I NEED YOUR HELP in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

►https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=WBQUICKYBABY Wargaming is running a competition for contributors who bring back players to the EU server. If you haven’t played in 30 days and want to help me win 100,000 gold and get drops to give away to the community please use the code WBQUICKYBABY before logging into the WoT client! Thanks!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. tell them if they want players back to stop even thinking about crew 2.0. I know people contemplating leaving if it gets implemented

  2. Add a 0 to the 30 days and we come abit closer. But i guess for the community, i may as well log in once again.

  3. I haven’t played in a few months because my internet is terrible. But I’m on NA so that stinks.

  4. Sorry i have 2 accounts that have been inactive, but their on NA. Wish i could help.

  5. I give up for 3 years now the game is too expensive to play, but I still watch you, and I just login to the account to click on redeem code for you good luck, I feel WG now is running like a casino not like videogame

  6. Proof that wargaming is driven only by money: WG: “how do we get players to come back?” Us: “listen to community feedback” WG: “they want their youtubers to have more gold”

  7. Lol I can’t play wot anymore 🙁
    ( I’m so sorry but I will have to puy a PC if I want to play wot sorry for u)

  8. sorry qb cant be arse to do it. im not playing world of tanks anymore. its not what its used to be. it dosnt encourages me either. Edit: also i havent played the game for some years

  9. Atharva Pallikulam

    I wish could help 😭 (Asia server🙂)

  10. I quit the game because I’ve been waiting for the Czech heavies. The moment thy come in I’ll throw my life away again

  11. I started playing wot again like 3 days ago. :/

  12. Yeah let’s bribe people to come back to the game, instead of actually fixing the game – good idea from Wargaming’s side. As always…

    I’m definitely not going back, the game is trash now and on a downward spiral

  13. Love your work but I will never come back to mmo gaming.

  14. You would have to pay me real money to come back to this game.

  15. Seems to me that game is dying and WG is sinking.

  16. I was legit considering it, and also was about to ask my friend, but then, this is for EU server only :V

  17. Well no NA ur a loser already. Sry QB

  18. Yay! Side account i created for no reason years back will have a reason now. Yay!

  19. Look man, as much as I like you and respect you, I’d come back to WoT only if they throw in another “Classic” like the 0.7.0 and only for IT and then quit again. I’m not a “typical scrub-nub”, I’ve got 55%+ WR, over 2k WN8, some juicy tanks that even QB himself doesn’t have (like the IS-5, Tier 8 Chieftain, VK 72.01 K and few others), but I have no desire to spend any more time and/or money in World of Tanks as it is nowadays.
    I’m currently slaughtering Jedi in SWTOR and I’m having a blast.

  20. WG, take out artas and EBRs and the rest of your nonsense cheats, then I’ll consider coming back.
    Let them only play with your new bot setup. Problem solved!
    The way it’s going, every day I am reminded of the wonderful decision to uninstall the game and deleted my account, when EBRs came out.
    Games are supposed to be fun, not a source of frustration and sadness.

  21. just got back from vacation. perfect timing.

  22. Me: Plans on opening WOT since 6 months
    QB:”EU only”
    Me: yea fuck that

  23. Would like to help out, but 40+ GB download, just to login and uninstall again. Good luck though

  24. I logged in yesterday after a pause of a couple of months, just my luck…

  25. At least me personally quit playing WoT because I’m a competitive person and why would I play a game where I can’t be competitive without spending a lot of real money. But why the hell not I will use the code just to help out someone else.

  26. A few people i know, told me they left this Game because of MM +3Tier. E.a. Tier 4 against Tier 6? Good idea.

  27. hm
    just started wot 2 weeks ago after 5 months of inactivity. What a bad timing lol.

  28. They have nerfed the FV4005 and hesh into unplayable.

  29. Gonna log in just for QB.

  30. Sorry QB, but no gold for you.
    This game is best watched, not played.
    I spent over a month kicking my addiction to this game, not going back to that, just to be molested by artas and EBRs.

  31. Just saying:
    Wargaming should’ve actually listened to the damn community and fixed what people wanted fixed

    I just watch WOT (and WOWS) content creators to see how much WG can mess the game’s up even further

  32. how about them introducing a couple more OP premium tanks. that might stabilize player numbers eventually ….

  33. To many Cheaters and MM buyers.

  34. I think that gold should be given away to those who haven’t got premium time, either send them a message and let them know about this.

  35. Between HE changes and the upcoming Crew Changes, I am done, WG is only truly interested in you if you can to spend money

  36. Yea… i’ve not played the game in .. few years. I logged in last year just to check.. Still deemed it unworthy.. and logged off again.

  37. I commend your efforts QB. But one day WG will learn that Crew 2.0 will be terrible for the game. I just hope they figure that out now and just cancel the project completely , rather than after the fact.

  38. Had played for 7 years but uninstalled recently. Just not much fun anymore. In- game bonuses for a broken game aren’t really an attraction. WG need to really show they want to improve the game – how about removing the wheelies for starters?

  39. Owel James Cenidoza

    Me haven’t played for 4 years reason no internet cafe has it installed near here and no computer.

  40. WG is asking CC to help people come back?? Maybe because WG as a company has lost all credibility with its users/customers. Why is that?? (Russian tank line bias, HE changes, CREW 2.0, and WG say they listen to their community, but in the end only do what benefits their bottom line…MONEY) And they are wondering why people are leaving in droves???

  41. The reason I quit is because my laptop decided to quit

  42. ive not played since since march

  43. I’m kinda glad I’m on console…but even then it’s still broken

  44. i play world of warships !

  45. Sounds like WarGaming knows WoT is on its last legs and will soon die off completely.

  46. Why?
    So I can be a part of 15/5 shitshows?
    No thanks. I can think of a hundred other things I can do with my time, than to waste it on a rigged game.

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