I Played The “Worst” Vehicles In War Thunder And Here’s What Happened

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sowwy 4 late upwode

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  1. Also keep in mind, no, I don’t think the Su122 is bad, I put it in specifically because tankenstein once called it bad, should have made that more clear…

  2. I just rembered you, you were my old war thunder friend its glad to see u
    Btw if you remember “DoctorSecks” thats me

  3. The archer is like CSGO, you running around with a knife then when you encounter an enemy, you whip out your awp

  4. Other using the worst vehicle but still get more kills than me

  5. Κωσταντινος Παπαδοπουλος

    Everyone calling these french tanks bad… Me getting atleast 1 or 2 kills per game with them…. You just gotta hit the really weaker spots… Example BTs are killed by just the side and a bit from the front on the drivers view… Panzers… Quite of a weakness there dont member if you can kill them just the light tanks. And same about the french plane it was a different playstyle…. Most of the time when i have to make a quick turn i just turn it upside down and it does the job real quickly

  6. You can launch any missle at the AIM9L to down it, works amazingly in headons as most a-10 players take a launched missle as a guaranteed kill and break off immediately after

  7. The Yak-28 has a dedicated bombardier, use that (him) to aim the bombs instead of the CCIP.

  8. Milan, SBD-3, Ki-45, P.108 Serie 8

  9. can i ask you how do you have that bomb indicator in realistic battles?

  10. French machine guns are actually coin operated

  11. Try the new goshawk in the US techtree…

  12. I’m a French main because I like the challenge.

  13. My first match in the archer and I killed a plane I am so proud

  14. Furret The Fuzzy Noodle

    Interesting how you misspelled France in your title 🇫🇷

  15. I love my su-5-1 and those 8 rounds do be slapping

    I once got 9 kills with it because i reloaded on the capture point

  16. I do not appreciate the su 122 blasphemy

  17. Bro did not just dis the su-5-1 like that.

  18. i dont even care you are exactly like spookson i like you even better

  19. I don’t understand how someone would call the su-122 bad, it’s a op tank, it’s a T-34 armor, T-34 mobility and it’s extremely powerful. Specially when you understand it’s 2.3:

  20. Love your editing style and… Le voice is perfect

  21. just met you in a game

  22. We all know that Bob Semple best tonk

  23. What the…? SU-122 is one of the most overpowered vehicles in War Thunder, are you crazy to include it in this video?

  24. If the archer had a proper reverse speed, holy shit It would be great

  25. None as bad as the premium D.371 hs-1, i got it from an event, has no machine guns, 2 20mm cannons with only 60 rounds, made worse by the fire rate of 400 rounds a minute, meaning you get on a few seconds of fire.

  26. What do you use for editing your vids?

  27. Bruh yo wrong about the d.371

  28. I swear with a youtube name likd yours I’ve played you in warthunder before…its a hard name to forget

  29. God brit ap early tiers is so bad

  30. there is no such thing as a worst vehicle
    only CAS

  31. Ewww warthunder

  32. G’day,

    So this is the channel redditors were complaining a few weeks back for having similar thumbnails to Spookston heh…

    Hm I wouldn’t say the Yakovlev Yak-28B Brewer is the one of the top 5 worse heh as it goes fast above 3000 metres and gets CM but the list of drawbacks does put it rather low (it can’t destroy a bombing points and yes the bombsight, bombspread & bomb release mechanism is all all yeah it’s horrible).

    Still it’s a surprise that the Tacoma class Frigate USS Hoquiam PF-5 didn’t make the list as scheech it takes my No.1 spot for all machines (slow, has poxy 3″ guns, can’t fire fore or aft, high repair, ammunition costs, high rp/sl requirements to research + the mod grind, weak AF DM), An absolutely miserable experience far worse then the Town class 1940 destroyer HMS Churchill I45 ever was.

    Fun fact it used to have 54k elite repair which at the time was more then some battleships…. then it was 6k for 2 months but no the community screamed for rank based economics and it went to 25k in feb 2022 and still around 20k…

  33. The archer isnt that bad, if you get in a good position you can basically kill anything.

  34. For some strange reason I absolutely shred with the d.371 and I don’t know why

    I guess I’ve unleashed my inner baguette skillz

    Like I once got 10 kills in one match with it, it was bonkers

  35. I’m pretty confident that I can do better in the AMC. 34 YR than the L3/33.
    The gun might not have good penetration but it’s around 20mm at 30°, enough to kill quite a bunch of vehicles.

  36. Neither of the ground vehicles are really bad with the exception of the French tank 😵‍💫

  37. People seem to forget about the premium BM-8-24… T-60 chassis with a rocket launcher turret with 24 rockets that have 9MM OF PEN

  38. As a fellow french guy would have say about the AMC.34 YR, « Pas mal non ? C’est français. »

  39. 2:22
    The su-17m2 sucks
    The su-17m4 is pretty good actually

  40. Andrew Piccolella

    Whats the full name of the last song

  41. Bullying the archer is plain skill issue, if you are so dumb funded by controls recersed then dont play regular tank destroyers, “they’re too hard you can’t aim backwards!”

  42. You coulda just shot ur r60 at the aim9L and it woulda broke lock

  43. Anyone who says the Su-122 bad just has a major skill issue. I love that tank.

  44. The type 60 ATM is my nomination personally

  45. The D.371 is good if you haven’t spent so much time on jets

  46. 2:50
    8 flares and 4 chaff are enought to dodge 2 rockets, su22 is good plane
    yak28 is very good plane for bombing bacause IT Is A BOMBER

  47. i love the su122 so much its my go to for when im angry and need to seal club


    Whoever says that the Archer is a bad tank you have a biiiiig skill issue my dude!

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