I never play this mode.. – P43 ITA Tier 5

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. First?

    Early for sure

  2. When you have assault turn on , never liking it yet you do good because the enemy team was full of retards

  3. Me and my friend re-bought ELCs yesterday.
    20 games, 16 top tier

    • elc still the saddest victim of WGs absolute brain dead decisionmaking. Id rather have it that none of the tier 10 lights ever existed if it meant that i can play my elc the way it was always meant to be. I still have it standing in my garage because of the 3 marcs but there is no point in playing it over a T50 anymore

    • Creepy Kid Yeah, i am missing old ELC so badly. I don’t understand why they dramatically chanced French lights, just make everything one tier higher and put a new tier 5 instead of making a new tier 8 light which is shit and terribly boring to play when you considered that you have to play it to reach 3 different tanks.

      And who the fuck would want play any light tank toptier? Their whole point was scouting and you gain nothing with sitting in a bush trying to spot tanks which are 2 tier lower than you. That light chance patch was the worst patch i have ever seen since i began the game.

  4. this gamemode is stupid. 10 minutes is to little time. if your own team camps for 5 minutes, the assault isnt going to strong and the enemy even camps harder, you will always loose

    • Both teams know the time limit. Yes the attackers need to attack and defenders defend, but everyone knows that too. The game mode is as good as the teams, like all randoms.

  5. Free farming kv’s lol whats good here?

  6. Play assault, profit.

  7. “Again ey pee see ar myar”

    Its time to stop.

  9. Assault=farming simulator 2k18

  10. This battle was a miracle!
    Normally 5-7 players just sits at that looser hill and no wonder attackers lose like 70% of the times

  11. Yes Komrade, if you pay to get moar money, you pay US to get less money!

  12. Idk what it is about the P.43 but i really like the way it looks…

  13. no “serious” players play this mode
    because it would fuck their win/loss stat up
    “average” players don’t care and play all modes

    seems like a good reason to play all modes
    less whiny stat-whores playing

    too harsh?

    try growing a pair

    peace (from the UK)

  14. kavindu wimalasiri

    tier 7 arty is like.. oh look a tier 5 medium, lets prevent him from camping.

    but nah circon had a umbrella made of rock.

  15. XDDD he called it T43 again now waaay XDDD

  16. Scorpiany The GOAT

    I’m a good player who keeps Assault on. :v But it is true, most Unicorns turn it off; the quality of gameplay in Assault tends to be worse than in regular modes. I keep it on because it’s an interesting change of pace, and there’s usually a good chunk of spotting damage to be had as well, especially on Karelia and Sand River.

  17. the mods dont work 100% of the time 🙁

  18. The reason you pay more for team dmg when you have a premium account is because you make more credits from the battle overall.

  19. How did you end up in 2 T5 asaults that you each turned off in one week? Did i miss anything?

    • After the first battle where he disabled Assault mode, Circon platooned up with SirFoch, for which he re-enabled all of the gamemodes just for the memes, and then he forgot to re-disable Assault and Grand Battles again afterwards, hence this battle.

    • thank you mate.

  20. Actually, Jin… *cough.. Circon. It is the P.43

  21. I want to know the over-all win ratio between defending and attacking teams on assault. I bet it is way in favor of defenders

  22. because players are idiots. People on the defending side will charge in and die while the attacking team camps the entire time.

  23. Not sure you can decide its ‘a bad game mode’ based on one or two games. That is hardly extensive research or a well though through argument.

  24. Has assault turned on. Says only plebs have assault turned on. Seems legit.


  26. I sent a letter to wargaming saying that I stopped purchasing premium days because I get penalized more when I shoot my friends.

  27. Hey Circonflexes I really did not like you saying that this is turned on only for Autistic people are only playing this mode???? LOL

  28. Speaking of game modes, WarGaming NEEDS to bring back Frontlines.

    • Not only that, but they need to open up Frontlines to Tiers 5, 6, 7, 9, & 10, as well as Tier 8, while also keeping the same tier-only matchmaking for the gamemode.

      That way players at all of those tiers will have a same tier gamemode option, to give them (particularly at Tier 5/6/7/8) a break from being bottom tier in regular battles 70-80% of the time.

      And then, when everyone at those tiers is only playing Frontlines 100% of the time, maybe it’ll make WG finally sit up and properly take notice about the matchmaking issues in standard battles, instead of them sitting on their lazy incompetent asses doing nothing for the next 5 months.

    • An Ther, tier 8 Frontline is perfect.
      In tier 7 I would just sit in the e25 and take free ordinary damage as well as support damage.

    • Rotkehl pretty sure that’s what most people would do. And at Tier 10 it would be nothing but Obj 268 4.

    • WG needs to bring back the Convoy gamemode!

  29. t43 good tank

  30. Good player always have a better WR on assault and encounter if he play it regularly, because you can have a way bigger impact than in a normal game. Noone knows how to play this mode, a lot of players have it disabled for longer periods of time etc.

  31. 1 F bomb in the first 3 seconds, 5 in the first 45 seconds. Is it really necessary?

    • Yes? I mean, why not? It’s not terribly offensive and it helps to easily extend a sentence to keep you talking so the stream isn’t dead silent for extended periods. Other adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns would be preferred, but you may not have time to think of them and the overarching utility of the “F bomb” allows you to put it pretty much anywhere. If Circon was making a more professional “How to” or “Should you buy” style video it would be a lot less common as you can take the time in production to think of something better to say, but in standard gameplay it’s more or less the norm.

  32. They want balanced maps and then leave this mode in. Go figure… at least it can be turned off, but the tomatos don’t know how. lol

  33. The fine is a prob a set percentage of what you earned hence the bigger fine on with premiums.
    It is incredibly dumb since that means if you did 1 shoot of damage to a friendly and the did alot damage to enemies you get a bigger fine then you would if you only did that shoot hmmmm GG WG

  34. I like this tank, the gun behaves very good and snapshots like a nonrussian boss

  35. This is literally what happens in every Karelia assault, and its fucking 70% of the time the map of choise when you land on assault games and for some reason I’m always on the defending side warching team just to fucking collapse. Only for meme purposes but not worth actually playing.

  36. Bitches about artillery, spams non-stop APCR at point-blank range.

  37. Time to turn assault on and farm through my tier eights

  38. assault on karelia is the best because it’s easy:

    – never go A0
    when attacking spot mid carefully from hill. when mid is clear go to D4 spot aggressive
    when defending yolo to G6
    when attacking play like light or heavy
    when defending hold J1 until/unless the other side completely folds
    heavy: play J1/K1
    when attacking work enemies down hulldown, try overrun the hill in time on the right side to get cover behind from the TDs and get the J1 enemies in crossfire. that doesnt work alone though.
    The last one is arguably the hardest in the list

    had a lot of great games with this simple plan.. doesnt take a lot of thinking ^^ But I do understand WoT is more boring on a map / in a mode where standard tactics work most of the time

  39. i see, so to graduate from a tomato to a potato i need to turn this mode off…. well, hopefully more of us tomatoes will now be in encounter mode, just for you 😉

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