I lost 60% of my HP 90 Seconds In..

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Hey LR… Did you delete yesterday’s vid “Soviet speech” out of fear or out of re-consideration?

    • LemmingRush imo you do not suddenly become a drama channel by posting one video. Especially if it is something we need to know. I really want to see that video but i can’t.

    • Effectively, what you need to know is that the wording of the EULA has changed (effective the 15th) and it now reflects what was already in the World of Tanks Terms of Service since August of 2015. Nothing has actually changed in regards to what youre agreeing to, just where youre agreeing to it.

    • Avalon304 it was only the NA server, right? Jingles said that so it must be true, I don’t want my break from the saltmines to be over already

    • The EULA changes? No, the SEA EULA has also been updated to the new wording:

      However, the EU terms of service (which you agree to when you agree to the current EU EULA) also contains the same provisions as the NA and SEA EULAs now contain: (The sections in question that are generating so much drama in the EULA are sections 8, 9 and 10 in the Terms of Service).

      Essentially what happened here is a blog (which I wont name) picked up that the NA EULA changed from a reddit post which was all up in arms about how you didnt own your account or anything on it and how WG could ban you for saying bad things about you. Except the reddit post, like most reddit posts didnt have the whole story.

      The effective changes to how WG will operate under this new EULA are: There are no changes. These provisions have been in the Terms of Service for NA, SEA and EU for atleast 2 years, some times longer. Nothing has changed. WG will not ban you for criticizing them in a Youtube video, as the sections of the EULA apply to FANSITES using official WG content (like say Supertest tank stat images or even the official WG logo) who portray WG in a bad light or protray them (and this is an example from an NA staff member) alongside Nazi imagery (or other negative imagry). They may ban you from their forums, but theyve always been able to do that… and we’ve never technically owned our accounts.

      So there was a big kerfluffle and drama over a big nothingburger.

      (And unfortunately Jingles, as much as I like him… told the same story as the blog… which left out all the important details just for the dramalama factor.)

    • Avalon304 alright, thanks for the more detailed info 🙂

  2. It’s awesome how much I have improved soley thanks to LR, thank you so much for your amazing and such helpful content. I wish more amazing wot players like you did the same.

  3. Wow I’m early

  4. Roided Up Plumber

    lemming I must see that soviet speech I didn’t see it before you deleted it

  5. Christiano filice

    You are such a good player and you have helped me improve my games quite a bit, I had a 42% wr on the tier 5 Swedish td and now it’s 51%. Thank you🙏🏿

  6. Lemming I sent u a replay yesterday of a game where I lost almost all my hp in the first minute or two. And I brought it back with a few teammates. Is this your version of it ??? Anyway love your vids in 5 months I’ve increased my wn8 by nearly 400 thanks to youtubers like you

  7. I swear LR none of your videos are good without your laugh lmao


  9. You really deserve more subs man, you are so helpful, it’s sad that more people and players don’t see that

  10. “Im assuming its garbage because its ugly…” 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. I lost 100% of my hp in 10 seconds

  12. Anyone else thought it was gonna be a Grille 15?

  13. I went from a 49% win-rate to a 100% win-rate from watching your videos.
    I stoped playing the game!

  14. where the hell does this guy stream. cant find any recent material on twitch. By far the best WoT player to watch in my opinion

  15. Really amazing videos brother, I’ve increased my winrate from 47% to 50% thanks to you

  16. Hey Lemming, I have a question(s). When you make videos with prerecorded commentary, how many takes do you make on average before the final product? Also do you do the entire video in one recording or do you record short clips and stitch them together like QB?

    • pukalo [CDN] Depends on the type of video.

      Live gameplay like this tends to take about five games, I feature the first game that isn’t a blowout (normally).

      My how to not suck at heavies took multiple clips that we’re stitched together, probably recorded that video 15 times in total.. if that makes sense. 2 hours of recording for 8 minutes of video.

      Takes me about 3 tries with the occasionally stitch for sneezing or w/e for making replay reviews where I cover entire replays 🙂

  17. You so carried so full of yourself aren’t you

    • The end

    • Erik Mattson Well your comment still makes no sense so maybe you should edit it again.

    • LemmingRush someone’s crying about somebody’s freedom of opinion you must be a liberal aren’t you

    • LemmingRush so emotional like all of them snowflakes

    • Erik Mattson so apparently, saying that your own positioning with the help of teammates, carried the game, and then applauding a couple of teammates for doing amazingly in battle results tab, is “being full of yourself”? He even said his score was low, and his positioning DID for sure win the game..
      Pretty much any good player would realize this, which i assume you aren’t, since you still can’t use 3rd grade punctuation

  18. Your phone is ringing

  19. 1:45 – _Shit-ton of tanks piling up on a tiny road._ “This is retarded.”

