I have 3500 Overall Wn8 and still dont run XVM.

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Made this video without any planning or anything, and all commentary was done ontop of live gameplay. As a result I hope it’s not too bad. Its 3 AM and wanted to get a video out in light of my partnership with battle of glory, and the fact that i havent made in about a week.

    Hope my video was thought provoking 🙂 Goodnight

  2. So LR’s whole argument boils down to ‘never tell me the odds’, because ‘I’m a special snowflake and I can’t handle knowing who’s good or bad’.  Additionally he seams afraid he might be ‘bragging’ by showing his rating.  Really?  The fact that he mentions he’s purple is almost every video contradicts this stance.   So let’s break down why LR is just wrong on both counts.  First, you are in charge of responding to whatever information you receive in game.  Knowing who’s purple, knowing which team has more skilled players, etc.  It’s just knowledge.  If you are so weak minded that it causes you to tilt, or rage quit, or blindly follow a better player – that’s a personal weakness – it’s has no bearing on the xvm program.  Xvm just provides data, nothing more.  It doesn’t make you do anything.  And here is where LR is really wrong.  Knowledge is power.  Knowing who’s good on your team, knowing if your team is more/less skilled than the enemy, etc, just gives you an extra bit of knowledge – and here’s the important part – that knowledge can be exploited to your benefit.  Example, you turn a corner, you see two tanks you can shoot at that are both mediums at full health.  Who do you shoot?  You want to take out the more skilled player, and xvm makes it extremely easy to see which player that is.  Without xvm you may choose to take out the tomato, letting a very skilled player get away.  There is a name for this, it’s called ‘xvm sniping’ and it works.  And it’s fair.  Just like all professional sports require players to where a number so the opposing team knows who who and thus better players can’t ‘hide’.  Xvm functions the same way.  The best players wear purple jerseys, the worst wear red jerseys, etc, etc.  Please note, xvm does provide an advantage, but it’s not the end all be all.  It’s a small to medium advantage.  As purple players do have bad games, and reds can just get that lucky.  But it’s still an advantage, and one that should be used.  As for LR’s fear of coming off too cocky by turning on stats in his videos, well that’s not why we want to see stats in any video.  We already know LR is very good. Seeing a purple number by his name won’t change that.  But what would be extremely helpful would be to see what the rest of players in the battle are rated.  He mentions QB, who runs xvm in his videos, and the thing is in most of QB ‘epic’ battles, the losing team is mostly red.  Which means all we are seeing is one great player sealclub the crap out of a bad team.  Note, not all his videos are like this.  Sometimes he (or the featured player) IS going up against a very skilled team, or IS carrying a very unskilled team.  But we KNOW what’s what because we can see the skill of all the players.  Another obtuse example on this point.  Last night my team won 15-0.  Sounds great right?  It wasn’t.  The enemy literally was all orange/red – not a single yellow or higher.  My team on the other hand, only had 4 red/orange players.  So the stomp was entirely predictable, and for all intents the outcome was fixed.  Finally, for those brave soles who’ve read this far.  LR leaves out all the other ‘extras’ that are really great about xvm.  You can turn off the player skill ratings.  But xvm also shows: 1) team xp remaining, which is hugely usefull to know.  Down by 5 tanks?  Not that big a deal if both teams still have about the same xp left.  Down by 5,000xp?  Yeah, it’s pretty much over.  2) You can hit the ‘alt’ key and see the individual hp left for each tank during the battle.  How much xp does the t110e5 have left (when he’s out of your viewrange), just hit the alt key and you’ll know.  Extremely helpful at the end of battles when you need to decide which tanks to take out first.  Do you face the superheavy or do you chase the light?  Well if the superheavy only has 100hp left, maybe you take him out quick before you spend time chasing the light who has 1,200hp left.  3) The in game damage chart (who you shot, what round was used, who you damaged) is better than the stock in game version. 4) In the garage, xvm allows you to swap crews between tanks automatically.  My t110e3 crew goes into my m56 scorpion (both ways) by simply clicking on the tank.  No more having to send the crew back the barracks, then load it manually back into the other tank. 5)  The tank layout at the bottom of the screen is better, it’s easier to read, it also show key stats about each tank that the stock layout doesn’t – such as number of games played, win rate, etc.  Again, none of xvm is earth shatteringly important, but when you add it all up it, it makes for a much better game experience.  So LR, please do install xvm for at least your replays.  We will learn so much more from them when we can see the skill level of the players around you.

