I played a 5,000 Wn8 Session on EU

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Source: LemmingRush

I streamed this twitch.


  1. damn son that’s a big WN8

  2. You put the whole stream up? Dude..lol!

  3. also, u got 4962 wn8 yesterday, not 5k, wtf liar report pls

  4. and I was starting to feel good about myself for getting 3k WN8 sessions…

  5. Are you still going to be streaming on youtube or just twitch?

  6. never clicked off porn so fast

  7. man your E-PENIS is so MASSIVE

  8. Im the majestic dude from the start!

  9. What type of camo is that

  10. why does it matter what server you played on… both servers have good and shit players

  11. LemmingRush the Jordan Peterson fan 😉

  12. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    Lem i told you that if you posted the carry @40:00 i’d decorate your comments section with these.. 8=========================D 8======================D

    i’m a man of my word xD

  13. have you thought about uploading just highlights? It could get better youtube traffic, while also promoting your stream and allowing you practically daily uploads, with highlights filling in the gaps between normal videos.

  14. @4:18 *absolute madlad*

  15. gianluca comellini

    32:30 2 players rushed to kill the unicum, 1 threw all hp away just to kill you

  16. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    EU players are bad compared to NA i guess

  17. leopard at tier 5 is op

  18. Lemming…could you add the people commenting on your stream to the videos you make, its odd hearing you talk and respond to viewer comments we can’t see on videos…

  19. do you work for the army?

  20. I don’t get what you said about the T 55A, Lemming. Like…the two stats that are reasonably better than a T-54 with the sniper gun are DPM and gun handling. Everything else on the tank is worse. Even the Typ 59 and T-34-3 at tier 8 have better armor and the T-54 is considerably faster and much better armored. I have tier 8s regularly pen my T 55A’s turret with barely any aim. And I assume you meant it when spamming gold – but you can do that in any tank. How does it make the T 55A good, if you just wanna play normally using AP?

  21. Is it just me or this is laggy as hell? I’ve tried other videos and are ok..

  22. what do you like about the 121?

  23. I dont understand why people dont like other re-rolling so much, Like i’ve never re-rolled but like, whats the big deal?

  24. what is a reroll account?

  25. lol that IS-7 at 1:19:50 was literally letting people shoot him and holding his shot just for you. XVM is so cancerous.

  26. Piano? I’m learning too! check this guy out.

  27. u sucks as crap , locking players, talking dirty to players , reroller player,…. + bad bad laugh! awkh get ur ass and go to ur servers and everytime i see u in a game ill focus on u itch

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