I Made Russian FV4005 To Buff RNG in World of Tanks | The FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

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World of FV4005 Stage II Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay, 10 British Tank Destroyer. World of Best Tank Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank.

Today I am going to do the ultimate trick and hack to boost my RNG in World of Tanks… Let’s slap a little Red on the some of the turret in increase hour hit ration! 😛

Enjoy the show!


  1. Hey… You there!
    You are absolutely fantastic, keep that in mind!

  2. When were the giveaway winners announced?

  3. Thats what i´m trying to tell skill the whole time.

    Aim time reduction does NOT make the gun more accurate, this module does, and it works wonders.
    Even on the KV-2

  4. Arvin Dave Velasco


  5. Juan Pablo Menendez

    hey men, thanks for your videos, you never stop, one after the other,
    Thank you

  6. Laughs in Stalin.

  7. Dez I see in your garage at T95/Cheftain would love to see you play that tank

  8. Yes always equip Russian BIAS. best Equipment so far.

  9. Holy shit, 13 skills on commander.

  10. This tank makes me hate stuff

  11. Very subtle sponsering Dez😂

  12. Good one 😉


  14. Lol that smile 😀🤣

  15. Dez, add some. Eyes on that turret….!

  16. 2:04 Easy… just be depressed

  17. If it is cumulative, keep putting red stars all over the tank, up, down, below, inside, and inside the gun too.

  18. I play this tonk with regular AP and HE , 7-0-13, vstab egld, hit most of my target.

  19. that T49 had a tramp stamp

  20. OMG Dez you’re killing me!!! The Slap right after you One-Shot the Ru-251… EPIC ROFLMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Maestro Jordanesco

    5/5 is a good score. Rassssshia!

  22. But why its green?:)Russian tenks suppost to be red much as possible Dez!

  23. Old trick with Red Star 🙂

  24. Looks more like a big case of heiniken then a Russian tank😁😁😁

  25. I remember when you took a Maus and made it into a Russian tank with a huge red star and its RNG actually got way better

  26. Love the editing in this video

  27. That one was just made in Heineken industry 😊

  28. I cant buy this one, I have to many painful memories.

  29. Your about the only reason I continue to play this game.

  30. Does anyone know why my stepmom is so obsessed with that zucchini?

  31. Hardbass is the best! 🙌🏻

  32. The soviet dream – world domination and best tanks!. They never did either, even today real soviet tanks is meh! WOT – A Fantasy Game

  33. Makes me want to play WoT again

  34. So I started the FV line a few days ago and this really motivates me to keep going 🤣

  35. lol, love you Dez

  36. Put a red russian star to increase its accuracy.


  37. You made Heineken, not Russian fv4005 xD

  38. he thought he created a russian fv … instead he created an fv sponsored by heineken…

  39. Stonn Arnulff Taglucop

    face like the grinch

  40. Object 4005

  41. Does having the Heineken Tank mean you can fit the 50 l barrel to your tank? (Gas assisted, of course)!
    P.S. Cunning move with the teeth; face to face the enemy tank is too busy laughing to fire!

  42. Can somebody post a link to that russian clip? 😀

  43. You are the most entertaining youtuber in World Of Tanks. Congratulations from Argentina.

  44. všech vojtů král

    9 46 maybe i didnot see that movie

  45. Хорошо играет . я тоже танкую если интересно заходи посмотри.

  46. NOOO i just dont want they to nerf this amazing tank its my favorite they will destroy it by nerfing it

  47. Idk about russian… that looks like the Heineken FV… damn I want a beer now… 😛

  48. Damn you Dez! I have those stars on every tier X and premium tank and now I’m gonna look ridiculous after this video. 🙂

  49. 8,000 credits per shot and that’s all the damage done. that is why I do not play the FV4005 anymore. Russian Bias against any tank that competes with them. Remove it or just nerf the crap out of it…. Cheers

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