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  1. Remember fellas! ^ that link will give 3% off your order when you click through it 🙂

  2. Kill a plane with a panzerwerfer 42.
    Attmpt 1

  3. I love depression too, it keeps me awake at night

  4. can you use a bf 190 F-2

  5. Do what the Tourettes guy does and scream “AW BOB SAGGET!!!”
    Also, you have to play the 7.0 T95 now and TRY to not get raped by HEAT-FS from the front….. Its almost impossible to do, at least on the NA servers…..

  6. I like to say Son of a Hamster…

  7. Mother Fucker will now be, “Mahogany Table!”

  8. Captain Morgan doesnt help i wish it did but it doesnt

  9. DoomProductions Official

    I got this game on the 17th of October because I saw that it was VR compatible and flying in the cockpit is f***ing amazing, i love this game

  10. Find me in the Alps daddy instead of fuck me in the ass daddy

  11. Ju 88 bomber hunting

  12. Y’know Phly, you’re always pushing people to never give up, its actually pretty inspiring. Just came out of a game where my team was getting stomped and I died in just 45 seconds after the round started being left with just an SPAA. Almost quit, but I decided to hold in there and ended up taking out one aircraft, tank and getting some 3 assists in that SPAA, enough to jump into a BF 109 where I proceeded to shoot down another 3 aircraft, saving two friendly air and stopping a bomber hitting one of our only two ground units while he was capping. The role I played made the difference that brought our team back from the brink and we pulled of an amazing comeback. Had I not watched one of your videos where you said not to give up, I probably would have quit before my SPAA. Keep it up and Phly on!

  13. Say “uh on spaghettios”

  14. me too

  15. More stur EMIL!!!!! Please

  16. Mother father, shut the front door, mothafuza andddd….. go hug your self…

  17. phly luck: runs out of bullet trying to kill a bomber.when is is in a bomber dies when he get shot ones

  18. Holly F*** – Holly Francis?

  19. adrian22 rodriguez

    Just replace any curse word with that noise you made at 5:32

  20. Fargly H E double hockey sticks (F****** Hell)

  21. Hemorrhoidal Symptom…
    Duck face
    Monkey Pucky..

  22. you can say fluff for fuck, e.g. what the fluff!

  23. MixedChannel Game Productions

    Your video has been demonetized.

  24. Im actualy interested if only English curse words gets demonitized, or other languages as well.

  25. Hecc phly

  26. Cyca blyat. Phly ???

  27. The jagdpanther should be 5.7 or 6.0

  28. Boulderdash! Use that and thank me later!

  29. The depressed tanks

  30. 5:30 hahahahaha

  31. This BR is perfect cuz this thing is not OP, its slow and crap armor, the gun is pretty good but Im not a sniper even tho I love playing as one but Im not and suck at it so 15 rounds yea, simply this BR is perfect

  32. Can you please make a video where you play 6.7 german tank realistic

  33. 1.Blue-Falcon = buddy fucker , ARMY.
    2.What the Frack, you Fracker, he got Fracked, BSG.

  34. Say sweet food for cussing e.g cookie, fudge and POP

  35. 12:44 13:10 16:37 😀 No BIAS comrade. Just russian machines were made from stalinium. 😀

  36. What a dogfight in the end! More dogfights plz! 😀

  37. I find this video inaccurate due to Phily not getting oneshotted enough

  38. Enjoyed the rolling scissors at the end, too bad the match ended :

  39. aww, interior of this td looks comfortable and cozy af, i imagine gerries having a cookie and a cup of tea with some english gentlemen conversating there

  40. Talks about being ad friendly and wanting to cut out cursing but then plays an anime clip that says fuck about a dozen times lmao. Quality. :p

  41. 6.7… T29 against Tiger H1… Tiger H1 (A HEAVY TANK) cant pen the T29 frontal at any range.. “balanced”.

  42. Instead of fuck, CHEESE!

  43. I have like 2500 kills with this thing 😉

  44. i have one “holy Schnitzel” or “holy Sauerkraut”

  45. Cuss word that isnt a cuss word:

    For short S.H.I.T

  46. Say kuratz whenever you wanna curse… Its and old slavic curse word or Jebem ti mater

  47. “I have crippling depression” – *in an I’m gay voice*

  48. Phly my friend, why don’t you say “Fuck off” to YT and Google and upload your vid to vid.me like Jingles? 🙂
    Maybe you’ve already been through this, in that case I’m sorry that I missed it, but don’t restrain yourself because YT’s owners doesn’t like a potty mouth. 🙂
    And yes, I know there will be an issue regarding ads and such as an income, but don’t censor yourself, and thanks for great content, always nice to watch during dinner. <3

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