I LOVE AND HATE THIS TANK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

I can’t decide if I love or hate the -4 in of Tanks and here’s why!



  1. char fu tier 4 lol

  2. Please try World of Tanks Blitz tomorrow please!

  3. Okay, lets clarify what E5 doing

    He’s literally shooting AP to IS-4 that doing perfect sidescrap here. Damn so useless you pretty boii

    I mean, with that hp. Just finish him with HE

    3 shell roles dude…

  4. problem i had with my IS-4 is that the ST-1 before it was nerfed was just better in every way ( and yes the remodel was a total nerf )

  5. Nice throw on account of the maus.

  6. BagelsGamingOnline

    The IS-4 can still meet T34s in the game as long as someone is playing either vehicle for some reason…

  7. You make a decent point about the mines map.
    Unfortunately mines is horrifically unbalanced, the North side has a much better spawn compared to the South.

    Without a doubt though they should have at least tried to contest the hill.

  8. That Maus represents majority of my gameplay where idiots do not know how to move their tank , with arty nerfs i bet majority of these scumbags are arty mains who really dont like to use the keyboard.

  9. I sold the is4. The only tier 10 I’ve ever done that. I absolutely hate the tank with a passion.

  10. I feel more safe playing the IS-4 than any other Russian heavy.

  11. omg that mouse player thru on purpose. you dont do that good in the game then fail that bad. he did it on purpose.

  12. I got called an aimbot after learning from these videos what a little blind firing can do for you. Dude shot me like 15 times from the same spot then got mad I was shooting him while he wasn’t spotted lol.

  13. I feel the IS-4 gun outperforms its accuracy numbers. The armor is great and the HEAT pen is great. Good tank.

  14. It’s OK, I just don’t see a reason for it. What does the IS-4 do that the IS7, 277, or 705A doesn’t do?

  15. Damn, how to throw an easy win with a Maus when you have 2 corners to use.

  16. That maus was so bad in the first game I feel so bad for qb he tried so hard and his team f’ed him typical

  17. My favorite part of the IS-4 is when Mrs. Quicky puts the stock gun and full HE on it for you, QB… Happy Wife, Happy Life! (Still one of the best twitch clips ever!)

  18. I had absymal games today. No matter how well I played, 27% WR. steamrolled by the MM. I had to stop playing after 11 games because the gameplay experience was so bad. I was playing well…but my teams were so bad and imbalanced it was unplayable. This isn’t the only day games have been this way and its really dismaying.

  19. QB ignoring the fact that south spawn mines has the disadvantage for getting hill. Anyone who plays comp or plays at a certain level knows south loses hill.

  20. Did they buff the armor after the revamp substantially? I still remember its humongous paper driver’s hatch in the front, one of the main reasons why it sucks as a tier10 HT.

    And LOL at that 277, using the hidden ruski skill, Last Stand.

    • They changed half of the turret’s autopen 30mm armor to 52mm and the driver’s hatch is 240mm. But I don’t think that has been a weakspot in years.

  21. Most Maus players generally suck hard. This one sucked even harder.

  22. Hey qb how many tanks do you have 3 marked

  23. IS4 is awful.Shit gun,very slow and armour is not that impressive.
    I always wanted to buy one,now I regret it.
    STI has 150mm front and IS4 155mm.
    IS4 0.42 accuracy,wtf????for tierX????

  24. why does the machine gun with the camo look like ears?? anyone else?

  25. I love is4. It is first tank that actually feels like heavily armored for me. It bounce over 5800dmg yesterday. Hull is Kinda easy target to Hi pen guns but i don’t hate this tank for that. Yeah sometimes is4 just Artied, wolf packed and die. But still….

  26. I’m I the only one to hear “let me know in the Comet” ?

  27. Wot Blitz suck because i connot leave on Traininh mode i wont play and download this stupid game lol

  28. My favorite tier x tk

  29. “I love this tank, I hate this tank, I love this game, I hate this game”.

  30. That Maus player is bad and they should feel bad

  31. How can you shoot the wall and hit the lower plate? 0:46

  32. Shame on you QB… From decent gamer (2013) you became more and more gold spammer 🙁 Players are the same just amount of gold flying around battles “fixes” their skills…

    • Shame on him for using the game mechanics? LMAO shame on him if he didn’t use the game mechanics to his advantage.

  33. a round of applause with a follow up a big slap to the face to that maus player 💀👍😂

  34. it was painful to watch that maus

  35. that maus player.. dang…. daaaaang

  36. Another video with lots of macho men (boys) with overpowered and over armoured tanks with rubber dinghys and other attachments on; not to mention bond equipment. Tier ten should only be matched like this, against each other. Play some normal tanks and stop waving your ridiculous amount of gold, credits in our faces.

  37. QB in his “No cap kill all” mode

  38. I absolutely enjoy the armor pn IS-4, the only thing i wish it had more of, is the gun depression. Going from a wonderful ST-I to IS-4 really makes me miss that gun depression. Oh and accuracy, well, ST-I is worse, and a bunch of my fully aimed shots still miss lol

  39. i thought it was a pershing

  40. Bloody is4’s hit my tanks almost 500+ dmg all times last two weeks. Dont blame the Maus driver, nothing she/he can do against slick profile fake light tank.

  41. How we share with you a replay? I have one you may like to see.

  42. watched the action on stream, was cool to witness

  43. I love when QB hates tank and than falls in love with it. Like it was with E-50M, and now IS-4..lol

  44. I have that love hate relationship with all tanks in game xd.

  45. I wish you could make more updated guide videos about the older tech tree 7- 10 tier tanks , since many customizable features have been added .
    I love your content btw ,keep it up.

  46. I have just acquired this tank, so it was good to see this video and look forward to playing it albeit with an unskilled crew.

  47. QB, People in reddit always hates emojis, 60% of the dislikes may be the cause

    instead, Try the REDDIT PAY TO EMOJI EMOJI!!

  48. Day 1 of asking QB to increase the bitrate on his videos 😀

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