I play an Italian Tank that has a Railgun (War Thunder)

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I an Italian Tank that has a Railgun (War Thunder)


  1. Gaijin can’t count past 10

  2. I played with you today in Kursk, I was the OTO police officer lol

  3. Christopher Thompson

    How you get those down the barrel shots is beyond me…. You must be the Robin Hood of War Thunder.

  4. Well he didn’t listen so…hey *FLYDAILY* please play the leclerc s1 (will continue to call you flydaily until you play the leclerc)

  5. Did you really shoot straight down his barrel hole?!?!?!

  6. Can’t imagine when active protections came out

  7. Its a high tier Hellcat

  8. Holycrusader 290


  9. 0:13 well you see Luigi when a paisano sticks his spaghetti noodle in a Mamma Mia’s ravioli a little Bambino comes out nine months later .

  10. Damn that tank looks sexy. I must say I like the Italians because they are such an underdog and in general underestimated.

    One thing I thought of whilst thinking about Italian vehicles, something that would be both tragic and funny at the same time would be if Gaijin introduced the Italian Navy before Wargaming ever get around to doing so in WoWs

  11. russian hitman confirmed.

  12. Anyone recognize that Russian song? It’s similar to a few I’ve heard but I cant name it

  13. Opening 2nd shot was beautiful

  14. Sooo they give the Italians a 621mm pen round and the Germans god like turret armor and yet the M1a1 doesn’t have either of those. Has a shitty Heatfs round for stock, and the same fucking armor as the m1IP instead of the depleted Uranium armor its turrent had.

  15. hey Floppy-woppy
    how do you see those enemy tanks in RB?
    what’s your Secret?

  16. holy shit the errors got me.

  17. 8:02 that bs i did not hit her, oh hi mark

  18. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    I thought the type 90 pen was near this high

  19. Hey Phly maybe you should try out armored warfare.

  20. Phlee would you ever play with Bo Time Gaming and the TBLF friends??
    Attempt #3

  21. That railgun round is basically a historically accurate DM43 round now they just gotta add that to the leclerc with the French designated DM43

  22. Phly at 9:37 you completely leave a teammate for dead after he took a shell for you!

  23. Phly! Go try out the brand spanking new Me-264 Amerika bomber I would love to see it in action!

  24. 10.0 definitely should not be the cap. things are compressed so badly that me playing the small baby abrams sees these things and a5’s 24/7. The small abrams and the m1a1 are somehow equal BR. Shits broken gaijin, stop being stupid

  25. Play t62

  26. Try the Leclerc ! ?

  27. Incredibly boring looking gameplay until the T-80 flanked. That’s the real hero of this episide.

  28. iirc the turret cant be penned by the 105mm abrams on the cheeks

  29. The Master Tanker


    *B A R R I L L A*

  30. Nothing that currently sits at 9.0 should ever go into a match with half the tanks that sit at 10.0

  31. DarkRaven_Gamer

    Gaijin needs to buff the Abrams…..Literally

  32. Seriously, this tank deserves every ATGM in first 20sec of match.

  33. Just call it Ram.

  34. hey phly, how can I go to the proving ground with all vehicles? Is it a user mission? (Sorry for my fucked up english)

  35. Can we see a round with the Leclerc? 🙂

  36. wAr tIndEr is BaLanCEd!??!?!?!?!?

  37. I once shot a T-34 down the barrel with a chi-nu II and the breach absorbed the entire round. Absolutely nothing was damaged. :'(

  38. 6:23 You look right a second and I see an antenne at 10 meters south of you. What happened to that guy the rest of the game

  39. Gaijin had mistaken some value.
    Fix it Gaijin 600?? WTF

  40. Leo 2a4: 10.0
    Leo 2a5: 10.0

    10.0 shouldnt have been the cap for a while now, and yes im aware that other nations also have good examples of this

  41. German alouette Heli rockets only on ground targets

  42. Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding

  43. Good memes in this video lol

  44. I’ll be long dead before I get to these battle ratings but fun to watch the videos.

  45. You may fire when ready.

  46. More like

    Italian Sausages.

  47. Im phlydaliy dudududud phlydaliy

  48. Get spaged

  49. Jaden Yuen Ho Tao

    4:24 might F*ck around and pronounce the p in raspberry 6th paragraph

  50. Centauro 2 at 10.0

    It’s coming, i’m sure.

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