I Played 700 HOURS of War Thunder and got to RANK 8

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Source: Freezed

Oh boy, we finally got here. Also thank you sooo much for support on the last video. You guys are such an amazing community. I hope you enjoy 🙂


Stream Schedule:
Friday 7pm-10pm GMT – Random Game
Sunday 6pm-9pm GMT – War Thunder

Song List:

Tony's Belated Breakfast – Birocrastic
Rude Buster – 8 Bit Remix
Daydream – ESPIRIT
80's Mix – Kahoot
Creo – Flow
Brotherhood – CoD WW2
Delfino Plaza – Super Mario Sunshine
The Only Thing They Fear Is You – Mick Gordon
Mii Maker – Main Theme
War Thunder – Waltz of the Tornado
Seagull – Walk
Saturn Mirage – OXWAVE
Rip and Tear – Mick Gordon
Walk Through The Park – TrackTribe
Stal – C418
Moon Men – Veritas
Mellow Garden – Coubo
Blue Boi – Lakey Inspired

Outro Music:

Dog – C418

Geometry Dash Level was 8o btw (same song name)

0:00 Intro
0:36 Highlights
11:02 Lowlights
19:03 RAGE
22:54 Bonus Clips
28:56 MiG-21 MF
31:43 Gaijin Moments
36:46 Progress
38:00 Outro

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I also need war thunder advice for the new war thunder crafting event war thunder repair factory. I wish I had aircraft like the war thunder f 16, the mig29 war thunder, or even the f14 war thunder. Also who plays war thunder naval lol. And for those of you wondering, in war thunder the missile knows where it is, and also the missile doesnt know where it is. I know this because I had a Skyflash Supertemp teamkill a friendly somehow. I didn't know a radar missile could do that but oh well.


  1. THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT ON THE LAST VIDEO! I did not expect it to do that well, you guys are amazing 🙂 That being said, subscribe or your guns will only get crits for the rest of time…
    If you would like to join the discord: https://discord.gg/8PG4GPv9s9, and stream schedule is in the description.

    Also I am aware that there is no part 6 lol.

  2. freezed when he gets a kill: *moans*

  3. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been enjoying the ground rb grind based on the clips at the end lol

  4. the sk60 is amazing just recently got the aj37 and a talisman for it
    i have just been brain dead gameplay going for bases and it gives me 25k sl and 16k rp for 1 base (kinda insane ngl)

  5. wow🍆💦

  6. Deanerys Stormborn

    I’m actually really proud of you for completing the air grind I have done this myself and am now on the tank grind and yes I agree it is annoying as you display in the ending clips 😅

  7. I watch long videos till I sleep, and every time you upload it had a gigachad affect that makes my whole week go great, keep it up 👍

  8. Always golden quality freezed, had a great time watching and the rant at the end was hilarious

  9. Small tip playing Ultra low you dont see the mach thingy.

  10. 700 hours with premium acc, 1400 hours for f2p player, only 2 years of playing 2h/day

  11. I have only started whatching your vids a month ago same time i started to play warthunder but wow your content is really nice and fun, editing is good as well, i hope you keep up the good work

  12. Just bought the lim-5P, is it good?

  13. bro i have a question if you buy for example the A-10 Thundrbolt (early) pack do you get to use the plane temporary or you will have it permanently

  14. Bro when freezes gets mad it’s scary bru

  15. A while back I was playing war thunder, and ever since every time I go in a match my never actually controls the plane. Nice vid and do you have all of the JU-87s?

  16. Sebastian Lichtneger

    YOUR videos keep me sane and happy!!❤❤ You are the best

  17. “have fun bombing japan” 🙂

  18. I cant focus on the video because of the kahoot mix on the background

  19. I literally got a Model yesterday with the exact same livery on the MiG-21 lol.

  20. Wondering if you expert-ed a crew for any of the planes on your journey. If so which?

  21. 21:43 around a year ago i was playing top tier and some genius premium GR1s decided to steal my kill from me, first i got tkd by a missile and then another harrier took my kill to rub salt into the wound.

  22. I’m never ever going to see someone completing a tech tree under 1000 hours without using a premium vehicle or premium time. What a shame gaijin became.

  23. done whit subbing

  24. yo freeze i saw you in my game i hit you with my aim-7 sparrow

  25. Call of duty WW2 Song?

  26. I love how your videos are so long so that I can enjoy your amazing content!

  27. Can’t wait for ground 100 hours as well as Israel 😐 I see you haven’t even started it. You should because the m51 is a beast and it’s short so it could easily be spades

  28. nice video, seems to bring you a lot of subs, you deserve it

  29. wahts sad is im at 1800 hours and i only got my first jet a few weeks back.. i had enough foir a helicopter too but the jet was squadron

  30. Its so nice to watch them suffer like i have

  31. The-Gaming-fish145

    I’m grinding tanks right now, German tanks and I’ve played for 217 hrs and so far of got a waffentrager which is like one rank before the first atgm
    Can’t wait

  32. What the heck did ^FR1EN^ saiiibot say (time stamp 24:20) to make you black out the whole text??

  33. comfort youtuber fr fr

  34. The stock mig21bis grind made joker look like someone mentaly stable next to me.

  35. 2:44 was that a f4s phantom, cus im planning to buy it and im wondering if its good, because im thinking of either getting a f4s or MiG 21

  36. You Are a legent i played for 300h And Now i have 1 jet

  37. I got a question why do you get so mad about kill steals like when you get them on fire and it gets taken so close to death but when you crit buy a missle takes it why so mad

  38. Bro did 2 years of my hard work into 700 hours!!!

  39. I have no idea how you have so much time to do videos. It’s impressive!

  40. How do u not even have 100 K. Oh and btw I’m playing war thunder

  41. Meanwhile level 7 with premium Jet… Doin bombing kamikaze

  42. 3:42 Data Wing vibes!

  43. Imagine how bad the grind is if you need close to 1000 hours to get 1tree to the end

  44. And another W vid from Freezed

  45. the mig 21 mf is really good you should try it more. R60s are very potant missiles if the enemy doesnt see them or doesnt have flares and the gsh23 is good if you get used to it.

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