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I hated the KV-4 Kreslavsky in World of Tanks until the latest patch and a familiar build…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. All they really had to do was limit spg’s to one per team. What did they do? Completely change the game. Seal clubbers will love it. New players will quit and spg players are probably still crying.

  2. Butter Apple Pie

    Yes, if it’s a tank that you buy using bonds, you should have this much performance.

  3. Let us know when the non-Russian tanks get a buff, then the rest of us might want to play again.

  4. does this tank make premium credits?

  5. 16:04,

    Liar, you said you were spooted. entirely different.

  6. I can tell this guy doesn’t care about his viewers.

  7. It’s neat and all and the need to go faster is something I definitely agree with, cause that’s just how WoT’s is evolving right now.

    Outside of being in close quarters combat, the performance was mediocre, slow reload, can’t connect any shots, bad aim time.
    I know you tried using malinovka as a point to justifying this, but outside of the hill battle, everything else was pretty lac luster.

    However at this point, whatever makes WoT’s enjoyable to play I think is far more important than what makes a tank competitive in the meta today.

  8. I’m really interested in the improved is5 with the 7 degrees depression

  9. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    QB buys anything from wg 😛

  10. “What do you get when your a 90 ton tank that was buffed by 10 kph and rams a patriot with control impact?

    Me : a seizure?

  11. The IS-5 looks like viable now.

  12. So easy on your server, hardly anyone firing premium ammo. On NA its like 95% premium ammo. I wish they would fire normal more like your servers

  13. bruh it’s called one point thirteen

  14. This thing is so much fun when it finds a cozy spot. Premium ammo spam tho ruins it. Smh. I’ve seen tier 8 TDs shoot apcr and heat cuz they’re terrible shots

  15. I want to see you playing war thunder

  16. Wargaming is very generous when they buffing USSR tanks, 100ton tank can go 45 km/h is bullcrap.

  17. Martine Maxine Caulfield

    Play the KV2 and the Death Star to see how bad they become thanks to the Wargaming intelligent comitee….

  18. thoughts on the 121?

  19. The turbocharger is really good for those low top speed tanks

  20. I love it when war gaming buff tanks in a fun way like making them better rammers

  21. Hey QB, just a humble request. Some CCs who don’t have very good relations with you are trying to prepare a narrative against WG regarding all the bad things in WOT. I know you have been doing this from long, but can you pls pls consider to support their cause too? 0-15 battles and vice versa with 5-6 minute battle durations is so very sad to experience.

  22. you are a 100% WG shill, you dont even try to hide it now.

  23. its still shit

  24. Kenneth Fortugaleza


  25. Looked like a KV-220 from afar.

  26. Totally off topic but I am on the NA server and just got my first chance to play the new patch. I played 7 battles in my M44 and sold it along with the Bert. I scored 249 in damage for 7 battles and actually had one shell hit the live target and not explode. On a medium tier 6 tank. I used my tier 6 arty’s (Bert and M44) to fund my tier 8 battles. I can not always afford a premie account. I am on disability with limited funds. WG will not make another dime off of me. I will play until my personal reserves run out and then I will play until my credits run dry and then I will play until my 1200 in gold run out. Then I will uninstall. WG has signed their own death warrant. Many, many players used arty to fund higher tier gameplay. They have killed that option and will soon be left with nothing but the RU server.

  27. Jonathan Richard

    How is that shitbox so mobile xD hahaha

  28. Quân Anh Mai Đặng

    Actually the dispersion is reduced by 33% which means it is buffed by 50%

  29. QB : KV-4 Krrrrrrrrrreslavsky 🙂

  30. they need to bring back Dragon Ridge for ramming goodness

  31. Another Russian tank that can be made more OP than it should be .

  32. Looks like a LT-430 on steroids.

  33. Michael Lawrence

    Wargaming put you up to this QB?

  34. Diatonic Delirium

    Now that would be a collaboration 😉 I think Steven has a lot of respect for QB, and it wouldn’t surprise me if QB likes the quirky (but effective) gameplay of Steven.

  35. this 1.13 patch is a big loser…..and many people will leave the game……nice one WG

  36. Usukhbayar Ganpurev

    6:28 what was that flying thing lol

  37. HE was fun. Artillery was fun (even more fun 5 years ago). Fun to play against also. Wargaming is bad.

  38. Rickardo Pandiangan

    There are LT, MT, HT, TD and TR (Train)

  39. Knarf Mavanderel

    the arty missions are no longer possible to do.

  40. Jumpin Jehosephat

    “Pretty much by about 33%” = correct
    “Exactly 33%” = incorrect

  41. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    I bought it for te fun look. And now it is playable aswell? Well im happy

  42. “gun rammer are not mendatory” way to make the avrg player even worse than he arlready is, 2IQ.

  43. QB: puts on ramming configuration – “It’s all about having an impact in the game”… (said around 07:50 or so)

  44. No cause no collaborations on qb channel as i see.

  45. Diatonic Delirium

    @Dzony Lego ‘fraid you’re right, but we can dream.

  46. Chrysler GF has more ps/t, less speed tho.

  47. @Diatonic Delirium i mean yeah, but it will not happen or maybe in 5 years or more 🙂 i watch HG and i’m happy the vk train is the best.

  48. It never ceases to amaze me how WeeGee can effortlessly change a Russian paper tank, but not a German tank which actually existed. As long as the Russian tonk/premium sells in RU. Ugh… Anyway, enough salt. I love you content QB. Have been watching your vids for as long as I play the game. Keep up the good work!

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