I Played the MAUS in 2022 – This is what happened

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Source: OddBawZ

The Maus in War Thunder was once the top in the game. Today I tried it to see how it fairs up in 2022!

The Maus is the heaviest tank in the entire game right up to this day. It's also the most heavily tank in the game when you don't factor in composite armour or ERA / NERA. This makes it incredibly effective at angling even against some of the most dangerous rounds in War Thunder.

Let's see how we do! 🙂


  1. What do you think of the Maus? Who wants to see it back in the game fully and properly?

  2. i think the maus is great in every aspect besides the speed

  3. Please put your discord servers into folders.

  4. Why have you got Oxy on your tank dude?

  5. A guy brought out a maus twice into battle with a backup
    I one shot it twice in a row, wonder how he felt

  6. I mainly play the maus till I run out of silver eagles

  7. next time can you play the Somua? really good tank

  8. Haha got the uno reverse card on the scammers.

  9. Honestly the IS-4M is better then the maus since its faster and has less repair cost

  10. Hey one of those dudes tried scamming me last time on my phone acc

  11. My track his life

  12. im going to be called an idiot and dumb for saying but ima say it anyway

    The maus should 7.0

  13. Oh wow thx youtube I didn’t know about the giveaway until an hour ago when it notified me of a new video not like yesterday when it should have XD

  14. i never get his new videos in my suggested list. youtube musnt like him

  15. Day 77 of asking Oddbawz to play the Maus

  16. This dude suicide bombing 2 times in the same game with only 4 kills total lmao

  17. You don’t need to be THAT humble. That wasn’t a bad bomb at 17:00 – you skillfully used the mobility of your tank to dodge the attack!

  18. The Maus does need to be added back fully as I do believe it can be balanced at 7.7, it just needs to be played properly and smartly. I really want to have it, mainly just for the hell of it, but also I would feel special having such an infamous tank.

  19. One eyed king draws

    I honestly had fun grinding for the maus and spading it, I know it was removed for the struggle it had in matches, but when it’s a good match you get a lot of kills.

  20. How did I miss this video.

  21. Love the decal, oxy

  22. Hope I get something! The mouse is unconventional but its status proceeds it.

  23. Not sure how having 10k likes prevents bots from entering the giveaway

  24. HEATFS being available at such low BR’s has really made heavily armored tanks partially obsolete. You drive the lumbering beast for a decade to the battle, just to be lolpenned by 30 HEATFS rounds at once.

  25. I understood nothing but it was very cool

  26. Maus vs a bunch of Italian WW2 stuff lets go

  27. Maus.


  28. day 3 of asking odd for the amx30(1972)

  29. 11:45 nothing makes me happier than seeing a Z tank get blown up

  30. Titanius Anglesmith

    The one time I got a nuke was with the Maus. Couldn’t reach the battlefield in time though…

  31. Fun fact this tank is a porche

  32. Gaijin are indeed more of a scammer then any of the fake accounts.

  33. I don’t have the maus unlocked but you said at 28:43 you can get it once a year
    How does that work?
    I tried googling for info, but couldn’t find anything :/

  34. Especially on Discord do not accept links from poeple you dont trust and even if you do trust them if the post and link seem fishy attemp to contact that friend on another service to check if that was him that sent it
    Links are being used on discord to hijack accounts bypassing all account security
    Just like the old barcode scam

  35. ive had those scam things on other wt channels but then again i dont click random things

  36. General Continental YT [Long Live Ukraine]

    i like how the only thing in the game that the maus is afraid of is planes with explosives

  37. i dont even wanna fight against the maus i have a stronger tank but my instincts always say NAHH HEELLLLL NOO IM HEADING OUT

  38. I love your commentary on how you think you’re going to get shot up but then they either bounce one (or a couple) off of you or miss all together. Then you finish them off. You’re really good at War Thunder and it shows with the Maus where a lot of the enemy players bounce them off you because of your good angling and position. I myself have trouble beyond 4.0 battles, so istick to 1.0 to 3.5. With regards to the Maus it’s driving and handling are a bit atrocious but then again anything would drive and handle badly if it weighs a 100 tons or more but it’s good if positioned and utilized as a heavy support/frontline assault which you do well at.

  39. I think the MAUS can be balanced by limiting its uptiering to 8.0 or 8.3 while keeping it at 7.7. With a proper lineup to support this, so 7.0 or 7.3 vehicles. This could also be implemented to other vehicles, but this should only be done with a small number of vehicles to not mess up the matchmaker. This would act as if it was a top-tier vehicle that doesn’t get full uptiers.

  40. The-Dark-Lord-Hussie

    everyone take a pause and say baw. odd huh?

  41. If he almost gets a nuke, it’s garbage

  42. If you run into a scammer tell them to go fuck themselves then add you murdering them in a tank to your list of fantasies.

    Don’t reply.

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