I Killed the Whole Team | ALSO IM GOING TO RUSSIA (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I Brought a Six Shooter to a Tank Fight (War Thunder)


  1. STREAMING FOR THE LAST TIME UNTIL I GO TO GULAG https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily

  2. To answer your question 7:20, maybe you just forgot to turn your “3rd party program” on? 0w0 (just kidding)

  3. Phlipty philpty?!

  4. Great video! Have a great time in Russia!

  5. My best tank in WT is the T44-100 🙁

  6. I got 13kills once and my team still lost 🙁

  7. Phly trying to invent Russian bias before he goes to Gulag.

  8. What a sound mod?

  9. Alexander Jones

    Phly take out the duck’s younger brother with 30mms, the Hs 129 B-2

    Attempt 4 of 129

  10. When you arrive at Russia the police will throw you to the Gulag for being an American.

  11. One day gaijin will learn how an angle of deflection really works…

  12. poor leopards

  13. You’re finally will sent to Gulag? Welcome btw

  14. Visit Kubinka !

  15. Les games musicales

    “Hey, it’s War Thunder ! Someone’s got to loose… someone’s not supposed to have fun – for me to have fun. It took me seven years to realise it […] This is what PvP games are.” – PhlyDaily

  16. I was so happy when u posted the Rolling Thunder video from last week because its uploaded in 4K! I did think that was your new standard, Was I wrong? 🙁

  17. Go to Kubinka tank museum for the true Bussian Rias experience!

  18. IJN is coming!!!!! ?

  19. Sentinelus The Dragon King Of Harmony

    Too bad I’m still stuck on T-54s.

  20. Abdullah Alkholil

    3:48 That right there, is Leopard 1A1’s force field.

  21. I think Fly makes the best videos on Friday.

  22. Play bob semple plz

  23. Sad: Phly not answering your in-game PM

    Happy: Phly answering your in-game PM in a video

  24. But phly, it is summer in Russia. At least the European part. Or am I being dumb

  25. David Patnode Jr


  26. Phly, As you know the VFW’S are terrorising 5.7!
    Take out the centurion mk1!( no vid about it)
    Attempt #5

  27. Scream cyka blyat in russia and i will give you $10 paypal

  28. George Carpelan

    I understand why you love that round 😀

  29. DA_KING-_-COBRA _

    Attempt #49
    Phly the p38 g/e

  30. Hurricane Gaming

    Phly I’ve found the Chi-Ha enjoyable to play lately, you should try it out if you have spare time or in a video

  31. dont dont think i cant get mad when they kill me, but when they jump crazy BR you thats fucked up..

  32. Phly! here’s a challenge! take out the I-go ko T1 reserve, with HEAT, but drive it backwards 😉

  33. he will Think about playing the doom turtle!! i am so sorry for Calling you Flydaily

  34. FlyDaily

  35. Philppity Phloppity!! Play the Do-335 pls and ground pound for the Führer!! the Führer loves the pounding of grounds?

  36. Russian weapons are clankity but very leathal Lol ..The cannon on that tank is huge !

  37. Man i wanna watch you on twitch, when do you stream usually

  38. Is phly sick? ;(

  39. Record something when you visit russia
    Also have a nice phly

  40. Claude Montezin

    Previet Phly! Good luck in the land of the Ruskies! If you don’t come back, we know they offered you big Ruble money for your strategic skills. We all love you and love your vids, so keep at it until you’re 135 years young. That’s an order. Your situation awareness is the best ever, everywhere. At 8 min 15 sec, do you realize you are shooting at an enemy tank, without clear sight, hinting at a “metallic reflection”, long range, and you fricken destroyed the poor bastard! Phly, at the end of my day’s work, I look forward to your vids, and you never cease to amaze me. You’re blessed with ESP and I don’t think that’s allowed (skrew asking for permissions). Seriously Phly, in the air and on land you’re my go-to person for entertainment! Teach the Russians how it’s done. Tell us about your trip and the tournament. Big fan – Claude

  41. vamsi jagadeeh varma

    Make a video on “USS NEW JERSEY”(world of warships)

  42. Use the leopard a1a1 l44

  43. T 55 A with APFSDS ?? really ??

  44. Виталий Лисов

    Have a good trip!
    I would like to meet you, but I’m too lazy to go to another city.
    I wish you victory in the YouTube cup. That would be so much fun!

  45. Oh we are waiting for you … we will send you to the GULAG for all your jokes about Russians .. you will never return home…. p.s from Russia with love))… and ALSO if you read this message read it with a terrible Russian accent ..

  46. He might be present on The victory parade

  47. if u r going thru russia try to drive some tanks there

  48. Please share your hardware configuration used !

  49. Invading Russia in the winter is a bad idea,invading Finland in the winter is suicide

  50. Yeeeessss, more video with T-55A ❤️??

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