I Played Arty as a Tank Destroyer… | World of Tanks Object 261 Shotgun Third Person Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Shotgun Mode / Third Person Gameplay. Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Today let's play with artillery… But not in a standard way, let's play artillery in so-called shotgun mode aka third person view only. This is what you guys wanted to see in the next Dez Suffers this is exactly what you get… Do not try this at home! 😀

What next tho?

Enjoy the show!


  1. One of the most requested “Dez Suffers” videos or challenges… Here it is! 🙂
    What next? How do you want to make me suffer next?
    Enjoying the stuff here? Subscribe, let’s hit 200,000! <3

  2. This works at low tiers

  3. No, arty will not play that this. It is many battle with 1000 dmg in level 6 with M44 and than 3000 dmg with M53/M55. But nice to see the old playing arty. 🙂

  4. i took ftbs to frontlines and got killed every time until i found a guide for art

  5. There used to be a mod back in the day (eventually deemed illegal) that allowed you to go into Arty view with any tank.
    I can remember people using KV2’s as arty in some games it was hilarious.

  6. At 11:50 i think the 13 90 was aiming for the M53/M55 but shot you because you were crossing in front of the M53/M55.

  7. Indeed 😀 ive started by looking in tech tree back in 2012 and looked for biggest caliber, found artilery not knowing what it is and went full yolo TD mode for couple dozens of battles 😀

  8. 3 mark the Obj. 261 playing it this way 😀

  9. Very good idea to play as a TD. I did try and it works very well. Thanks

  10. Krisztián Molnár

    I played with the old m44 like a TD. That 250 mm pen heat with 750 alfa just too good.

  11. Polski Czołgista

    Is there some skin for object 261 or is it a mod? If yes, where can I get it?

  12. Victor Latorre Romero

    I did play artillery like that

  13. TD mode with arty is used by me often, specially in late game. And getting thoose ebr’s in td mode is a joy, suddenly you see the pain and scared little eyes perfectly when they realize they have a good player to die to!
    Have also dome scouting in arty a few times with a up to 5 k spotting *lol*

  14. lol, i did the same on the beggining and I was like this is shit,
    TBH is still think this is shit 😀 lol

  15. Hello DezGamez, could you tell me how you got that awesome looking Custom crosshair from like a year ago ? You used it in Your Full HE Jagdpanzer E 100 Video , would love an answer 😀 Have a nice day ! Ps : Nice Video 😀

  16. Boshko Savich TM

    thats how I play my AMX 13 F3 AM, try it it is even better than that u played

  17. Playing the Hummel as the Nashorn on city maps back in the day. With AP/Heat it worked quite well.

  18. giorgi khelashvili

    hmmm,so this is the proper way of playing arty,interesting

  19. PhanNghia Origami

    Just pretend it like OBJ 263 and play ( because they look simillar) :))

  20. Doctor_Nix joined the Chat
    :challange accepted

  21. 3:53 no……. the fuck are YOU doing dez !!!

  22. play M46 patton with 105mm derp gun 😀

  23. Now do the same on new sandbox server with all that broken equipment

  24. Aleksa Marković

    I always play VII tier French arty like a shotgun td

  25. How about this: Remove stun from arties, give them 2 more degrees of gun depression, a bit more camo, bit faster aiming speed and make them hit harder when shots are aimed without top-down view and/or in close range.
    Sounds like more fair and fun arty gameplay, doesnt it?

  26. You can do this with dynamic and accurate SPGs. Not any low tier french (amx 13 105) nor american (M41 HMC) nor even soviet (su-122A)

  27. Thank you Dez , and if i do play scumbag, this is the way i do it , But i don’t , becoz they is crap !, the only good thing about scumbag’s is they are not as bad as “Clown cars “

  28. Try STB with highest dpm of entire World of tank

  29. Next, use French arty Tier 10 as a scout

  30. 1# Pick Object.261 Arty
    2# Pretend that youre playing Object.263
    3# Enjoy!

  31. Doing the same thing with arty after the ammo rework and only use AP in the arty

  32. This is a possible new meta of using 261

  33. We want see KV2 sniper!!
    OR JGPZ4 6 tier German TD with top DPM setup!
    Its possible hit 4.000DPM?

  34. Great vid but please do a vid on how to get accurate with every shot with Arty, because the only way I can reasonably do it is to hit the T key, in effect spamming the chat, this is so annoying, without doing that it is select target, which never stays still, click…. and miss.

  35. I do admit i was laughing out loud at this vid, many thanks Dez

  36. Sturmtiger is coming in the game

  37. The shift problem have been a problem for all early/veteran gamers in WoT

  38. Like the music at the start

  39. Sakuya in Maelstrom's Mansion

    This is actually a great idea, remove arty and turn artys into TDs, simple balance.

  40. For your next episode of Dez suffers, try playing the KV-2. You can have full crew, what ever ammo and all the bells and whistles, BUT you have to drive it backwards.

  41. You didnt suffer, you had too much fun it sounded like.

  42. loool me too. but i guess everybody did the same

  43. where did you get these styles?

  44. Wtf he is playing arty as a td and i play arty as a heavy xD

  45. Georgios Papahatzis

    English Light Setter with the first gun and engine would be enough to suffer. No crew skillz, no consumables. I dont thing there could be a worst tank tier for tier you could actually find that bad. In addition, King Tiger on tier 8 with the initial turret and gun. This tank goes against tier 10. Hilariou!! I believe playing spg as td would Bee piece of cake.

  46. I hope you did it for fun……..

  47. I used to use the M12 with the 203mm ap premium rounds and sit around the corner of a building and wait for an enemy tank to pass by then shotgun them. Got a top gun, high caliber, and a mastery badge one game doing that

  48. I never played arty in my life lol

  49. worst td damage in the game

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