I Paid To a Voice Actor Who Has Never Seen World of Tanks Before to Watch a Battle!

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks seen through a new player’s eyes. I paid to a Fiverr voice actor to give a commentary to one battle with Soviet Object 252U Defender, Tier Overpowered Premium Tank.

Today I am going to show you something completely different, what I have never seen being done or tested before.
I have always wondered what people who have not played this game, who have never seen of Tanks think about it.

So I headed out to Fiverr.com and paid to one voice actor who commentates one battle without knowing about the game! 😉


  1. Today’s episode is… Weird, to say the least, but something different! 😀
    Now, what about your? What were your first thoughts when you saw this game for the first time?

  2. Wow, that was really neat!

  3. Of course the first tank is the defender

  4. Amazing! This brings me back to the times I just started playing. I had the same thought-process on what is happening around me, which I didn’t have a great clue of XD.

  5. this was actually entertaining. The guy knows his stuff

  6. I just heard the narrator said missile and bombs flying everywhere lmao

  7. Little rock igloo is probably the best line that came out

  8. Who was the commentator ? Claus Kellerman?

  9. I think if you ever do this again, it would be fun to hire multiple commentators and choose the best one

  10. thank you for a peice of little epicness

  11. his confusion is quite enjoyable

  12. Best comentary ever,you can learn something Dez now!!:)
    I really dont thing he play first time..angling,reversing,playing agresive+6.703Dmg and 5.460Bounce….
    I really want hear how he coment BF/COD game:)
    So do you ask what he thinking about WOT?Good/bad game/fun?

  13. That was amazing.

  14. Dez, that was genius! Such a good idea, so many meme moments! “The bullets are flying everywhere” ?

  15. Holy crap this is a great idea!! Thumbs up!

  16. I think you should do a series like this – get big man Tyrone to do an episode, and maybe Bruce Campbell to do another?

  17. Given that he knew nothing about the game, and thus couldn’t fill with titbits about the players, history or stats which he would normally do, he did brilliantly. Good job sir, this game can be complicated to the newcomer

  18. Good video dez, very interesting, laughed quite a bit ??

  19. it is weird hearing the commentary and it sounds like he hasn’t done much of any gaming himself – but it also puts into line how much knowledge you have about the game and we take for granted the hours and hours you have spent gaining that. Great perspective and thanks for the awesome content – double thumbs up

  20. This man translates my thoughts during my first 3000 games??

  21. He sounds familiar, like the guy that used to voice robot wars ?

  22. GAming-WITH- CHeezE

    I miss this game have not play this game for 4 months now because of school Augghhhhh

  23. he was so lucky to face a total dumb team , btw defender was not op , you are just bad if you says it was op

  24. kinda getting triggered but at the same time its quite entertaining at the same time xD

  25. Hey Dez, for a dez-periment, how good is a low tier machinegun tank, like the PZ IC vs a wheeled vehicles 20mm of amour?

  26. Well. Hope u found the answers u wanted lol….

  27. It looks like the enemy team knows just about WoT than the voice actor, they messed it up pretty badly. But great job Mr. Commentator, that was a fun game to watch with your commentary 😀

  28. “It looks to him multiple tanks all over the place ” … really? Wtf

  29. Great fun, Dez. You come up with new and different stuff – it is much appreciated. Keep it up, but dont you dare to burn out in an everlasting search for new ways to do things! Thx. alot m8.

  30. That was hilarious ?

  31. “Who’s got the better tank?!?”
    yep clearly this Boxing Commentator doesn’t know about the thick nearly impenetrable Stalinium armor of the Defender and doesn’t know if you shout RUSSIA when you fire a stronk Russian tenk gun that Stalin will reach up from the depths of Hell and guide your shell to its target

  32. I like it, funny ????

  33. that was interesting Dez but please dont do it again 🙂

  34. Calm down dude. He is in a Defender.

  35. That tiger just swinging on his side and he’s like “he got a team mate to help him ” XD

  36. Pavel Medek aka Meddy

    This guy is a pure gold. I can’t stop laughing. You made my day, thank you! 🙂

  37. Funny and Intresting as well 🙂 But there u can see how hard wot is finaly ! New players see this like him!

  38. This video was FULL OF FUN!= Defender is in danger against 7 tiers 🙂

  39. he doesnt knows nothing he calls shells flying bullets HHHHHHHHHHHH LOL

  40. That was pretty funny.

  41. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    Its hard to talk fast about something you don’t understand. If you watch wot esports the commentators are 4-5 steps ahead of the player saying what they think they will do so that when they do it their words are said in sync of what’s happening it’s actually quite amazing. he obviously has no idea what’s going on in the game. I think if the commentor had some form of idea of historical wartime knowledge of tanks. He might of done a better job but he did his best and that’s all that counts tbh

  42. I didn’t know WoT had missiles

  43. Great idea! And great work from the commentator, not the easiest thing to do (even with the GUI telling you what’s going on)

  44. This has great potential, can you imagine Ozzy Man commentating hahaha.

    As a series it could work best if you team up with a game streamer/youtuber who’s never played WoT. The commentator was also great, with some mentoring and training on a select few game mechanics this could be an interesting series.

  45. I wonder if the commentator started playing WoT after this, he seemed to enjoy it.


  47. DEZ, nice work mate, a big well done to the commentator for trying his best 🙂

  48. what a good idea, I really love it dezgamez

  49. I had a Good laugh I enjoyed what You Done 🙂

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