  3. At first I didn’t care if players had XVM, but once I hit blue I noticed players started yolo rushing me or arty targeting me the entire game.

  4. HazMatt Container

    Unlike you, XVM doesn’t turn me into an abusive jerk. I use it to see who I should follow/support on my team, and who will be hopeless. And I watch the better players in an attempt to be better myself. Playing this game often requires me to act like a grownup, and NOT abuse my (randomly chosen, possibly all 6 year old kids) team.

  5. Completely agree with this; any benefit of these types of mods is completely offset by the negative effects of using them. They may have specific benefits in some situations, but their negative effects are general; they are always there, in all situations.

    Also, I think as a youtuber your long term success depends less on you being an exceptional player, and more on your understanding of the game and what you actually have to say about it. For me, you’re either a good player or you’re not; I don’t really care about how many barrel rings you have or what your WN8 rating is at the moment. What keeps me coming back is the commentary; the simple fact you understand the game and have insightful, constructive, and helpful things to say about it.

  6. I do use xvm, and i can admit that it didnt help me play better in the past. However since a while i’ve beenaware of its limitations. I remind myself time and time again that ive seen tomatos with top gun medals and unicums who die in the first minute, just watch quickybaby, it happens to him quit alot. Also can still lose 80% and win 30% chance games. It just helps me now which enemy i really have to look out for and when i need to step upmy game. But the most important thing to do to play better, is just to always asume your allies are shit and your enemys all of the sudden became strategic geniuses. About the toxicity it can create i agree, however toxic ppl in chat are toxic with or without having xvm. I try not to judge ppl with certain stats, so you will never see me calling out ppl with bad stats or for the onebad play they make in the one battle i just happen to be in. The worst thing ive said is “nice reroll”. On the constantly checking your own stats after every game, i just try to do that 1 time per session max. I am a recovering xvm addict, next step: taking care of my wot addiction.
    – The_NetherTank EU

  7. nigga why do you sound depressed
    cheer up m8

  8. nice troll at the beginning lemming lol

  9. I agree 100% XVM has to go. It ruins morale, it creates toxicity, and causes over/underestimation. Unfortunately though, the only reason to run XVM is to know if you’re about to get XVM-sniped by arty. If I see they’re using it, they’re going to target me because i’m purple.

  10. Well said! Great job!

  11. Well this sounds like your problem. I have XVM and i’m not a toxic asshole. And my gameplay is already tilt AF because i’m trying to mark my tank barrels, there is no mod that could make that worse.

  12. well said! so agree

  13. Why you shouldn’t use XVM by an asshole, my kid started the WoT account and had a XVM of 500 for 10000+ battles, which is decent for a 11 year old but I use the account now because he got bored and my XVM is 2200+ for the last 2500 so our composite is about 770 and……..

  14. Great vid lemming, to be honest they should ban xvm altogether it makes people suicide, salty in chat to start with. I don’t run xvm although I used too, to check on my stats I just go to wotlabs and check. I think positioning or play has more to say than xvm. on my recent im 1k but im at 597 wn8 overall. To go along with positioning it’s knowing what do and playing effectively on maps. I know today I was a top tier Ferdinand and there was an m6 alien tank today that was a coward and took no initiative to push an is2, tiger 131, and pudel. Ina ferdinand I pushed and got him moving we lost bad but I got 1st on my team and twice as much as him like 2.6 k:

    I show signs of a unicum then i have an oh fuck this match.

  15. Hey Lemming,

    Watching this video planted a seed in my head that just sprouted. After you ran to the East on ensk in your Type 64, you took a couple of shots and said, ‘this is so easy.” which you stopped doing after you encountered the low-tier plague that is an unspotted Hetzer with the 105 MM howitzer.

    The seed that sprouted has turned into a question: “Why was that easy? If *I* sit down and play for two hours, I’ll see Ensk two, maybe three times and for me, it is anything but easy.

    I can see by your vision circle in the game that your vision is maxed out to the arithmetical limit at all times, but what is it that makes zipping in on those cubbies in low tiers easy for you that a pubbie might learn from? Is it reaction speed? Should I train for WOT-sessions by tossing and catching pennies held at arm’s length or spend hours tapping a fidget cube as if it were the left mouse button? Is it map-reading? Situational awareness? Is it knowing from the situation which way the enemy’s guns should be pointed?

