I Played The Same Game for 10 YEARS! (and still suck)

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Source: DezGamez

Today 10 Years ago I made my World of account… and for some reason I am still playing it. To celebrate it, let me with my first 3 tier 10 tank – IS-7, T110E5 and T30.

Music used:
Refined Enlightenment – Howard Harper-Barnes
Through Orbiting Stars – Gerard Franklin

Today, this same very day 10 years ago I made my World of Tanks account and I decided to celebrate it with this very “special” , playing with 3 of my first tier 10 tanks in the game.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Oh boi… For how long time have you played this game with tanks in it?
    Much love champs, here’s to another 10? 😀

  2. Wow! mine was july 30th, 2011 and I didn’t even remember when the date came! crazy how time flies. a little disappointed I wasn’t reminded on that date with a gold star or cookie..

  3. I made my account in June, 2011. Stopped playing sometime in July, 2013. Came back last February after trying to selling my account without any success. xD

    Ouch, now I remember: the WTC fell almost 20 years ago. I still remember it so vividly. Where time has gone?

  4. You are a Legend Dez! 🙂

  5. I still remember how after i finished my homework i played for hours at a time, my main tank was the famous KV-1, i remember what a noob i was, i started around August 2013 and i was seven, the first time i saw the AD on my TV i fell in love with it. From that day i started learning more and more about tanks, today i am in love with tanks and i still play wot and just joined WT and god i would love to see a collaboration between WT and WOT

  6. i stopped playing last month, Will get back to you in 10 years and tell i stopped playing 10 years ago

  7. Happy birthday Dez. I’m a 20/8/11 baby… however suspect my celebration will involve considerably less tanking than yours. Suspect i’ll have to wait for the generous present from wg too!

  8. Prince Angelo Baybayan

    IS 7 was my first kolobanov medal too then my second was e75

  9. 12yrs + beta here

  10. Kamil Kwiatkowski

    Not every battle is epic.

  11. PaHo188_iron_phill

    i play this game since april 11 2011

  12. Aug 9th will be 9 years for me 🙂 Great video, thanks!

  13. Renchindash Otgonhkuu

    E5 needs turret like in blitz no commander hatch >_< Also 95e6 well if 95e6 had no hatch it would be literally best tank of wot

  14. One of the most successful feeling in this game is able to climb the mountains in some maps and farm enemies. In nowday you cant do that anymore

  15. tankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  16. took me 2 weeks to get my 10th anv gift

  17. Shinyone Incarnate

    In reality, in 1945 the Soviets made 6 prototype Object 260 heavy tanks. This was the largest, & best tank the Soviets ever built. It had optics that actually worked, (the glass didn’t have bubbles in it, like their other tanks), it could go 45 miles per hour, & had an automatic fire extinguisher. It passed tryouts with flying colors, (only one burned), so it got the designation IS-7. It was never put into production, because it was too large & heavy to go on rail road cars to be shipped to the front. Only one still exists in Kubinka Tank Museum, Russia.

  18. For my 10th anniversary i got the Progetto 46 for 60 rental days. Could’ve been worse… ^^

  19. My 10 year anniversary is December 11, 2021

  20. Have you checked your emails? Wargaming sent me one for 7 years recently. I did a little interaction on the link to show some random stats, got a bundle, and a Progetto rental for 30 days.

  21. I remember the times when 10 minute videos were reserved for 1 battle at most… but now it’s 3 battles in 10 minutes. LOL
    After 10 years and pending sCrew 2.0 doom, maybe it’s time to move on, Dez. But anyway, happy WoT b’day to you.

  22. Really Dez thats my line ….I suck like a Dyson in game

  23. 8 years my friend

  24. Ahh the old Top tiers.
    Maus the real heavy, IS-7 the super medium, T-30 the heavy TD.
    And then the tier 9s, T54 the armoured light tank M46 Patton the support and E50 the brawling sniper.

  25. Ha for me my first tier 10 was the Maus, because back then, it took a group effort to take them down! Then I got myself the E100 when it came out. Sadly I missed the T30 change by a few days. I was tempted to convert free exp and research but by that time I had stopped putting money into the game. Also after over 10 years of playing this game, I still suck just as much as I did when I started.

  26. Maarten van Roest

    Congrats DEZ

  27. Happy anniversary ! Personally im 7 years gang, but i made a 2 years break in between , and now i m on a break again 🙂

  28. 10 YEARS GANGGG!!

  29. This game sucks! Stopped playing a week ago and it feels good! 🙂

  30. Wot was better in beta to be honest than now

  31. I actually received my legendary affirmative button for 50k battles yesterday, played for 9 years.

  32. 8 years here. No 3-marks yet.

  33. I’m just about to reach 8 years and 60,000 games – and just an average player. But enjoying the game.

  34. no corona vaccines, i don't want to go to school

    crew training

  35. Maybe they didn’t think players would play this long lol

    Happy 10th Birthday

  36. hit 10 yrs in April…got nothing, still says 9 yrs on veteran tanker camo, and still suck (statistically)

  37. I fkg hate Siegfried Line! HAPPY 10th B-DAY DEZ!!!!

  38. Happy 10th birthday! Uhm, what a way to end the vid! lol

  39. Analog Weeb Music Repository

    Started playing in June of 2011. Can’t really say I’ve played for 10 years as I’ve taken some pretty long breaks, but somehow I’m still here through it all. I love this game, but at the same time, I don’t think any game has frustrated me as much as this one. I’m just hoping this game doesn’t die an early death due to more pay to win, stupid mechanic changes, or whatever wargaming can come up with. This game shaped my life and my interests, so i let wargaming get away with things they maybe shouldn’t be able to.

    Hopefully things don’t go down the drain and we’ll have many more years to enjoy. Cheers!

  40. lol that last battle 5m too far ^^

  41. Kind of a shame they nerfed the IS-7 in such a strange way. They nerfed the alpha from 560 to 490 for both IS-7 and Obj 705, but leaving it at 560 for the 50TP.

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