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Source: QuickyBaby

Positioning is key in World of Tanks and today I have the high grounds in the British medium the !


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free .


  1. I’m playing both WoT Blitz and WoT on PC, but I have most of my knowledge and experience from WoT Blitz as I have 27k battles there and has played Blitz since it came out in 2014. I have gone over to play WoT PC much more because I like to get into a different experience so I can improve even more and test my skills better in that game. It’s also more fun to play tanks that are in WoT PC but not in Blitz. And I think there are many players out there who are just like me who started playing one game, but continued to WoT PC because it’s bigger. Also played WoT PC since 2014 but played very little before I got myself a good PC to handle it so that’s also why I played Blitz that much instead.

  2. 1:57- Stalin at work protecting 140

  3. its over anakin! i have the high ground! meme

  4. EUW PC

  5. WoT console. 6 years and counting, shame that the 2 game are so different these days. Very jealous of your maps.

  6. Qb you where the chosen one.. it was said that you will destroy Wargaming not join them, bring balance to the mm and the game itself and not leave it in unfairness… You where my favorite streamer QB… i loved you…

  7. I play PC mainly but during one year i play console with a friend

  8. I play WOT on pc on the EU server

  9. I play on console

  10. Welcome to Console where P2W is the only way! If you can get the Minuteman, take it out for a bit of same tier domination.

  11. Old days you could not have just bum rushed the hill get hit, ammo racked and just move on with no effect.. they had more open firing lines so that move would have had you smacked 4 times, now they just make it so easy to rush forward hard and fast.. Look at how awful the game is now within 30 seconds most tanks lit in most maps

  12. 4:57 QB blooper

  13. I play blitz and PC.

  14. Hey quicky i play on pc but sadly i can’t enjoy wot like the rest of the community because my laptop can not handle the max graphic settings due this i cant enjoy certain events that wot realises such the mirnay 13 the mist particles dropped my fps to 9 and on random battles my interface glitchs and there is text and textures missing and the mini map doesn’t work half the time
    But even though i am disadvantaged in this game i do my best to enjoy it to the best of my laptops ability

  15. PC version on NA central server

  16. I’m that weird person which watches exclusively you and does not play World of Tanks.

    I do have some premium vehicles and some tanks unlocked, but mainly around T5-6. I just don’t like fundamentals of this game. Gold ammo, small maps with no option to maneuver. Oppressive spotting system which is very dominant in this game and together very iffy in how it works. I dislike that each tank has a fictional gun on top of existing one which makes each tank being able to penetrate another. OP premiums at higher level. Armor being useless in this game, especially in downtier scenarios which are dominant in higher tiers. I just don’t like a lot about this game despite trying again and again to play it, but I just can’t seem to stick to it.

  17. pppffffff……tier viii, no arty 😛

  18. That freaky Hello There intro scared me a bit,

  19. I play Xbox

  20. Alexandre Couillard

    *the entire r/prequelmemes* : :0 General kenobi

  21. i stopped playing about 3 years ago and i still watch your videos, just because i dont want to get back in to playing it allday allnight :DDD Thanks QB

  22. Hey quicky when is the charity stream!?! Always look forward to it at the end of the year!!!

  23. HEY QUICKY BABBBBBAAAY! You’re still goin at it?! THANK GOD! I Just signed in after being offline since 2015 and was bombarded with a bunch of loot! After adjusting to the changes I got back to where I was; I’m almost done with the wz-120 and can’t decide if I should get the 121 or 113. I was originally going for the 113 before it was added to collections, so, should I get the 121 or the 113? about my play style: I sucked with tier 10 USA Patton, T110e3, and AMX50b cuz I love to side scrape and challenge people aggressively, maybe impatiently. I was really good with my 1st gen Type 59, 1300 battles, all crew has 5 skills. HELP! THERE ARE LIKE ZERO VIDEOS ON THE 113 IN LIKE FOREVER! ITS ALL WOT BLITZ!!!!

  24. I USED to play the PC version of WoT but now i guess i’m one of those “weird” people cuz i stopped playing. I just like watching a good swashbuckling battle and your amazing commentary

  25. Hello there 😀

  26. Opening with Hello There and High ground
    all of r/prequelmemes he is the messiah

  27. Well… you do kinda look like young Obi Wan QB 🙂

  28. 0:02 Sir Highground himself appears

  29. Xbox One X player here. I’d love to hear your opinions of the console version of the game sometime maybe even a PC vs. Console comparison. I know most of the differences but i’d love to see your frustration trying to play console (or eleation? who knows).

  30. Will this no SW lol
    btw people how do you call these super quick battles that’s over in less than like 4 minutes, where either yours or enemys team doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue what are they doing?! I have been having a lot of them lately and seeing how I am trying to level up my Kranvagn’s crew it’s fucking exhausting to play rn for me
    oh I nearly forgot, Blitz player here from EU lol

  31. Qb I play on the na server and use the ps4

  32. Ik play Both Blitz and normal on pc

  33. you get ammo racked after you use your repair kit almost every time.

  34. So I just had a dream where I argue with quicky baby on how War Thunder is better than WoT because of realistic battles. He had a silent look of agreement on his face. Wonder how does the real one feel?

  35. Console player for 6 years now

  36. Love these videos. Been playing console, now with croasplay its been extra nice.

  37. Hi Mr quickybaby I’m playing wot blitz and debiting op tank between annihilator and smasher

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