I Loaded 74 Shells Into My Centurion Mk1 This is the Result (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I Loaded 74 Shells Into My Centurion Mk1 This the Result (War Thunder)


  1. HEY! Sorry about the mistake in Russia ATM. Hope you guys enjoy!!! See y’all tomorrow

  2. Something about 38th parallel is causing stutters on everyone’s computer. It’s weird.

  3. Play IS-2 or leopard a1a1 l44 attempt#16

  4. Wilhelm Stenvall

    German steel is swedish steel is impossibru steel

  5. I constantly hit both viewports, its a talent i wish i didnt have.

  6. I’ve noticed in some of your more recent videos that you might be using a sound addon? Especially when you’re recieving machinegun-fire, the snaps are really loud, reminds me of Arma 2 i44, what addon might it be? 🙂

  7. Damion001 Tanks

    Phly, i have been getting the same stutter, and package loss a lot lately
    i have a new rig so i doubt its that.. just sayin

  8. Alex loves Physics

    Oh look a Tigar!

  9. The last windows update has just been fuckint up all our PCs

  10. I have been having the same stuttering problem….

  11. Kazuki TheCommander

    Well yeah using centurian mk1 it is hard but there 3 way to get over tier 4

  12. He likes centurion more than tiger? WITCHER!!

  13. İs link working?

  14. i am sad to play 38th parallel map as a Korean

  15. Hey Phly, that studder you were experiencing in that map is something like a game bug, after someone is destroyed and respawn the studder begins, I noticed this a lot on this map and some more too when I had until very recently a potato PC, please call out this bug to the WT forums, have mercy on potato pc players

  16. Am I the only one that gets some sound bug using the German machine guns with this sound mod?
    (a wierd clicking sound when i start firing them)

  17. Unpopular Opinion:
    Last Man Standing was hilariously fun.

  18. Phly, your game sounds like it has a sound pack installed. Are you using one? It sounds great!

  19. You should have said “that’s an opinion I respect your opinion. But your wrong.” then laugh.

  20. When the APDS buff comes this thing needs to be moved up from 5.7.

  21. Ariete (P) review?

  22. I always hit that vibranium driver port which causes the shell to be lost into eternity

  23. I don’t think it’s your computer, 38th Parallel stutters for me every time too

  24. That last game was played very clean. I personally always use 2-3 types of shell. Funny enough that the simple ap does the most damage. Sabo doesn’t do much damage but it’s good to out some components. Those French ap monsters are deadly once you get used to them and I’m glad they didn’t give the surbassè the apcbc shell.

  25. 8 of 10 hits the machinegun cupola that eats every shot. Whatever round you use, the machine cupola eats them all.

  26. tried with T34 120mm HE and it did nothing to VFW that just eat it like a boss lul

  27. TheCombatWombat

    Phly, no need to apologize for stuttery. Youre a youtuber, not a movie producer. We dont expect the recording to be flawless haha

  28. Theinfiniteabyss

    You bringing up the tiger bouncing shells reminded me of an unforgettable moment where on Normandy (beach not fields) when I was partially hidden behind a building and my armor was perfectly slanted and I bounced all of the shots that came my way

  29. almost literally million of us

  30. Yeah, big agreement on the Tiger versus Cent argument… honestly that may be biased, because I only ever get oneshotted by anything and everything that I can’t pen in return when I’m in my Tiger (FV4202 I’m looking at you, you stabilized shit)

  31. Centurion is…’balanced’ at 5.7


  32. @phly daily do a custom server with biplanes with 50-100 kg bombs versus 2 tunguska

  33. Tiger is always superior. Yes I’m German.

  34. GearandaltheFirst

    Is phly still using that soundpack from a little while ago? and/or does anyone know what it’s called I’m too lazy to try to find the video again :/

  35. not to be a Debbie downer phly but that British tune at beginning makes me sad every time i hear it after what happen in Christchurch. i know u cannot tie music to a event but still you make good content that makes me smile keep it up

  36. 38th Parallel? DPRK Vs. ROK
    아침은 빛나라 이 강산

  37. What server does he play on?

  38. Markus Buchanan

    My game also stutters when playing this map.

  39. Agora eu entendi

    Gaijin trolling all the time

  40. “Have mercy on that guys dome…. DO I NEED TO DIRECT HIT IT!!!”
    Oh yeahhh

  41. u1 endrupskolen

    i hit the tiger in spot

  42. can someone tell me i`m wrong? when i say that to me… the sounds of the tanks reloading and fireing, sound diffrent then those of mine in game. I can`t remember my tiger H1 sound like that. might be just me. tbh i`m not really familiar with british tanks. but i hear difrences in other videos too, i am insane… no need to point that out. ANYWAY! if that`s the case… where do i get that shit? cause it sounds great! thank you

  43. You forget the panther a at 5.7 wich is in my opinion better than the cent mk 1

  44. the most stupid thing in WT is that when u goes to 5.7-6.7, Germans are using pretty much WW2 vehicle versing after-war bois with bloody sabot and incredibly powerful heat shell like ontos, m41a1, etc. which totally ignores your armor and smash u right back into the hanger. Moreover, they have waeeeee better engines.

  45. New house, new pc time. Go AMD, make people mad.

  46. I personally wouldn’t use the APDS on the 17-pounder. While being super easy to aim and penetrate with, I still feel the damage is a bit sub-par compared to the APCBC shells. The APCBC provides for more consistent one shot kills in my experience, while the APDS often takes 2 shots. Up to 6.7 the APCBC is actually quite decent, anything at 5.7 and below it usually just eats for breakfast (hence the Firefly is such a monster and one of my favourite british tanks)

  47. Use only he rounds with the Chi-He and get a kill
    Attempt #1

  48. Hey PhlyDaily please Fly out the Fw109 F-8 attempt 1 in Tank RB with 30mm and get a tank kill

  49. Phly u are not the only one who has that Frezzin Pictures… i have it on Vietnam and other Maps and than there are maps i have over 110FPS so Gaijin fucked something up it looks like.. because i dont have these Problems before on Vietnam or other Maps…

  50. Hey I actually like Vietnam

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