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Source: Circonflexes

Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-.com/ !


  1. You should play hellcat like this coz of 9 lives ?

  2. Circonflex’s reference to Ocean Man is a track by the bizarrely brilliant band Ween; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP4XsCqjmao

  3. Oh what a day, WHAT A LOVELY DAY !

  4. lol overturned, nice drama

  5. My Favorite part of the Video 2:24 !!

  6. Feels bad man

  7. Flip my e25 all thbe time…

  8. I hated this gun in this tank so much, 3 years to aim and 0 gun depression

  9. What mod is that?? It tells you the armor and your chances of penetrating it.

  10. This game’s end tells everything you need to know about the new maps’ physics.

  11. When you start to believe the Russian bias hype, play the A44. It quickly dispelled those rumors, for me at least. The gun takes all day to aim, and still shoots “wiffle ball” rounds that fly all over the place. It also gets the engine shot-out constantly, (I realize it’s a front engine) but it burned EVERY SINGLE GAME. I’m seriously jealous when I see people with full marks on the barrel. I was just happy to finally get enough xp to research the Obj. 416, but I expect to be just a terrible in it as I was in the A44.

  12. Sometimes games just win themselves!

  13. You should have brought Steve and his KV-1 for this kind of deal. 😉

  14. *gets engine knocked out twice in a couple seconds*
    yep, thats the A-44 I remember

  15. send it to jingles he will laugh is ass off

  16. You know when someones pissed when the Scottish accent kicks in

  17. That was the most standard battle ending ever.

  18. You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

  19. A-44 is a rare gem

  20. Ha ha still laughing ? slippery when wet with 0 gun depression surely …..lol great replay circ

  21. Кристиян Митев

    Live, die, repeat.

  22. First they update the physics so you don’t die when dropping down from a hill. They they add rocks fucking everywhere so you die or get trapped when dropping down from a hill. GG Wargaming.

  23. 3:05 I just don’t get it why you would ignore circon like that type 64… Why do i never get those enemies that completely ignore me. The people i fight even stop and turn their turret if they didn’t spot me and pump a blindshot in my general direction

    • Mr_King96 he knew he was screwed and hit the type to maximise his end game damage.. That or he celebrated 420 a little too hard..

  24. YESS!! F*** YOU!!!

  25. I am the man who grabs the sun, riding to valhalla!

  26. Very anticlimactic ending

  27. Came here for the Mad Max meme. Was not disappointed in the least.

  28. Rocks?! My only weakness!!

  29. The A44 is a rare and mystical beast tamed by few.

  30. What an ending.

  31. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    I just bought the A44. Is it worth playing if you are an average player?

  32. loving the Scottish accent lolz

  33. How do you roll a Flat Panzer?

  34. I just finished grinding this tank I love it, it was so easy i did it in about 1/2 a day

  35. Pog de Champ – circon 2018

  36. Rizney Martin Soria Padilla

    you puta madre jajajajaja esa fue buena circon! very good circon ! XD

  37. “i can spot half the map from here!!” *tank appears directly behind you*

  38. Ahh my daly dose of circon

  39. Balls are slippery

  40. Do you ever do live streams?

  41. Jingles may wanna see that xD

  42. Lmao that was awesome

  43. Baguette with cheese


  44. Baguette with cheese

    Overturned xDDDDD

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