    If you’ve given that thought any thought, feel free to let others (oh to hell with others, I mean “me personally”) in on it: Enquiring minds want to know. 😀

  16. It is funny how the people who complain about peoples’ stats are the ones who end up doing really bad. Maybe what you say is true, they are too worried about doing better than the tomatoes that they suck. But the other thing I see is the players from top clans who act like they are all that and a bag of shells just because they are in that clan. Had a Havok player telling us how we all sucked and he did really bad.

    Now here is what I do (I don’t run XVM anymore for the reasons you give plus it is a pain to keep reloading them after every patch AND trying to figure out which aiming reticule I want to use) I look for a tank I can use as a shield or who I know will be aggressive and attract attention. So if there is a Maus on my team, I’m going to go with him and side scrape off him. With the bonus that the Maus attracts enemies like flies to a shit pile. Of course it depends on what I’m running.

    You make solid points that I agree with about XVM.

  17. I have xvm and I thought it was helping me to decide what to do better but it really does not matter. I find that yellow players are the hardest to fight. They are the players that play to win not increase there win8. I have also been trying to keep tabs on what skill lvl of players play what tank types, and I have found that %65 to %75 of the time the red and orange players are in hev tanks and the green blue and purple players are in LT’s and Meds. the yellow guys are in everything having fun playing the game. XVM is the most toxic part of the game and yes it makes me talk crap to my team and then I feel bad so I try very hard not to play when I am in that mood. I think xvm is cheating and should be removed but I will be a hippocrate and use it cause others do. Other then that I like to use couture mods to see the tank line up in a diff way that does not help me play better just looks cool. I have garage mods for carousel to tell me my tanks stats like % of marks so I do not have to change pages, I’m lazy. I have a clock in garage so I don’t play to long cause I’m an addict. Equipment mounting mod cause again I’m lazy. I do not feel like any of the mods I have (aside from XVM and for me it is nominal) that give me any kind of advantage in the game and in fact they might lower my already garbage FPS. Lemming you are a really great player and content provider. My win8 (lol) has gone up about 80 points just from watching this channel, more importantly my win ratio hit ratio dmg ratio. and FUN ratio have all gone up as well!!!

  18. @ 6:403
    I just also chime in i don’t agree about helping the other player….even if i had XVM. If he is going to cap to cap it and not reset then he is a tard. Tard for not side scraping or attacking from multiple fronts. No, more times than not he is red cause he doesn’t understand the game. Doesn’t understand how to use his armor, hide his armor, aim his shots, where to even aim his shots. He is just dumb to all that makes a good player a useful player. He blindly rolls into the cap area because either enemy tanks are there and he wants to go shoot the red guys or he thinks the cap is the best way to win unaware of red guys able to shoot him out of camo.
    Either way you would use, we all would use, him as a meat shield in order to get the enemy as they are getting him. There is no saving him. he will not fight to the bitter end, he will not fight and die smartly, he wont die slowly delaying the enemy long enough for you to do much.
    XVM shows this, XVM can be interpreted this way to say “yeah you cannot count on this heavy tank to do well”…bye bye corridor.. whether he is a 500 game 208 WN8 or 13k game 800 WN8. There is no fixing stupid. you cant type to get his attention, you cant click the map to get his attention..he is just there wasting oxygen and taking up space for a better player.

    Yes, I’m salty. I see it all the time. I pub my games 80% of the time even though i am clanned with a decent clan. I like the challenge of trying win, carry or help my team win….solo. Yet, i see this ALL the time and i am sure you do as well. I have learned to accept it…write a little chat MSG to go to youtube and search for your tank video and learn and then go garage.

  19. You didn’t “extend the view range” for your team with lt :p

  20. Players on both side ,red and purple, who are thinking they are best
    and every1 else is garbage are problem. And thats where XVM kicks in,if
    player cant see some1s stats he would not, most probably, bitch about bad
    game or team. I can understand that someone gets pissed and trashtalk someone,hey i did that 2…happens to most of us,but dont be shitard and cry from the begining couse XVM says we have 25% to win…that things i dont get…

    If you ask me,i would ban XVM. And give new players option to have weakspot mod automticly untill thay hit 500 battles with t10. I used XVM somwhere between my 3k and 7k battles and uninstalled it couse i feel some kind of pressure (hited 1k wn8 and uninstalled) and i can check my progress on 3rd party sites. Im now about 1650 wn8 with 21k battles,and i track my progress on wotstats,just to see how i play with some tanks. XVM didnt helped me to become better,learning weak spots and positioning helped me and that thing comes with time.
    After 21k battles i can say that i still play as idiot from time to time…but still i get upgrade in my overall stats.

