I love the EU3 Server! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

So there is a EU3 server atm, probably to handle increase in players for halloween and ranked mode, but has let to the most MEME server, it’s a real good time 😀

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  1. first lesgo

  2. Enjoy your sunday! <3

  3. Eyyyy its the crayon map this gotta be good

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I don’t have time to see the whole video yet, but I bet Circon lost his mind again lol

  5. holy sheee.. circon !

  6. This whole video was a plot twist

  7. Yeah EU3 is a meme I can confirm

  8. 6:52 what the hell, he bounced on the engine deck? What was the obj shooting paper and spit?

  9. So kids what you learned from this video is to NEVER play on eu3 if you don’t want to damage your brain


  11. that wasnt steve, thats björn! 😀

  12. never worried!

  13. “eu3 is like playing na” in chat, im just gonna give that guy the benefit of the doubt and say he somehow doesnt understand how unironically bad eu pubbies are

    • if you are good at the game, you know that all servers are shit lol. the player base is so damn trash. 90% of the players are so so bad

  14. Brawling waffle – best waffle.

  15. Starting the game off with 2 separate fires, what an entrance


  17. Well so much for watching Twitch. If YT pulls this BS then I will close my account.

  18. Coolyman Foolyster

    At least it isn’t LATAM

  19. “Please turn to the right and high roll” needs a song

  20. Ok so stop watching Twitch. Problem solved.

  21. that shit was intense asf!!! x’D

  22. EU3 starring in “A Thousand Ways to Lose in the West”.

  23. Regional Raccoon Offense

    Thats how i think i feel every evening on WoT… glad its not just me.

  24. Circon: “Don’t throw it!”
    EU3: “You underestimate my power.”

  25. Kristoffer Johansson

    I am not a good player but the badness of these players was so obvious.

  26. And that’s the reason why i stopped playing WoT for some months or even longer… Players in High Tiers suck ass these days

    EU: Germanicus_Prime

  27. Had a game yesterday, both teams had only 2 guys left, our side was two oneshot bottom tiers, their team still had a never seen top tier soviet TD at full hp and a light tank, the game was pretty much over. My team threw away all hope and just started capping.
    Halfway through enemy TD crashed. “Well, light tank can still outspot them and easily kill with smart approach, he knows where they are”, one would think.
    Nope, full speed, guns blazing, shooting mostly mother Earth, drives into the building and gets shot to death.
    EU3, btw.

  28. This is why tier 9 and tier 10 should have at least some kind of skill cap

  29. Hey circ, what keyboard are you using?

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