I made Medium as FAST as a Light Tank | World of Tanks Field Modification Update 1.14 Review

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Source: DezGamez

Field Modification in Update 1.14 Patch Review – New Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree, Rebalance, New Map Safe Haven, Frontline 2021 Mode Comeback, Artillery Mission Changes and More! TVP T50/51, Tier 10 Czechoslovakian Medium Tank.

Official Update 1.14 Patch Notes Article: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-14-CT1/

This time I am not on the Sandbox server, but instead on the Update 1.14s testing out Field Modification. This is a new way how to improve our tanks how we want it, but while losing some other values. So, let’s try to make one tier 10 medium tank as fast as a light tank… Can we make it happen?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. GAS GAS GAAAAS, I’m gonna step on the GAS… This is going to be our new anthem in World of Tanks! 😉
    Taking a break from the SB server and Crew 2.0 to test out Update 1.14’s test server and new Field Modification.
    It has been tuned a bit compared to the first version, but what do you think about it now? Also, do not forget to *SET THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ON FIRE!* Thaks, much love!

  2. Please i am asking for months make Rhm Pzw fastest tracked tank build.

  3. how fast would a CS-63 be with the same setup

  4. why not apply this to Leopard

  5. Isnt cs63 or batchat faster


  7. Silly WG as always. Trying hard to screw this game with illogic decisions.

  8. Becoming a real threat to Sonic the Hedgehog game

  9. Read the thumbnail and thought they added warp drives

  10. the test server has been EXTREMELY laggy

  11. černý muž pod bičem otrokáře

    They are going to make this game broken on official servers in less than 1 year..

  12. try that build on a Sheridan! its posible? (never played sandbox since 2018)

  13. gas ndrooo gass!!!

  14. Day 31 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  15. Now imagine this combined with Crew 2.0…

  16. Wg wont destruction of this game(sad thing)

  17. “Special Captain Account”. Who cares? We can’t. Pointless. Bounty bullshit.

  18. Omg my löwe is gonna cry on the red line xD

  19. Please help! I noticed on the mini-map the HP circles around the enemy players is off, how do I turn that off? Thanks


  21. with most battles ending within 5 mins, speed is really crucial…
    lost the count of battles where things like t95 or tortoise dont get to fire single shot before either enemy is done or they are last tank doing alamo last stand on friendly side

  22. Is it even possible to make Light Tank as fast as a Light Tank..?
    Are the same mods possible for LT’s?

  23. ” K I S S ” Keep It Simple Stupid … how to complicate WoT in 2 easy lessons .. Crew 2.0 and Field Modification

  24. I left wot faster than light.

  25. Razvan Adrian Solea

    This with Crew 2.0 blurs the lines between classes, boost dps, acc and everything u can imagine. What I believe was never addressed directly and in any CC video is this actually means faster games still compared to what we have in version 1.13, because combining the 2, and even separately, it creates a weird powercreep to affect all tanks from the skill/perks level, and all higher tier tanks by the Field modifications – WGs answer to creates more discrepancy between tiers ? This won’t fix MM, will just create more extremes…

  26. The games are already much to fast. If WG puts crew 2.0 and field mods in the game, we will only see 2 min. battles. Then I will uninstall the game.

  27. BC-25T go brrr

  28. Alexander Schmidt

    How to Balance the Game?
    A) nerv EBR 105’s topspeed
    B) make Every other vehicle as fast as EBR

  29. do this with progetto plsss

  30. i think progetto will be faster because with normal turbo is max 71 or 72km

  31. I have made a set up for Maus that have 4050 Health. That is crazy

  32. It’s good that some guys test the capping function….

  33. I fully understand what you’re trying to say Dez…
    But, when your message is “They’re trying to make the meta into quick paced 5 minute battles” and you then proceed to play a literal max-time game, I find it very funny. xD

  34. @DezGamez Can you make Leopard 1 ultra giga super sniper machine?
    I would love to see how this new mechanic will affect that tank which is already “super tank”. And will it be OP ?

  35. I rly hope that they will not implement this and crew till end of October, I rly dislike this new things they r to complicated even for older players, kids do not have time to go through all of this Crew dual mods bla bla bla …. BF2042 is coming out it looks very promising …. And one more important issue servers are 2 lagy from time to time like combination of hickups and chewing gumm … account will be sold just to compesate a some of lost money on this future abomination

  36. Try the fastest heavy with this

  37. More Hype click bait.give a rest mate. CCs are becoming so boring and predictable.

  38. Mikael Oikarinen

    If you let the tvp aim each shot 1/2-1sec more at long distances you will hit more or less all shots FYI, instead of shooting them of in a faster pace when not needed.
    Good video and love your work ❤️

  39. Leo 1 with full speed build – “am i a joke to you?”

  40. The One And Only GHOST

    I tried exactly that same build that you had and it was just fckin crazy. I got in the same maps that you got those matches.

    Love from Finland. <3

  41. Cant wait to watch orzy defend this one

  42. Always make it draw when you can… you don’t play the game to gift the enemy stats…

  43. Pls do this for leopard 1 aswell

  44. They seem to be sneaking field modification into the game while everyone is busy talking about crew 2.0.

  45. WG Broke World of Tanks Period the stupidity and lack of care and common sense is out the window luckily this is sandbox.

  46. U talk shit :))),, speed is meta,, maybe on malinovka but în a City map never ever is competitive… Heavy is the key of the game….not speed

  47. Dez – Thanks for your excellent content. Some feedback … the music in this video makes it really difficult to hear what you’re saying. It’s distracting and makes me need to concentrate. Either make the music waaay more quiet, something more ambient (and quieter) or no music. For anyone with hearing issues or auditory processing issues, it would be even worse.

  48. Slow = out of meta aka no new players. The Stock grind is terrible atm & with this stock grinding as bottom tier = no experience = no fun = not worth playing = no new players = eventually dead game

  49. light tanks got fucked with patch 9.17, sure they were a bit too strong before hand but not overpowered

    nowadays only the prem light tanks are worth playing tbh. bullshit wg nerfing a “class” but introducing newer stronger vehicles of that “class”

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