I Play What Destroys Me (or what I destroy) | World of Tanks Tank Roulette

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks I Play The Tank That Destroys Me. World of Tanks Object 268, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks , Tier 10 German Medium Tank. , Tier 10 German Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays 2022.

Last time I got destroyed by Object 268 in Kranvagn, so this time let's get this show going with the mighty Object 268. 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. very cool man

  2. I also does this in Steel Hunter

  3. cool video. More deznews
    ‘:) greetings from denmark

  4. Missed opportunity Dez

    “I play what deztroys me”

    Love your content (:

  5. hello sexy Dez and sexy people here, honestly its a good idea to make game more fun than just getting angry about getting destroyed in game, enjoy ur videos <3

  6. fkd warratting

  7. What happens if Udarnyj or 780 kills you?

  8. imagine he gets destroyed by lower tiers so much he ends up in tier I

    • All he needs for that is getting damaged (first? last? I don’t remember) by lower tiers in a battle where he didn’t die.

  9. Only 2 red arrows? I’m realy disappointed

  10. Nice work Dez. Could you do a version of roulette in Steel Hunter (like i suggested in your twitch chat), or maybe Frontline when it returns?

    • Steel Hunter yes, FL – no. I think it’ll get boring pretty quickly. (Almost) everybody plays Frontline with premiums. This would be: Bourrasque -> Progetto -> Skoda T56 -> ShPTK -> Skorpion -> Lowe -> Defender. At least it feels like that.

  11. type 5 is broken tank

  12. your accent reminds me of a Vampire in some cartoons i watched when i was little. like, 100% match 🙂 . not saying in a bad way, its very funny and i like to listen you speak 🙂 If everyone in your country has that accent when speaking english, i wish i could visit sometime for a week or two. It’s awesome to hear vampires around you everywere :)))

  13. Fidelikusz János

    hi dez i just met a chiftain p in game

  14. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Well done, the true olympic thought of the game.

  15. Is the Cobra worth to unlock?

  16. Dez: “I play what destorys me”
    Dez: dosent get killed once.

  17. Great video my friend….always see you from argentina.

  18. DEZ, HAPPY Friday…sort-of. Heavy Rain in southern Florida (Miami), at the moment: tough life.
    So, how about this option. Find and Play the LEAST played tank in the game, based on use with WGing battle records.
    that ought to make you pull your hair out. 🙂

  19. Another streamer i watch started playing another game, start t5. If you win you go up 1 tier, if you lose you go down 1 tier.
    See where you end up after 2 hrs

  20. 6 years of premium is quite impressive 🙂

  21. Aloha; YES – TYPE 5!!!!!

  22. Climbing up must be mutch more easy than climbing down in tier. Reason: you are almost never top Tier.

  23. no i dont want NO i dont wanna play TYPE5 – H, please ammorack me E75, lol 🙂

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