I Play What Destroys Me (or what I destroy, lul) | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks I Play The Tank That Destroys Me. World of Tanks E-75, 9 . World of Tanks Tortoise, Tier 9 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks T30, Tier 9 American Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best .

Time to roll out with yet another episode of I play what destroys me! 🙂 Last time we played with E-100 in the final battle and we destroyed E-75, so let's jump into this tank and let's see how it goes!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Guys, I feel brave today… Give me a ridiculous challenge in World of Tanks… Like something really stupid! 😀
    Have a good one, legends!

  2. Hello Dez hope u r fine, I sent u video about gsor 1010 in battle hope u saw it ❤

  3. Actually you killed centurion 7/1 last in the second game 🙂

  4. KingTiger503 Gaming

    Hey Dez. I Have a Kpz 3 Project 07 HK. Its very deadlier than other Tank Destroyer. I can Do 4.5k of Damage.

  5. 9:01 No cheating Dez.
    We could see that you killed something after the T30.
    You owe us a battle in Cen7/1.

      I skipped that part because I remembered I actually missed the shot while talking and also while editing.
      You are absolutely CORRECT and I own you a battle in Centurion. Funny thing is I would have loved to play with Centurion more than T30 even. 😀

    • @DezGamez so we know what to expected😉.
      Good luck on your battles.

    • @DezGamez The title says, “Tanks that destroys me” not “Tanks that I destroyed”. So, you have to redo the whole video.

    • @nimay13 Not quite. 😀 This is just the title of the series, but rules have been the same for over all those years anyway.

    • @DezGamez I see you’ve changed the title. Good job

  6. I’m super hyped with this series. Pls do it more often 😊

  7. Spiderman Dez Jr. 4 the win <3

  8. next challenge i play the tank that destroyed me in the country and city it was originally manufactured good for your airmiles

  9. Great video Dez, if I have to play the last few tanks that killed me… I have to play “nerfed” clickers. I hate arty with everything in my being😑🤬

  10. He is the world of tanks equivalent to DollarPlays

  11. Why did you lie about killing the T30 when your last kill was the Centurion?

  12. 100% like the T30 as a T10 heavy. I also want the T34 bad to was it was back then too.

  13. I don’t remember much of the T30 as a tier 10 heavy, I was grinding my way to the IS-7 back then, and I might have caught some battles where I faced it; honestly, I really like the tier 9, it’s a heavy tank with a big derp gun, one of my fav tier 9’s for sure

  14. I had T30 when it was a heavy. I stil miss the fast turret traverse it used to have.

    Fun Fact: Back then WG gave everyone who owned a T30 both T30 as a tier 9 TD as well as T110E5 when the switch happend. Same thing with T34 which meant everyone who owned T34 got a free tier 8 premium tank as well as M103.

  15. I loved this game I played on Xbox for a long time but they have killed the game and the lobby’s are mostly only four real players two on each team the rest are all bots

  16. If you going to slow down or not kill so you don’t have to play a tank how is that going to make a difference. Just play the game.

  17. man this idea from dollarplays

  18. That E-75 battle reminds me, Wargaming desperately needs to add an “E-75M” as an alternate Tier 10 after the E-75. All three of the tech tree German heavy tanks are 120+ ton super-heavies. It’d be nice if Germany also got a “regular” Tier 10 heavy that’s below 95 tons.

    Well, I guess now Germany’s getting a small heavy in the form of the Kpz 07 P(E), but I was talking about tech tree tanks only.

  19. I don’t remember T30 being tier 10 but I remember IS4 being tier 9 and T-10 was IS-8

  20. Thanks DZ.. I miss this for serius along time

  21. Jozef Herceg ml.

    that was my idea like 5 years ago, but i forgor💀

  22. it’s a crap game it’s full of forbidden modes plus manipulated by a company of manipulative lying Russians

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