    PS First video from you i see and you earned new sub 🙂 sry for bad english

  21. I need mods to enter always in 2x zoom most importantly. I hate switching to zoom and finding myself fully aimed in at 8x and not seeing any shit. I dont see why WG cant integrate that into the client ffs. Secondly as stated before to change binos and crews automatically. And thirdly: a year ago when I still had no clue how the game works I found it helpful to stick to green/blue players to see what they r doing and to learn from them by “imitation”. But as soon as I was able to read the game I deactivated any display of peoples stats for the same reasons as you have stated: being less toxic and therefore enjoying more but also to make better strategic decisions where peoples WN8 is only a distraction

  22. Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY

    People study stats instead of map tactics. Remove xvm during the match, in garage its no problem. Only xvm users should see each others stats, make an option to block xvm tracker if you dont use it.

  23. It would be so good if XVM would get banned from WoT. No more focus fire and you start every game in a positive way to win even if your teammates are noobs you dont know that and not like at beginining a few people give up and write “lose“ in chat.

  24. I don’t pay attention to stats, I use XVM solely for crew wrangling.

  25. Toasty Roasty Man

    xvm needs to go. It’s a toxic mod

  26. I have found WN8 more right than wrong in over 20K battles. I can look at a map, MM and WN8’s and make a pretty accurate call on how a games play out. I stay away from useless noobs except to take cover behind. I will say I LOVE WN8 when playing arty, especially when I see greens, blues and purples aggressively scouting early on. That has helped my teams more than trying to rescue retards that don’t know what they’re looking at.

  27. I like that you have an opinion and back it up. I however like XVM. As a person who grew up playing sports, stats were always a part of that all along the way, so it just seems like a natural progression when playing video games. I dont use it like you describe in the video, going where the purple player is etc. I use it as just one more tool to assess the situation in any given match, and by no means do I look at the stats as an absolute as to how others will play throughout the match. It can do the very things you say to your game play and you have to be conscience of that or it can ruin you. I usually do not even look at players unless it is the 30 second count down or at the endgame portion of the matches. Much of the time who is left on the other team at the end and their overall stats can lead to predictions of behaviors. Is it 100% fool proof? Absolutely not. But it just adds another layer of the game for my anyways.

  28. Keep up the good work. I started posting to chat in < tier 8 games for people to watch your videos. Better players makes for a more fun game.

  29. “The second you start to care about your performance, your performance drops.”
    That’s so me. If I have a goal that’s close at hand, it affects me heavily. “700 Xp to the next tank or module? Lol. That’s gonna take ten to fifteen games now.” is how it goes for me.

  30. You have this wn8 Cuz you Play Like a little p**sy

  31. My WN8 went up by 400 in the 2k games I played after going modless. It’s also so much less stress. The only thing I miss from XVM is knowing which tanks are spotted on the team list.

  32. LOL, 3500 winrate and yet drives right in front of a hetzer…

  33. Thank you for stating what no one else will, this game is all about positioning.

  34. Never judge a player because of their stats? You’d be a great GM of a sports team… “Hey, I’ll trade you this short-stop of mine with a .220 average a lead glove for that .350/25HR/50 SB left – fielder of yours, how ’bout it?” Oh, you wouldn’t make that deal? Guess stats DO mean something.

  35. I dont have any mods.
    -dont wanna know my team player or apponent skill most times you see it in the first 10 sec of the game or when ya battle him.
    I think i would cry most times in the beginning of the battle.
    -what i dont understand is those losing streaks….i have 10 loss game in a row fallowed by 12 wins.its almost never :win,los,win los.
    so you shoot up 0.2 %in winrate and than 10 losses and you where exactly at the win rate you was at the begininning off the evening.
    i think sometimes they put you in the worst team possible for some time ,than they switch you to good teams .
    and people say you must play better how you suppose to win at bottom tier and all your top tiers are shot off in the first min,

    But i must say the time that you dont wanna play is 5x xp weekends or better dont play in weekends .
    dont play between 16.00 and 21.00 after that it will be better.
    all other times ya should be okay.

