I Loaded 70 Shells Into My Centurion Mk10 This is the Result (War Thunder)

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  1. anymore phunny or crazy ideas let me know!

  2. phly take a moment to appreciate that you died to apcr from your least favorite tank in game

  3. You’ll find peace when you realize BR means nothing.

  4. This tank totaly fine in 8.0

  5. ”I” hit Ammo with HEAT-FS (M60) = darkorange damage —> he turns and kills me (leo I)

    Other ppl: 122mm russian shell enters my tankengine, 1 shrapnel hits ammo = slight yellow —> instantkill

  6. i NEVER get matches like this, even if i’m top tier, dammit. Failydaily youre do effing lucky sometimes too dude 😛

  7. @phlydaily shoutout to my friend lord vader who was the tiger 2 he put the vidio in our discord and i didn’t believe him and i quote “im pretty proud of that shot”
    and he doesnt know how he got your ammo ether on discord his number is #6246

  8. The case with IS-6 can easily be explained. I don’t understand how this is confusing at all. It is called… “Pay to win”. Of course things will bounce…

  9. Super instinct Phly

  10. f is reserved for paying respects, hence we use ph

  11. 12:09 Russian biased confirmed

  12. Am i the only one that heard him shouting Oj Alija Aljo at 10 seconds

  13. NathanAtTheTØP Disco

    11:29 ? What

  14. Are you going to check out World of Warships on console? I’d be curious to get your impression.

  15. “Tickle-Me-Elmo-Rockets” ROFLMFAO!!! : p

  16. One of the funniest videos recently! I only wish you would use full lineups.

  17. 15:32 – RRRRRAAAACISSS!!

  18. 9:38 you just used up all your luck for 2019

  19. Go to skatepRk and skate and go home eat play war thundet do homework thats my repeat

  20. Matias de la Fuente

    “Little tickle me Elmo rockets”… now i can’t stop imagining Elmo with an RPG.

  21. Me: *starts watching GrayStillPlays videos*
    PhlyDaily: *makes this video with this title*
    Me: *eyes suspiciously*

  22. hey boy been with ya since 250k your plateauing my dood! branch out to a few more games more often. love your vids!

  23. Max Súarez Müller

    Gaijin, Fix air RB

  24. fast reload 300mm pen and stabilizer at 7,0 the same BR as tiger 2 105mm, but BritaIn Is SuffeRinG

  25. when did the sounds become so fantastic?

  26. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    What he said I the beginning is literally the reason I stopped playing… It not not fun being curb stomped every single game…

  27. don’t want bring that back but your shot in teh IS-6 was lower than were you show in teh armore analyse you shot close to teh track the (skirt) and was the left side of teh tank not the right side just saying

  28. You can see what BR you are by looking at your initial SP needed for the Cent …. 100=full uptier 150=toptier

  29. I do not recall when I last fought at my own BR. I get uptiered every game

  30. How about no ammo no problem challenge?

  31. I always carry a full load any as many kinds of shells possible. Various situations require various ammunition.

  32. Lol i played the centurion mk10 along side the chieftain mk3 for months and barely noticed it being much worse

  33. Instead of adding bullshit like crates and crap how about actually fixing the game where thick armor actually acts like thick fucking armor kinda tired of getting penne threw the thickest part of my tank by a gun that cant have any shell to pen it

  34. Same thing regularly keeps happening to me as well, IS-3, IS-4 and IS-6 hull sides keep bouncing (or just eating) APDS shells that should’ve clearly gone through…

  35. William Heryudanto

    take a shot every tank kill

  36. you guys should know by now that War Thunder discriminates. If you donate enogh, you also get a lot of bs no penetrations and ricochets. If you dont donate, you don’t get that. That’s what happened to that IS-6 shot to its side, that your Mark 10 couldn’t kill 🙂

  37. How do u check which br ur in do u just have to look at the other tanks

  38. good to know I’m not the only one getting dumped into the highest br bracket possible for my current tanks

  39. 11:26 wtf

  40. *Screws in monocle*
    Did Phly just say ‘bloody hell’? Why ye-es! We’re teaching you to curse properly.

  41. A good player just has to except that this game is big RU troll to the allies. 12:04

  42. 14:08 “I am the best sniper in the game right meow.” Literally staring at an IS-6 in the open and doesn’t see it…

  43. I wish I had 40 ping, where on Brasil is over 170 ping and is fucking annoying

  44. This game is PAY2WIN

  45. Just need to have some massive engine smog cloud (from the mustering forces) or something over the spawn points that the people inside can see out of while the enemy can’t see in. Remove the spawn invincibility so the enemy can either wait to try and trace shots back into the cloud, or spam MG and give their position away trying to find someone. Sure it’s a stupid idea, but better than anything Warthunder’s done.

  46. The Good old Slugger.

  47. Phly Buddy its all ready in the game all you need to do is Go to a cap zone you own and NOT move for a few Seconds and you will see your Crew Reload Ammo and as for dead Crew I “think” you can replace 1 for Free in a Cap zone you Own Not sure IF they removed it a few patch Ago But I might Still be in the Game.. Hope it helps

  48. You always make this game look easy…

  49. Phly for war thunder 2019

  50. That ending statement is so true. As a new player i cant stand 90% of the maps, they seem poorly designed. Stillhave no clue why repairs and a fire extinguisher arent free on new tanks(love getting set on fire without one and it being a painful slow death).
    Tank balance is terrible. Some tanks are soooooooo much better then others so all you see are those tanksand alot of the premium tanks are insanely strong compared to nonprem counterparts (p2w?) Planes are fucking annoying and completely ruin the tank simulator for me. Seems way to easy to land bombs and missiles while AA is not strong enough to deal with it(around tier 4 at least) so planes wreck havoc This game is really fun when things go perfectly but it happens so little that i can understand why new player retention is shit. Im getting to the point where i rather just watch phloppy woppy play WT then me actually play

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