthunder are like cats that constantly meowing !!!

  11. Germany suffers.

  12. Phly fly SM 91 or SM 92 – Viva Italia!!

  13. nicolas david guzman

    5:50 “why does it feel like im using a 200mm AFPDS”… bro i would like to even see what does look like

  14. Day 285: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  15. Laughs in T-72AV (TURMS-T)

  16. One shot of this tank and u got hiperinflation

  17. Pz. Vince Siqueiros

    You kill Challengers in one shot most of the because most of their ammo is stored next to the driver. I see you almost always hit their frontal sides and their ammo is on their left so you tend to hit ammo either way. I used to play Challengers a lot but I don’t anymore since I had to change platforms sadly

    • Because the challenger is built for extreme-medium range (3000m-1000m) sniping, not urban knife fighting at 10m-150m

    • You kill Challengers because their armour is modelled as having the strength of paper mache…

    • Pz. Vince Siqueiros

      @roger loughbrough idk if this is sarcasm but I’ve survived shots frontally from the strongest rounds a lot. People dont use the chally properly.

  18. What are your thoughts abaout Yugoslav tech tree?

  19. Yes, the abrams engine is ear piercing. Its just a constant super high pitched whistle that digs into your brain

  20. I just unlocked the Xm in the American tree and it already haunts me.

  21. The fact that you said Charles Leclerc makes me happy that I’m not alone at knowing F1 in America

  22. Yea fckn germany has everything we know.

  23. 2:40

  24. You know war thunder is inaccurate when anything coming from argentina’s national industry is actually good and effective.
    -argentinian guy.

  25. can please play the centurion

  26. Can you play the Japanese Zero. Would love to watch

  27. You should make a video on the American M60a1

  28. Phly can you make a video on the Israeli Merkava?

  29. 9:46 im a german main, all i hear everyday when im sleeping and awake, whenever im doing anythings like im at school doing a test all i hear is (moving forward the engine start to rev up to a loud MMM) rrrrrrrMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and its annoying af

  30. Phly try #1, can you do a b57b close air support and m3 Bradley combination video?

  31. Because it’s British and Russian companies hate Britain

  32. the pokemon theme is so true i play pokemon sapphire on gameboy micro.

  33. I still play on Xbox with controller

  34. IMO make fighter loadouts cheaper. No AP, ATGMs, or bombs. Just guns with air belts. Would love to see them at like 300 SP as well as giving air spotting more rewards. But also making the Smart munitions sp costs increase to like 8-900 SP. Cause seeing a weisel cap a point and insta jump jnto a G91 with 4 Nords is infuriating. But i like seeing planes punish the light tank meta.

  35. “I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy” Phly says to himself while sitting alone in a room staring at a shiny screen. No one answers. “I’m not crazy”, he mutters to himself.

  36. I think 11mm of RHA will withstand a 6oz Orange dropped at 10000 m — though I’d like to hear that thud on the armor (lol)

  37. The tams actually from Argentina thats cool from a quick google search tell me if I’m wrong please

  38. mauricio Pedemonte

    This is why we need argentinian tree
    It would be the first of a subcontinent, and the fist of a country that speaks Spanish
    And there’s a lot of interesting vehicles

  39. 2:42 “Charles got it” that F1 joke got me killed

  40. TAM is easy kill with M22 😀

  41. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  42. Wait… What is this moving shadow on the ground at 6:57 ? xD

  43. Hey Phly! Speaking of the commander mechanic, why haven’t you used the commander’s sight on tanks that have it?

  44. Day 48 of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground RB

  45. with the box on its ass and the basket on its turret its look sooo damn good ngl xD

  46. I don’t have too much turbine tanks but that traktor sound the that BMPs make … now that’s a different topic! Least I know (hear) when one try’s to sneak up on me!

  47. Abrams: Shoots m829 and bounces

  48. Só percebi agora que é o chassi do marder A1 hahaha

  49. Germany suffers :3

  50. I hate TAM 2IP

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