I Made T-100 LT as Fast as EBR! | World of Tanks T-100LT with New Bond Turbo

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Improved Compresson Bond Turbo Equipment Unit on T-100LT. World of Tanks T-100 LT Gameplay, Russian Light Tank. 1.13 Preview, New Ranked Battles New Equipment Units, Battle Pass Season 5 and More.

Last time I showcased JagdPanzer E-100 and Object 268 Version 4 with this new Improved Compressor aka Bond Turbo and how much difference makes… But today let's slap it on best Specific Power ration tank in World of Tanks – T-100 LT

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Let’s not nerf EBRs mobility, let’s make everything else faster! 😀
    Anyway, all jokes aside, tell me more tanks what would you like to see me testing with this? Some interesting equipment builds?
    *PS! Giveaway winners will be announced hopefully in the next 2 days!*

  2. Try progetto 65 with bond turbo.

  3. Add 100/(max speed of vehicle) to top speed, add 100k/(hp) to current engine power, etc. (or something similarly balanced like this) would be a better way to balance the equipment… maximize effectiveness for super heavy vehicles, minimize boosting of already fast vehicles.

    Of course this is assuming WG cares about balance or what the playerbase wants lol

  4. The fastening up of this game, plus the small sized maps are making games utter bullshit. @78 kmph it takes 46 seconds to go from redline to redline. I hated patch 1.13, EBRs are killing the game and now this. Does WG even want people to play this game?

  5. wargaming should make tier for this equipment.
    like spalliner there are light medium heavy and super spallliner
    why every tank including maus can use same engine booster? didn maus engine is bigger than lighttank?

  6. Use grousers and you’ll go even faster!!!

  7. Will this be strictly be off ranked, or eventually be available for bonds?

  8. Hey Dez. Try out the CS 63 with the new turbo and the new bounty low noise exhaust system to make it a light tank. Nice content! Have a grate day!

  9. Dimitar Dimitrov

    Your videos getting so boring with the same them, turbo 468, 260, 100LT, and so on…

  10. Did he really ask does WG think or test something before releasing it out ? LUL

  11. dragon stranger

    I want to see this build on 13 105

  12. I wish you tested this eq to Amx 40 or ducks, you know.. since the amx 40 has 60 maximum mobility how about give that tank a bit love

  13. yeah but ebr can make stupid turns, has invincible wheels and can snap shot you from 500m away while going full speed.

  14. Why are there no timestamps? So we don’t skip your shitty raid legends mobile game ad? Well at least there is no ad in this video…

  15. Make tier 3 tank go 85 km/h with bond turbo (panzer 1 c)

  16. I LOVE your way of thinking and each of your great vehicle setups. Showing WG what is actually possible in their own game is priceless! 😀

  17. strv 103b

    *heavy breathing*

  18. Lol is there a reason…no there is no reason, but just for the research….yea right…lols

  19. Try it on polish tank the cs

  20. We can get 15+ speed and +5% HP to any tank on console

  21. That’s exactly what we want: more light tanks as fast as the EBR. Smh.

  22. Dez have you been experiencing a bug where you can have a fully aimed shot centre of mass and it says armor not hit? This has been happening aince 1.13

  23. Try it with your ‘favourite’ tank (FV215B). and let’s see what happens, ofc with modified configuration in the first slot, and improved hardening in the second slot, and the turbo in the 3rd. Let’s see what happends!!!

  24. Turbo T95.. Sounds like a Volvo car..

  25. And yet still no buff to RHM wich is still a pile of sh**

  26. Imagine puting turbo on e50m

  27. Florian Dietrich

    try on that 80kmph german Pz I C pls

  28. Put that thing on a TOG !! and report back to us. Please . Thank you.

  29. Whatever the’s no way I come back to wot now

  30. Gesetze sind Opium fürs Volk

    Tuned my Cromwell B also. Nevertheless the gun is an issue. The wheel driven ones have this rubberband gun. That’s something we can not change.

  31. Vorname Nachname

    So what if you do this modifikation to EBR?

  32. TheCakeisaLie _

    The only reason why I love EBR’s is that you can jump out of hell with it xD and absolutly take 0 fall damage. I love driving trololo mode in private game but I agree it’s anoying in real game

  33. I want see the E-50M with this turbo boost, that will be crazy.

  34. Why don’t you try improved turbo on wz131-1 TX chinses meme ramming tank:)

  35. Just need strafe now, then WG ideas are complete. Hyper fps game .

  36. Yep, lets make everything faster. Then it’s all about who has the best internet connection & fastest pc.
    These ludicrous speeds of the EBR are already to fast. Now everyone will be doing it. 2 minute games will be the norm sounds like fun

  37. jammydean geway

    4:30 STILL quite atrocious? the gunhandling is obe of the reassons the tank is used in clanwars ,the gun never has been bad in any way , shape or form

  38. elc even is “bigger” problem. these are nice big targets but the even is smaller than the 120mm ammo

  39. You have the mobility, now the easy auto-aim of an EBR

  40. improved compressor on PZ. 1c 😉

  41. 5:09 This one moment you think its over

  42. Dunes not hills…and “dunes” rhymes with “prunes”. 🙂 Great video. And scary what improved turbo does. It’s yet another example of WG giving the best perks to those that play tier X (bonds, improved equipment, clan rewards etc.), thereby padding their revenue at the expense of 80% of their player base. It makes sense, following the 80/20 business rule. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. :/

  43. I almost can afford a special item without spending money.

  44. I think vents would a better choice for more view range, camo, and overall stat improvements rather than 8% more top speed
    for T-100, turbo is better on slow tanks like maus, bond turbo gives 30% more top speed, 38% more reverse speed.

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