I need 112,987,000 Credits in 50 Days in World of Tanks | How To Make Credits Fast?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Credit Grind with Premium Tanks – TS-5, ELC 90, STRV K. World of Tanks Make Credits Faster, How To Maximize Credits – Tips and Tricks. Credit Grinding Tips, How To Make Money Fast in World of Tanks.

Year's end is coming closer and closer and now I have 51 days left to complete the challege Skill and Daki set for me. I had to get all the tier 8, and tier tanks (excluding artillery) to my garage by the end of 2021. So let's talk about my plan and how you can maximise your credit income in World of Tanks.

What do you think about it?


  1. That’s What is your favrite tank for credit grinds!? Also, if you have any more tips, let me know, I need ALL THE TIPS in The World for this! 😀
    Also, I have all the winners, but announcing was postponed to the next video. Sorry.
    Stay awesome, fam, much love!

    • @DezGamez, could you actually make a graphic settings video (just the lighting/texture quality etc) as what you had on your old pc system.

      You mentioned some of it, but not exactly what you had for all of them , on your old computer, so could you please do a stand alone graphics video settings video which you had on your old pc: I ask because My computer is almost same spec as your old pc and I need some more FPS. I am sure many other people without top of the range pc’s would also benefit from this graphics settings video on older pc’s.

    • You showed what you run now, but could you do one the same way you had your old pc setup for world of tanks please

    • On Frontline you can make 15-25 milion credits per week. By hard playing…

    • @Comrade Aydam are you shure?

    • Hi, join skirmish tier 8 battles with clan reserves on. If the team wins, you can make amazing amount of money – 80K-180K in one battle which can last from 2,5 minutes. These are actual numbers from our session with clan mates this Monday.

  2. I played the Churchill lll for credits to get the IS7

  3. Game is so boring content creators have resorted to this BS! SMH

  4. Sebastian Nurkowski

    DONT BUY THEM …wait for christmass for -30% on every tank

  5. Hey Dez . Dont forget the blueprints in the tech tree for these Tanks you havent research yet 😉

  6. I am already sitting on 119 million credits for black market lol.

  7. My preferred cred grinding tanks are one I can do well in without firing premium. Skorpion G is certainly up there.

  8. The issue is that you can’t get most of the premium tanks if you don’t already have them. The ones that are always in the store aren’t very good

    • There are some fun ones between them though, so long as they fit your play style.
      I personally love the T-103 for example, while statistically not amazing (though by no means bad either), it’s just an incredibly fun tank to play.

    • Progetto and Borat were literally in the Shop 10 week ago

  9. And the second 50 days u save credits for BM 😀

  10. Been on the same quest myself but reaching the end now, I believe I need 6 tier 10s 2 tier 9s not counting SPGs though I will probably get the tier 10 US and UK spgs.
    I am missing some tier 8 tanks those are the ones where I prefer and have the permium version.
    Got the credits but I might as well buy when they are discounted.
    If I want to save credits Ill give the French Tier 10 Heavy and German Tier 10 Light a miss neither impress me.
    Don’t really have any tips I just bought a years premium time discounted price and played a lot of games many of them in tier 8 premium tanks.

  11. My credit cows to milk are Panther/M10, M4A1rev. & Obj. 703II, they will work out my poor financial situation.
    Since i just purchased discounted IS-4, wich left me with only 20kcr.

  12. Whats the background music Called?

  13. A noble undertaking Sir

  14. Why don’t you just convert some of that gold? Looks like you have more than you need

  15. Strv K is a big piece of garbage… It has bad DPM, the gun is derpy, and even in hull-down does not have any armor whatsoever, especially in T10. At least the skin is dope, and you can make some credits too before u got permanent brain damage after like 10 games with it xdd

  16. Dez I am only 21 million from having all tier Xs from the tech tree. Only missing 6 tier X including the Artys. I have 15 million on hand and I’m just waiting for a 10% sale which should come in December. Just grind your tier VIII premiums and you will be their.

  17. You people are mental 🙂
    I’ll never understand how anyone can stay sane and spend so much of their time on WOT as you do.

