I Played 100 HOURS of War Thunder Ground and got Gaijined…

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Source: Freezed

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This has been an absolute nightmare make. I'm glad it's finally here.


Stream Schedule:
Friday 7pm-10pm GMT – Random Game
Sunday 6pm-9pm GMT –

Song List:

Saturn Mirage – OXWAVE
Mii – Main Theme
Gee (disco remix) – Pax
Tony's Belated Breakfast – Birocratic
Bad Piggies Main Theme – Orchestral Cover
Make this Right – The Toxic Avenger
Open frenzy – DM Dokuro
Cast List – Super Mario World
Stal – C418
Diagonale – Remlarr
Halo Main Theme
Walk Through The Park – TrackTribe
Delfino Plaza – Super Mario Sunshine
Main Theme – Bloons Tower Defense 5
Wii Shop Music
A.C.I.D – Ben Prunty

Outro Music:

I Wonder – Matt Christensen

0:00 Intro
0:30 Free GE for
1:07 Highlights
9:51 Lowlights
20:15 CAS
22:51 Gaijin Moments
25:22 Bonus Clips
29:03 ???
31:47 Le Tonk
36:00 Progress
37:35 Outro

War Thunder ground was a pain, and while we did not drop a nuke, I still got a few high kill Ground RB Games. The War Thunder gameplay was on PC, and not War Thunder Mobile. There is also a lot War Thunder funny moments. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. !!! For those of you who are watching this when it releases, the old video was hit with a copyright strike, forcing me to re-edit and re-upload the video !!!
    This has been easily the most painful project I have ever put together. I hope the effort was worth it and you all enjoy the content 🙂

    Also Join the Discord to chat with me (and other viewers) and to get notified when I stream or upload:

    If this gets copyrighted again I’m gonna quit YT -_-

  2. This is my profile pic

    You know if i focused on one tech tree as a F2P it should not have taken me almost a year to get tier IV

  3. I feel bad he put all that effort into this video and YouTube fucked it over

  4. Algorithm comment

  5. Algorithm comment cuz screw yt

  6. Algorithm comment cuz copyright strike = bad

  7. ITS OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great vid man. Keep up the good work.

  9. try to enter my walls B*tch, you aint gonna be save there

  10. my fav wt yt er love yore content bro.

  11. 36:50 around there ”’i did enjoy high tiers a lot more than i did lower ones” i laughed at that pretty hard my guy you haven’t even been to higher tiers yet everything bellow 6.7 is low tier xD

    • I recorded this when I had already unlocked a full lineup at 9.7🗿

    • @Freezed strange i was going by the ”progress” update at the end of the video or was it in a different nation?

    • @Jerry Juutalainen most of the video was recorded months ago, I only did the voiceover recently as I was editing it.

    • @Freezed ah that’s fair a release scheduled that is more when i got time type of deal. (it would help if you put an edit at the end of the video saying ”this was filmed months ago this is current progress” and include a screenshoot.

  12. I lake it

  13. I’m really sorry that you had to experience Russian and Chinese player with their the most biased tank and definitely not using cheat while killing you 😂

  14. Ju87g my beloved, that plane is even fun in air rb u can rush at the start with ur air spawn and 1 shot 3 ppl

  15. grb is boring 👎

  16. welcome to ground RB

  17. 3:51 black ice tiger is actually sick asf

  18. I love that you show the great games and the rough games. that churchill experience is just british ground in a nutshell. and having people kill me from places I cant possibly see them drives me crazy. And the super far away and in between obstacles and shit shots always make mea feel that something is up. How did you see a p me let perfectly line up that shot ?

  19. 27:58 i actually had a situation like this before but we both wanted to lelt the other person go XD

  20. if you hate the game why play it 😁

  21. Hope you can do it fulltime once

  22. Hey freezed,
    you make awesome videos and i cant wait (every month) for a new video!
    Thank you for the videos and keep it up!!!

  23. Welcome to war thunder

  24. if anyone have that turret ring lock bug, all you have to do is alt+tab and should be fix

  25. 100 hours is lightwork

  26. 2:26 How do you have APHEBC on a KV/KW 2? I always see the SAPHE.

  27. nice vid i always like ur vids keep it up

  28. In the newest patch I think bushes could be shot off (alongside every other decoration) by glancing shells and mg fire. Immediately people who bought bushes were demanding refunds because their cosmetics no longer gave them blatant advantages for the whole game and they would have to use… _skill_

  29. I love your Videos and i like hiw you can see as a war thunder Player how much time is in These Videos.
    Also your coments on the gameplay are pure Gold commedy.😂

  30. i love this video and commenting to boost it

  31. pure luck in this video is the wallhack that almost all youtubers use for this game… if not that they hear the enemies trew walls….

  32. suffering because you play germany/britan

  33. enjoyable video m8 subbed

  34. bro got black ice for a tank

  35. nah that frosty the snowman part actually had me dying

  36. my dog just got put down and it make my day every time i watch your videos so thanks and keep up the good work

  37. 18:18
    Never thought i would be in a video.
    That was when i was grinding china a few months ago.
    Managed to hit BR 8.0 after doing that for three days.
    As for how i killed him, i watched him drive for a bit and thought he was gonna get away so i fired where i thought he would be.

  38. Shoot the under plate of the is2

  39. Can you upload more please

  40. And do jets more please

  41. Be cause you inspired me to have my own YouTube Channel of war thunder

  42. It’s called cam of war thunder

  43. The title is I hope gaijin sponsored me

  44. Sorry I don’t have any sound on my videos yet

  45. 10:02 sounded like martincitopants LMAO

  46. Bruh if u cant beat them Join them

  47. this is a comment down below

  48. If you hate war thinder so much delete it!

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