I Let AI Choose My Tank in War Thunder!

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Source: PanzerPaw

Actual Tank Commander asks ChatGPT to choose tanks in and this is not what I expected.


  1. Dude you play war thunder any all your world war 2 vehicles just be stock and you say you want more well YOU GOT MORE TO UNLOCK

  2. hey i’m early again
    (my sleep schedule? what sleep schedule)

  3. I have been seeing the same thing and when you play on console some of the tree’s and shrubs have no texture

  4. What was ur rank in the military?

  5. Range finder takes to long just upgraded targeting for gunner and get it to maximum level and then your shots will almost all the time land were the crosshairs are

  6. can you make a video on wt tractors? the zis 30 which has a high velocity 57mm in the ussr tech tree and the french spaa which has 4 13.2mm in the french tech tree, both of which are low tier

  7. PanzerPaw: wait, wait wait, why do you sound like Eric Cartman?

    Chat GPT: well, why do you sound like a little b!$%*?

  8. gaijin’s server hamster died

  9. Evil Neuro sama

  10. This guy is the most consistent War-thunder uploader I’ve seen. Great job.

  11. I have been having high ping spikes its not you

  12. So you like holding down W? T95 “Tutel”.

  13. You should do a custom battle where you meet your subs

  14. Try using the pzgr shell, it overpressures

  15. i think its better to angle with the first 2 tigers (tiger H1 and tiger E) its makes you impenetrable

  16. Panzer, do you do scale modelling?

  17. 1:50 76 Jumbo had 500% booster I’m sure

  18. Didn’t phly daily do this already?

  19. Nice video man keep it up🎉

  20. You should play the best under rated tank games/sims

  21. The ai has chosen violence

  22. I think the M11/39 is the smallest tank in war thunder with a turret, it’s a machine gun turret but still a turret

  23. Essentially after every update the game stutters and it is annoying asf. I got my ram from 16 to 32 GB, I use an RTX 2080, yet still stutters. from 140 fps down to essentially still screen for 5 seconds, sometimes a crash.

  24. 16:00 i love the talk those guys are having in the chat

  25. Bro had like 231 ping the whole time I think 💀

    (That’s okay, I’ve had worse….)

  26. Hey PanzerPaw, I’m 19 and a loader on the m1a2 and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your content 👍 keep up the good work.

  27. they got rid of the m22s scouting a long time ago, but they should really add it back

  28. hey you lived in SG? Im living there rn!

  29. The Locust is a Tier I and you’ve got to be Tier II to get the Scouting Ability. Not sure why.

  30. You should do a thing where you play with fans

  31. Still waiting for more cursed tank simulator content

  32. the server hamster sneezes alot

  33. You are a former WoT player

  34. You aren’t angling on the tiger correctly. You need to angle to where your barrel is over the area that slightly goes outwards more on the front right or left of your tank.

  35. The tiger may seem good, untill you actually get to crew one. The maintanance would be INSANE

    • It’s actually incredible how maintenance quality of life has improved through the tank generations. Just comparing the Leo 2 to the AMX-13 or Centurion, they’re worlds apart

  36. that stutter thingy happens alot to me whenever i alt tab right before it enters a game 🙁

  37. just so you know i love your channnel keep up the good work and i hope you grow

  38. i have 14 fps on low graphics

  39. Майкъл Асенов

    Subtitles: Hello Porsche digger😂😂

  40. 5 minutes in and already he’s the most respectful germany player

  41. „My recognition of WWII tanks isn‘t the best“
    *Confuses small nimble open top tank with big chunky German box*
    Sounds about right 😂

    • There was a smaller tank moving around at the back of the objective before I saw the Jagdpanther. Still no idea what it was lol

  42. Try to set Global Illumination to low. It helps me eliminate stutter.

  43. Still asking for u to play DCS it’d be funny to watch a tank commander attempt air combat

  44. Христијан Божиноски

    Damm the editor needs to chill out in this video

  45. you are good wow

  46. face reveal

  47. I just started War thunder

  48. Jehoiakim Eli Doronila

    About the M41 looking like an enlarged Chaffee, he’s right. The army at the time wanted a replacement of the light tank but a bit bigger, & the end result is the walker bulldog, which is based on the Chaffee

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