    I lost it for a second there. I hope I didn’t wake anybody up.

  20. welcome to low tier shit

  21. I think one of the best parts of your videos are simply the reactions. Seeing you laugh at completely stupid actions is amazing. You’re also good at the game, so that helps.

  22. OlympusPk World Of Tanks

    iemmingrush finally found your european stats in wot life. I was typing Lemmingrush, lemmingRush, lemmingrush but nothing. And suddenly I thought lets type “i” instead of “l” and voila. Anyway, concerning this battle compared to others I have watched in your channel last 2 years, I founded it very average even for my average standards. Maybe it was due a low (6) tier tank with not a very good crew. Of course it is still very educational, especially for new players explaining the parameters of each decision made.

  23. The Turan III isn’t total garbage but it’s basically a support sniper. If you attack with it you will die. If you kemp bush you can clean up at end games. There’ was a guy on NA server who has like 8000 games in theTuran III he basically just sits at back of the map every single game until the very end. Dynamic game play.

  24. 2:13 never knew IS 7 was a tier 7 tank. Guess you lesrn new things everyday

  25. Great game, thanks to you I think twice before I make a play.

  26. whe neeed moreeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

  27. i love your conntent

  28. shishx the animal

    Kinda miss the chair.

  29. marcoadmiralis _

    Do I smell autoaim?

  30. In my mind all those ‘surprising plays’ are actually normal plays to me which i think just implies how bad i am lol

  31. I like how technical Lemming’s videos are. I have learned a lot from him. Also, Jingle moment detected. Crusader? Cromwell?

  32. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    I loved when you team killed anfield. PLEASE platoon again with him 😂

  33. so, one time I noobcheck a corner at the beginning of the game in a M103 and see 2 deathstars and a shitbarn already pointing their guns my way(was tires af after work, lol). What is your advice for me when I start a game like that? rage quit, rage in chat or uninstall the game? lol

  34. That’s not a lotta damage!

  35. I stopped playing about a month ago, played for 7 years, only had 27k games, never spent a cent on the game, i come 1-3rd 80% of the time, usually never lower then 5th; but teak losses 45% of the time.
    Try this game with a ping of 250, and no premium…
    The beginning of this game was a normal “good” game for me…

  36. Did you get hit on purpose just to make crangy title and video ? ;D

  37. 60% in 90 seconds? How about 100% in 60 seconds by fucking arty

  38. Please do some more stream’s

  39. They lost by not pushing valley, lots of noobs on both teams but very common for pub games great vid

  40. Id have taken the risk to pincer them from valley with the kv1s. Half their team was city, most of the TDs were 90% likely to cover mid and city and not valley by this time. I doubt any TD was still sitting in those bushes you pointed out. You would have scouted their arty and with a little luck this would aready have been game over.

  41. Thanks for the replacement vid 🙂

  42. Hello LemmingRush I just want to say that you are rly good player and youtuber. I like how you are unicum but still dont spam gold ammo and talk shit 😉 I once went to FAME member twitch stream and only ammo he had was GOLD probs getting his 3rd mark 😀 btw if there are any Muslims here eid mubarak 😉

  43. Lower tiers just aren’t like high tiers, you can never predict what happens 😀
    Now give your 140 a break and hope in your Cromwell to see what I am talking about…

  44. I start with my SU85B as a bottomtier in a 3:5:7 on Ruinberg and helped a flipped Type64 tank. A M4 decides to test his HE cannon at my ass. I survived this with 3HP and noticed that 2 other tanks and the Type (now on his tracks) decides to kill the M4 whilst the buddy of the M4 starts to shot back. I drive away as fast as possible and survived with chaos with 7 Kills. We won this but dont tell my how and why. Therefore – stop wondering – expect anything. Its WOT.

  45. Hi LR, interesting game with great situational awareness. Ok I would bet that the majority of your subscribers would like to know what yesterdays failed video was all about. Obviously very contentious by the title, so would you like to enlighten us please. (ok I’ve just read your reply to Rhg Adept) I do not think that this channel will ever become a Drama/complaining one but we respect your point of view and if there is something that’s been said by WG or whoever that could affect your subscribers then we would appreciate being informed about it.

  46. Calculus Calculus

    Well Played, sacrificed WN8 for a team win, an actual team play! I wish I knew where to go all the time instead of bein blow up 😉

  47. マウンテンデュー

    Yay low tier !! I want to see a video of 110

  48. this was 10/10 live

  49. You should run elsewhere in first signs of brainless teammates around you. Its never worth trying help them.

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