I Infiltrate the Chinese Server to Play the Saddest Tank in History | TYPE-63 (War Thunder)

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I Infiltrate the Chinese Server to Play the Saddest Tank in History | TYPE-63 (War Thunder)


  1. the type63 has the same 300 pen HEAT as type62 does,but the one you played had no modification ,so that it makes you feel terrible

  2. Why the country flag look different

  3. free hong kong

  4. Worst turret rotation got the french M10. i mean phrench ! 😀

  5. Australian here, hurts.

  6. Lol watching this from Australia…

  7. Is it real or mod?

  8. Attempt #20 Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  9. Bruh teinemen

  10. Don’t worry


  11. How much you wanna bet Gaijin is gonna monetized these chinese vehicles for russian trees. >:T Type65 AA is in the regular tree! Also….I need that Golden T-59….I NEEEEEED IT!

  12. Types “tianamen square 1989”
    *entire server disconnects*

  13. Good on ya Phly..Phlee..Phlopity, OR whatever your calling yourself thesedays man just keep up the great content, now your broadening your horizon to the East!

  14. MineCraftSquad117

    Please more

  15. damn… i kinda want a chinese teck tree in wt now

  16. Chinese people helping phly to get in his war thunder account

    *Chinese People* Very nice password phly 😉

  17. Please test drive type 59D and golden type 59. Really want to see those

  18. 17:11 That tiger used APCR !!!

  19. Phly: Hello fellow gamers
    Chinese player: Good evening.

  20. EXTERMINATUS_ Last Name

    *all hail Soviet China…*

    Well obviously I mean a joke so pls….

    Don’t bomb my country

  21. Kiwis are newZeland

  22. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Thanks for the shout out to us kiwis in “the land of the long slow ping”

  23. Hey Phly! Would you phly the stupidly over-weaponized VB.10-02 Phrench phighter? All those guns are waiting phor you!

    Much love from Phrance!

    Attempt #28

  24. From India: From what I can say playing in various servers: US: Has the best players; EU/RU: Less Toxic Player base, very Coordinated on team play, but does not have the same single combat potential as the US; SA: Filled with amateurs, and using low power PCs, and low res screen, thus not very good at distance shot, specially in Realistic battles, Chinese server not that different.

    I know, Of course there are exceptions, but the above is a very good general assumption. I always play in the US server (180 ping), but then I switched to the SA server once….. Oh boy, talk about noobs.

  25. Im surprised that chinese tanks are not most op ones on the server.

  26. cengiz teo uluyurt

    Who the fuck uses keyboard for binoculars. Grow up and use right mouse button.

  27. Flash Report: American gamer gets pwned in Asian server

  28. How about 4 pe-8 in ground froces??

  29. Continue doing war thunder videos !! Love it ?

  30. wait wad Chinese Server ??? Own tanks wad

  31. Play the Achilles! Has terrible turret rotation

  32. I use B!!

  33. What’s up with those flags in the garage?

  34. Tomas Käferstein

    Nice! PLEASE take out the GOLDEN tank for a ride soon!

  35. Chinese pt76

  36. Guys do you remember times when Phly was playing only arcade? I used to laugh at his lack of skill, now he is pro….

  37. Jonathan Eriksson

    hey! phly now you have to play chinese planes

  38. 4:10 you mean New Zealanders you American.

  39. Golden Type 59? this is some WoT shit right here….

  40. Wagon is the Type 63 light amphibious tank. effectively a PT-76 style chassis mounting the 85mm armed Type 62 (baby Type 59) light tank turret. The 63A variant would be interesting to see in game, it mounts an improved angular welded turret and has a Chinese version of everyone’s favourite 105mm gun the L7!

  41. Gold plated gucci tank next plz. I would love to see that self defence mechanisms in action

  42. Phly:
    Am I a joke to you?

  43. racist to us phly just cause we’re phstubby birds here in new zealand ?


  45. Asian dad: what should we name our child
    Asian mom: 12:02
    Asian dad: Great Idea!

  46. my name is my name

    they need to give us chineese tree

  47. @4:02 As an Aussie, we are one of the toughest humans on the planet, because every single animals tries to kill us. Thats why we dont have good internet, because we are too busy making sure there is enough stockpiles of of Ammunition to kill what tries to threaten our own homes to worry about the internet infrastructure.

    But that New Zealand comment …………………. *SHOTS FIRED*

  48. Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and bonus if done with squad or with Bo)
    Attempt No 48.

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