  36. I just find that people will give up when they see the win chance given by XVM. If stats where so important than why give up? If the stats really mattered to them than every game would be important and would be played the same. Ultimately it is a game and should be played for fun. I agree that XVM creates toxicity.

  37. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    HI Lemming, nice vid again. I got 1 “gotcha” question though: you seem to intimately know how WN8 works, judging by how confidently you estimate your battle WN8 at around 8:30. Did you use XVM before?

  38. wat bout auto crew/equipment or skin/remodels. or are those in a different type of mods

  39. LemmingRush your comments are always instructive and analytical. Even It involves a methodical step-by-step approach to thinking in the maps after the game. Thanks for your time to do this and I think its done well.

  40. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    All you have to do is install XVM and not go the the XVM website to activate the stats, if all you wanna do is get rid of the in-game stats. Life has been so much better after I got rid of it. It makes me focus on my own strategy and not count on my team while also never ignoring an enemy vehicle. Now I have a 2.5k+ recent WN8 which may seem bad to some but to me it’s a huge improvement and I hope I’ll keep going up.

    I still use XVM – without stats – because the garage mods make everything easier and honestly I don’t know why WG didn’t add those features yet. Also the vanilla crosshairs are lame to me, especially the gun markers.

    But yeah, anything other than that shouldn’t really be allowed. Stats, chance to win, all those ugly mods that show destroyed tracks/tanks as white and other mods are lame.

    I draw the line at convenience – e.g. garage mods – and cosmetics – e.g. crosshair, overall HUD and stuff.

  41. LemmingRush, you are wrong about the missions, let me explain, for most of them they are built to be SELFISH MISSIONS so stats are irrelevant. When there are ongoing missions or events players tend to be selfish assholessss and play SOLO, very especially HTs they disregard the help they can get from TDs or even SPGs by pushing the enemy around the corner so they can attack them by themselves to get full DMG.

    You may not use XVM because of your well deserved status so it makes you part of the 1% that makes it an unfair comment. We really appreciate your inputs about game play but sometimes you forget we are not the 1% with super high crew setups.

    This was only a constructive criticism because I like your videos and what you teach us.

    You dont show your XVM 3500 WN8 but you say it and make it public IN YOUR FACE type of thing!!! You don’t have to show the rest of players your stats but you still make it known so it a bit defeat the point of not using it.

  42. I have since recently completely uninstalled XVM. I have found it useless, and I have noticed more and more that people like to stat shame via the stats shown (obviously), and I never want to be a apart or near that group ever again. Therefor, I would recommend for the rest of the XVM users out there, to swiftly go back to the good old vanilla client.

  43. I started using mods after 8 months just to see how good or bad teams are (after horribad session) and it’s not useful. Even 1800wn player makes quite a lot of mistakes and does not know what to do (judging by myself), you can’t say if 1500wn player is campy and consistent or if he is playing beyond his maximum, does well in half of the battles and suicides in the other half. And I found out that if one team is quite bad and other one completely retarded, it may easily happen that retarded team will win – just because three bad players will suicide to get suicide scout or something like this.
    Anyways information about spotted tanks or hitpoints may be very useful.

  44. I’d be really interested in seeing some of your crappy battles instead of what you did right.

  45. I play without mods. Probably a disadvantage to me, but like it as is. This way I know in the few games I actually do good it was from my play and not ‘corking the bat’ so to speak.

  46. i am too lazy and recently didnt install xvm. and tbh im not going to install 1 soon. im happy they way it is now

  47. You are absolutely right. I use XVM and it makes me toxic. I followed your advice and removed in the ingame stats (still using xvm in the garage) – But it works. I concentrate more on the game than before and the first round playing without xvm, I won my light tank platoon mission playing solo in my T49 without intention on doing that.

  48. Even when you are talking about some legit and positive topic, it takes about 30 secs to show your real self and that is: you are scum, horrible person and self-loving selfish shit.

  49. How do you feel about the zoom-out mod lemming? I play vanilla but when I see players like sircon use it I feel like I am missing out. You do fine without it by the looks of it, but I am curious what you think about it.

  50. Soo true. It makes me rush for DMG and WN8….and drops my FPS down to 30 from 70 so.. yeah its not worth it. If i want to check my stats i just go on noobmeter or wotlabs. Sometimes XVM is helpful but most of the time its not.

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