I play a tank but can’t shoot until someone shoots me

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  1. *ANY ideas for a silly video let me know!*

  2. Ohenrico [17ACR]

    NATO game mode…

  3. I would’ve used the T95

  4. So painful to watch

  5. Play espionage, use a Panther or a Sherman that belongs to the Soviet line, and hide as a friend of the enemy

  6. This hurt so much to watch

  7. Firstly; autonomous, Aw-tah-no-muss.

    For a new video, you must pronounce the full name of the vehicle you’re commanding each time you refer to it.

  8. This is how i play
    I am so bad at seeing tanks through cover, so i hope no armor=best armor and hope to counter fire for kills

  9. Literally my whole team is always filles with these types of PhlyDaily’s

  10. Matias de la Fuente

    the suphering was real! Also, i have a ridiculous idea for you. Play whatever you want, but don’t speak english. Do your spanish, german, russian, whatever, talk as much as you usually do, or more, NO ENGLISH.

    ok, no english from the moment you press the button… i guess you still have to introduce the video and theme… Although, bonus points if you also do that in spanish.

  11. Mimikos-senpai drifts

    Plz play the m5 a1 #4

  12. Silly pain video.
    Get a kill in air RB using any german fixed 13mm gun using IAI belts. Show us its PHossible.

  13. Hey Phly, I think it’d be really funny if you can only kill players that you bump into. Sneak up on them, give em a little bump so they see you and then get em.

  14. DankSovietSocialist

    Liked the editing

  15. The impossible challenge: Get a Kill with a KV-1’s rear mounted Machine gun. Also get an Ace in the same life, but your first Kill must be the rear turret machine gun.

    (Also could do it with any other tank with a rear mounted MG )

  16. i have an idea but dont hate me from it lol the whole match drive backwards (and you can add with that challenge if you get shot you shot ) 😀

  17. wuts the name for the bgm at 9.40???

  18. You did a video where you had to only bounce shells and this is hard

  19. ki 109 no upgrades 3 plane kills

  20. As a noobie my tendency to shoot is so much that i wanna snatch ur mouse and keyboard and shoot them..

  21. Should’ve played the B1 ter that thing is invincible and it always gets downtiered

  22. Intellectual Phoenix

    Take small vehicles like locust or asu 57 etc in to br.10

  23. It’s like you’re role-playing as the alien ships from Battleship.

  24. Hey phlopy, when you gonna play the Bat Chat 25t? Or the AMX-13 90?

    i want more B a G u E t T e

  25. you and another youtuber get the sturmpanzer II and use it like artillery cross map. or you vs abonch of spaa’s trying to charge you.

  26. maroel pakoeningrat

    Phly, i hope you dont do that again please. That looks like a dumb idea for a challenge, please dont do it again.

  27. Silly rules ? Play with only one round loaded in your tank.

  28. Arthur Veningrad

    suffer challenge.

  29. This was so painful to watch xD

  30. Henry Драгомиров

    How about this: Take the T-55A into top tier with APHE only and use it to kill at least 3 modern MBTs!

  31. Kommander Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (PS: I forgot to do this all my other attempts.)
    (Side skirts down and get 5 kills.)
    Attempt No 21.

  32. Archer Maus? Use the Maus only backwards get some bounces get some kills?

  33. Fun? Ahm, ok now I know I’m too old to understand nowadays definition of fun. The good one, I don’t even try to ;). Think it was called SM in the 90’s to love getting punished. Crazy world 😀

  34. Hugh_fust_jarted

    Hi, PH.D.
    suggestion 1. Use pizza delivery to cap all 3 caps without dying.
    Suggestion 2. Cap with a biplane. In tank RB.
    Suggestion 3. Using a plane, shoot bombs as the fall. And try to blow up the bomber with the explosion. I’ve done it once. . .??

  35. this would be more fun at a lower BR

  36. only shows how braindead you can play the t29 and still live.


  38. How we can play with tiger h1 so good?

  39. Enemy 1:
    Phly: I’ve mastered the ability to stand so incredibly still, that I become invisible to the ey…
    Enemy 2: Hi, Phly !

    Phly: …..Damn it

  40. the dumbest challenge ever. In the game where the first strike matters the most

  41. this is the most frustrating video of war thunder I have ever watched

  42. OneRandomOsuPlayer

    WarThunder: really slow paced game
    Phly: *Struggles to understand what is going on*

  43. Your audio is slightly delayed, Phly

  44. Phly! Everyone knows that rocket artillery is superior to all tanks! Could you take out the BM-13 Katyusha or the Panzerwerfer and get a long range indirect fire kill? Bonus points if it’s in sim

  45. just take the maus and ur gucci

  46. this was painful because you used the wrong tank. The Brumbar would have been better. It bounces shots all day.

  47. inspired by davie504

  48. Phlydaily: I wanna be friends!
    Enemy tank: * shoots *
    Phlydaily: REEEEEEEEE

  49. Conqueror mk2 should be a better choice for this video

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