I Play the Worst Tank In Game (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I Play the Worst Tank In Game (War Thunder)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/826648/en/


  1. *Hey phellas! Miss you all, still moving and getting everything organized. This video was from last week, but I still hope it makes your day better. I’ll make a video letting everyone know when I’m back 100%. Thanks for spending your time over on the channel, makes getting back to 100% that much sweeter. See you soon o7.*

  2. Welcome to RB “Tank”
    5 mins in and half the enemy team are in planes

  3. What is this for the sound modification?

  4. Think this is worst? Try Italian M11/13, Attemp 1

  5. What sound mod is he using?

  6. Dicker Max is looking out the window………………………….

  7. Its rele out of ignorance to make such a claim, if your goin to say by nation….maybe yes….but you said ‘entire game’ are you that incompetent in your analysis???

  8. please play any italian tank destroyers. Like the m11/39, or the 75/32 M41

  9. theHardInGame yt

    “They are capturing C which is right to my left”
    – Fly 2019

  10. Phly, play the Chi-He with only HE rounds!
    Attempt #2

  11. Phly is a Thot destroyer!

  12. Loving the unloved please Phly
    F7F Tigercat
    Fairey Firefly
    I-16 type 10
    Preferably with some historical information

  13. Slartibart fast

    PS4 player here…. So jealous of your sound effects on every video. Sad smiley face.

  14. yeah, a real bad tank,….it kills everything it sees and bounces many shells,. I think I want one, but I am afraid I will get the monday morning version…..

  15. 1:29 – “Hopefully we don’t go on an 8-kill winning streak.” Phly, you are the ONLY War Thunder player in the world who can actually get away with saying shit like that.

  16. Nup, the weeb intro ruined it. G U L A G T I M E

  17. T95 in 8.0 is the worst

  18. INKY /ᐠ_ ꞈ _ᐟ

    ISU is “Worst tank in the game”

    **Cough** Type 60 ATM **Cough**

  19. Oxygen Thief has a nice video on this machine explaining it’s pros and cons and showing you some tips on how to get some bounces on the gun mantlet by some strategic bush covering of the front of the vehicle.

  20. Typical War Thunder Player

    at 7:05 the bomb actually drop on your gun and damaged it….lol

  21. Hey Phly, what sound pack do you have on here?

  22. Jean Marc Tacorda

    sneaky breeky!!!

  23. Typical War Thunder Player

    9:47 really… an APCR shot….. APCR are for noobies…

  24. TheGuard Lorenzo

    3:40, you cant lie to me, that didnt sound any like comrade xD

  25. Your presence was missed very much.
    PS: Any worse tank in game, Phly makes it OP.

  26. One of the worst is M10.

  27. That intro…. cringe!

  28. The weeb was strong in this intro!

  29. Top 10 saddest anime death 0:05

  30. ^^calls 122mm gun tank horrid^^

    ^^uses HE as primary on an obviously AP gun^^

    You didn’t exactly do yourself any favors did you?

  31. SU-57B is soooooo much worse

  32. ISU-122 = bad tank?
    Its a better AA than brits have to this BR ^^ and it has 12,7mm and Overmatch on its side (please no HE useage, this is reserved for ISU152) .. soo… maybe go to gulag for saying that its a bad tank. (only thing is the reload which isnt perfect)

    The worst Tankdestroyer is the Hetzer -> can be destroyed by BT-5 APHE from front (through Roadwheelcasing)

  33. Josuee Original

    Its not about the tank, its about the player and how he use it

  34. Hm – I think Phly use Epic Thunder v3 – but EPv3 dont have these enginesounds for planes? (is there something else available?)

  35. Its not worst tank in Warthunder Phly

  36. wasnt this tank designed and forced through mass production within a month?

  37. Brian Hasiholan

    You forget Churchill GC

  38. CaptainCommandoYT

    phly this is Russia from ww2 Russia did not care about the personale using the tank all they cared for was 1 bottle of votka than send in hordes of these tanks

  39. You know you’re a weeb when even if you don’t know what anime Phly used in the intro, but you recognize the girl’s voice actress is Hayami Saori…

  40. PhlyDaily make a reacting video of your first gameplay of wt

  41. As a Weeb… I approve of the Opening… as an anime scene… ???

  42. Maybe the SU–122 might be worse than the ISU-122? But there is the SU-5-1…

  43. CaptainCommandoYT

    50 cal loaded 9:18 phly that’s a 14.5MM Russian gun not a 50 cal, 50 cal is 12.7MM

  44. Panzer IV/70 V good boi

  45. My ideas:

    -Type 2 Ka-Mi (amphibious vehicle, which you can’t take advantage of in the game), big target, low armor, low pen
    -Fiat Ansaldo M11/39 slow, main gun can’t be angled much to the side, low pen, low armor.
    -The Three German minesweepers, (R-41, R-130, R-301) which, well, are minesweepers and are not built for combat against other boats, have similar armament to the German torpedo boats on that BR, but are waaaaay slower.

  46. dylan scheepmans

    try the S variant and compare the games you get with both of them

  47. I think the type 60 has something to say about that.

  48. Wow all that crew and spacing only do 23 SEC

  49. One thing that really upped my game was using headphones. Without, most times I couldn’t hear enemy tank engines (or even airplanes) at all. If I heard them, I couldn’t really tell where or if friend or foe.

    With headphones though, I can tell when I’m being flanked and which direction a enemy is approaching from. Such an improvement.

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