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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Rinoceronte. I was lucky enough to play the Rinoceronte on a special server – here's what I think about the upcoming T10 Italian tank!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I like the reload mechanic its a good way to introduce new gameplay into the game.

  2. Since when is Wargaming concerned about balance??

  3. Nice another fast hull-down spam gold heavy yay

  4. QB going crazy in lockdown while growing a goat beard

  5. Hey Quickbaby did you hear SIRFOCH is quitting wot for good. Man im so upset why wont wargaming fix wot .

  6. OMFG 4s just make it an auto loader and make it 3 , bc this tank is so bad . sigh. The only saving grace is 490 but if it goes any lower it will be useless. Yea I agree just shave the time off the reload.

  7. They need to give you and all CCs a place in all supertesting . The supertest is failing badly.

  8. Rinoceronte means rhino.

  9. Now there are two rhinoceroses in WoT…

  10. head shake, totaly OP

  11. New Soviet unique autoloader mechanism : CONFIRM
    New Soviet unique turret : CONFIRM

  12. They should do the same reloading mechanism to the meds rather then removing the gun rammer

  13. Rinoceronte : **exists**
    AMX 50 B : Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.

  14. Big UP! for WOT and the community for creating this environment and give us this trailer for the Rinoceronte. And ofcorse for QB’s terrible content!

  15. ” it would buff the medium italians” good! It needs base dpm to be somewhere around the lower meds. They need a buff. Not nerf

  16. Really cool tank ..Shame the game is utter shat …

  17. How to found test server how to get it and is it all players abble to test?

  18. 14:48 * Circon laughing in the dark *

  19. inpressionante perfomance, Rinoceronte dara’ filo da torcere ….:)

  20. I think the progetto 46 will get this buff, I mean they like to buff that tank so much….

  21. this is not ww2 anymore

  22. does it have all of the skills and perks on the crew? Because this always gives an unrealistic performance when most players will start with a new crew for Italian heavy tanks.

  23. they should decrease the reload on clip tanks like french and American if they are only reloading the last 3 or 2 shells or as i have written for years now give us the ability to interrupt reloading to just shoot what we have in container with a really small delay like emergency action

  24. Auto-reloader is too brain consuming for WG’s target clientele.
    They are trying to make things more brainless.

  25. You played the Rinoceronte? Well, good for you.

  26. oh this game is going downhill so fast.. its like free fall actually… RIP

  27. Another imaginary tank from WG just to make money…..pointless

  28. So this thing is just fake. Could barely conceivably have existed in real life in the time period Wargaming is pretending to adhere to. Sure, there are shit tons of tanks that “break immersion” in the game now, but wow. This thing is just… kinda stupid.

    Stop it, Wargaming.

  29. I didn’t see a single video frame because of the whiteness of your teeth

  30. WG are really struggling to find new mechanics….. Tank game.

  31. this thing gonna have problems with ammo if it have only 33 rounds

  32. Will, I’ve uninstalled WoT and I’m never gonna play this game again. This is my last post regarding this game and I wanted it to be here. I’ve been playing this game since Beta. I understand you make money out of this game and maybe your livelihood depends on it but I’ve never ever seen anyone else brownnosing a company as much as you. I also understand that you’re an English person so it’s only natural that you philosophically lie. Truth is you present everything from your complete subjective point of view as you have grown fond of this game over the years so it must have a sentimental value to you. Because you have invested lots of money and time on it and had great moments and made awesome memories out of it. But truth is, from a total objective point of view, this game is below average. That is something you always fail to mention. Even at the very beginning when Russian tanks were the OPest (IS7, obj704, T54) it was still fun because one need only have skill to play well even with the back then crappy PantherII as the max tier9 german med. Now, there is no such thing as a unicum player. Only a rich player. This game is no longer based on skill rather on who has the money and the time to boost their stats. This game is perfect for anyone who is filthy rich and doesn’t need to work and not for us commoners who have fostered this game. WG has become a million-dollar empire thanks to us and now that they don’t need us they are slowly pushing us away. They only want rich players now. They don’t care if their numbers drop and as long as there will be 100k idiots that will keep paying them money, they will be fine. You pay a lot, you will have fun. Period. If I were you, I would just skip the unnecessary and boring introductions of new buffy tanks. No need to. We all know that they will be nerfed in the next three months. You don’t need to brief us on every update patch. They are just there to trick us into believing that we’ve been heard and changes are being made but no, in actual fact everything is still the same. Help new players make the sensible choice. Because the old ones are already lost. Well not everyone, I finally found sense. Perhaps, there is hope for them as well. Anyway, show us you have the balls to do that. Give us your complete honest personal objective opinion about the game saying whether you recommend new players to give it a go or not. Without facts and with no subterfuges. Just a clear yes or no. I know what you are gonna say if you had the balls. But, you never will and you know what? That’s even more disappointing.

  33. Dr. Manfred Göder

    I see no benefit to confuse with more and more different gun mechanics. We have already enough in the game. Apparently development team feels the need to invent something new every semester BUT does not take out anything outdated or overloaded out of the game. Like government burocracy: more regulations, more taxes adding up each year and nothing taken out. I feel WoT is heading the wrong direction unfortunately. Guess we will have more fun playing a progetto 46 than instead a rinoceronte…

  34. tevfik louis akbasli

    hey quickybaby i know you wont read this comment but i just want to write it..Just left playing wot and in 17 game, every game was ending 15-0 / 14-2 and in mostly im on top 2 or 3.. How the hell my win rate will go better in this situation?
    yes nice autoloader heavy but is this solves the Wot gaming problem?

  35. world biggest rigged and cheater game

  36. Now if only they can fix match making on PS4, yeah I said it.

  37. 440 should be enough. 490 Alpha is too high and the gund handling is maybe to good but yeah, the mechanic is good, like it.

  38. i think noobs who buy this tank will be quickly disappointed haha

  39. Looks fun. Looking forward.

  40. @quickybaby have the changed the shells from ap to apcr ??

  41. this is how auto loaders work in war thunder. they are all auto reloaders

  42. What is the gun depression and elevation? Looks ridiculous.

  43. first name Last name

    I so want to play world of tanks but my pc gave up about 7 months ago and i cant play ahhhhhhhhhh

  44. really want this tank now i love the progetto a lot so seeing this gameplay makes me see my new tier ten ill be working on

  45. Does it flip easily?

  46. It looks even weirder in the game

  47. This Tank is like a 3 shot WT auf E100 only in the Italian Heavy line xD

  48. Imagine 3d skin on this monster :O

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