I KILLED THE WHOLE TEAM + SOME (War Thunder Baby Pershing)

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I KILLED THE WHOLE TEAM + SOME (War Thunder Baby Pershing)

More IVANS = More Fun | Clearing the SKIES (War Thunder Anti-Air Gameplay)

Beautiful Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/700306/en/


  1. please only prays not prayers. tank you

  2. Yo Phly, plz play the Bismarck again.

  3. Btw, when in a pickle repairing, drop arty between you and your target… Close enough to make it narrow.. should provide dirt and smoke cover a bit

  4. I am so afraid of these tanks. Seeing one of these while your in a panzer 4 is like seeing a tiger when your in a Sherman. Honestly, it’s better than the tiger. More pen and more damage with faster speed and decent armor.

  5. Phly: Are those bombs for me?
    Bomber Plane: **Drops bomb next to Phly**
    Phly: **Insert surprised Pikachu meme**

  6. I mean the M82 is nearly identical to the 88mm. Only difference is like 20g of TNT equivalent.

  7. Play Nb.Fz.!

  8. This hapen to me so many time, killing 80% of the enemy team, but still los, because the rest of the team are fucking noobs.

  9. 3:35 that evil laugh ?

  10. We have this in 5.7 while the panther a is 6.0 and basically the same tank…(just with less randomly bouncy armor)
    Edit: oh how cute it has reverse speed, something the panthers definitely aren’t struggling with.

  11. I’m going to use Red tint instead of blue.

  12. Arty is to war thunder as a molly is to csgo. Deadly and scary to the newer players, but more of an obstacle/annoyance to those who know what’s going on.

  13. Me when I got a kill : oh yeah mister crabs! ?

    Edit: nice video!

  14. prussia the spacemarines
  15. Its not camping… its sniping.

  16. it is not the tank 😉 it is phlydaily that is op

  17. Sgt major Captain phly. HQ has word that the westerners are advancing and need you to take out the glorious OBJECT 120 and destroy them !!

  18. It isn’t that the tanks he drives are OP.

    Phly is OP.

    He must be nerfed.

  19. We haven’t made a challange for a while, didnt we? You have to kill a plane by using any spaa, but you have to bounce a round of ground/tanks, anything before hitting a plane.
    Attempt #5

  20. Panther 2… With a 5.7 tank, or did they down BR the oanther 2 to 6.7 instead of 7 0

  21. leFRANCAISduSUD le sudiste

    Pls the somua s35

  22. Phil: “This thing can punch right through a tiger 2’s mantlet”
    me: *looks at tiger 2’s manlet*
    also me: *NO PROBLEM*

  23. The American engineers got into modern art, Use the M6A1 in battle to truly spread the concept

  24. Phly play the muas and the ho229 attempt #1 phly I will copy this sentence and paste it in every video till you do it

  25. R.I.P. in Pepperoni’s phly
    *Blue tint added*

  26. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. That joke is painfull

  27. Ppl: Damn that thing is ugly

  28. I really don’t understand when people whine about camping in War Thunder. It’s fucking tanks. You’re not supposed to just go in guns blazing (there are exceptions). Finding a good spot and holding it for as long as it’s paying out is what tanks is all about.

  29. phly i need your support we need to push for a canadian tech tree for no reason except maple syrup and guns that go sorry instead of bang. we will be pushing for the skink and all sorts of other Canuck contraptions. we will succeed eh

  30. It’s not short term memory, it weed 🙂

  31. Awesome game! I have passed this tank and now I regret this ? Have a great day man!

  32. Phly was avenged by an avenger.

  33. APHE is so dumb..Why aim when shell explosion fills tank. Do that with a Brit tank with APDS..

  34. SMK russian heavy premium please

  35. I got into battle on Novorosijsk and somebody made 25 kills with this thing.

  36. F for respekts. Love u phlee!

  37. The ostwind was called out earlier by the M19, but you didn’t see it 🙁

  38. PhlyBoi, YOU’RE MISSING A TANK, the T-44-100, i’ve never seen you play it and it is king godtier, the best medium 7.0 after T-54, *play it,* it can kill anything at its BR and higher and its armor is good.

  39. 1:28 i dont know either phly… I dont know either…

  40. Play any Panther, maybe the A at its new BR of 5.7 and the BF110 G2 (baby duckling) with whatever load out you wish. I like to take the 37mm cannon with the waffle rockets!

  41. “mmmm look at that bush” 11:39

  42. My dream is to see WT content creators playing WoT and WoT creators playing WT

  43. 20:07 did he just say thank yo F4U

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