  18. Activate clan boosters and play strongholds with a good clan. EZPZ 100k-130k credits in like 6 minutes

  19. so basically u need to get 1000 wins with premium tanks

  20. Prem account, personal reserve, clan reserves, premium tank and play your ass off on stage 4 of frontline.

  21. @DezGamez: staying naked, aye. As always.

  22. Lol I vividly remember that challange. I was wondering if you did it

  23. The advice was spot on about earning credits but add the issue of grinding a line. That will deplete your credits, affect your stats (win/lose) and cause you to spend money on the game more than anyone would like. Now with field mods, which give additional buffs to your vehicle, you can check whether you can afford to use credits to obtain them. Please show all how to do this without shagging your credits.

  24. premium account is way this game is meant to be played, FU WG

  25. Past few years I have been shoving about $125cnd in X-mas boxes, starting this year I will spend $0.
    Yeah there might be things and tanks I would not mind getting, but I don’t like how the game is running right now and getting more and more annoyed by it so why keep supporting it!

  26. For me, is3 a is a funy money grinder., and if i am lazy i take soviet skorpion version out.Anyway these days wihtout premium account and booster grind feels shit..

  27. Idk I only bought 2 premiums. I still use ELC EVEN 90 for grinding creds

  28. Thanks Dez, for 2,5k gold .. didnt expected that 😀
    For mor credits, try to sell some emblems, equipment and consumables.

  29. My problem usually is not only the credits, but the garage slots too. I see Dez doesn’t have this problem 🙂
    For grinding credits I am using the Patriot and the Liberte that are premiums available for bonds, so fully accessible for free-to-play.
    Another thing that I found only recently is that you can sell your decals/emblems/inscriptions, which are not shown in the depot – you should do this from the Exterior screen where you apply them to a tank, but instead you right-click on them and there is an option “Sell”.

  30. if you have lots of premium tank you can sell them..after you buy all tank you can buy premium tanks from the same price in silver..

  31. I never thought of that before, but yeah – WoT is the one game players are hoping they DON’T get critical hits…. O_O

  32. Strv K actually seems worse than most recent T8 prems 😮

    • If not for the penetration, it would fit right in at Tier 8.

      That said, it wouldn’t take *that* many buffs to make the Strv K a decent Tier 9. It’s supposed to be a Centurion turret on the Kranvagn hull, so why does it have a weaker engine than the Kranvagn and lower DPM than the Cent 7?

  33. There is still one week of frontline ahead.
    Fully boosted with 30% clan and 50% personal reserves I managed to grind 74.800.000 credits and round about 100.000 free XP so far in the last three frontline weeks. I am pretty sure you can do even better.
    Beastmode activated and go for it !!! 😀

  34. does the mutant 6 still have the best credit modifier ?

  35. Play on X-Mas with the Credit Bonus % from the Tree
    Premium Account + Tank + 50% Booster + 30?% Clan Boost
    Platoon and possibly if you have time to set that up get a Recruit Account which will give you another 100% Credit Boost for a certain Amount of time^^ Mad Credits

  36. No pitty.
    You sound like me when it comes to xmas present. but,,

    Weve both known this for a freaking year.. The crunch is on us

  37. TS-5 must have the shittiest gun for standard rounds and also no turret, what an useless tank

  38. Hello Dez, How can you change enemy team color from red to purple ? I don’t find the setting…

  39. How did you do with the garage that two slot mechanich i hate when i need to use the caster on the mouse

  40. i have 80 milions useless credits. dont need them.

  41. my best credit maker is t34…
    my problem is a f2p i dont got prem account and most of the premiums i have managed to get are either useless or american heavies XD… meaning i can only play 1 at a time
    usually my credit targets are 6 million in 2 months for the next t10 tank…

  42. A very important thing to learn on this game economics is try to buy everything on discont. Consumables equipments and tanks of curse…. If you want to pass for the next level i dont use any premium consumables i sell every single one i win on missions. I allways have premium rounds but i only use them if they are indispensable. And the tanks… well i only buy the mid and high tier tanks on some kind of discont..

  43. Just what I need to get credits thanks

  44. Wait till full tech tree sale before you buy anything. Tier 10 on sale costs 5.1million. You can also sell all the old equipment and decals you dont use.

  45. All those credits,gold for wg I think

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