I Played War Thunder For The First Time… It Was A Mistake

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Source: ian

This is the of Warhunder.

How it feels to play War Thunder for the first time. Experiencing the aviation grind to a better plane, improving your flying skills and learning about air combat strategies.


  1. I’m one of those some what experienced players who goes back to 1.0 just to have fun with the new players

  2. i started war thunder way back in 2013, it was a new and amazing game unlike any other, despite its many flaws the game play was extremely fun and addictive just because everyone was new to the game and there were no master ace pilots.

  3. All true! Make the same video but with tanks.

  4. Play realistic

  5. I am pretty frekaing good in Ground Arcade and modestly good in Ground Realistic – my advice: take it easy! First thing I learned was this game (or better it’s players) punishes you for ANY mistake made.
    After that, you got to know your own tank and the enemies (armour, gun, reload time, perks) to have a decent chance in duels.
    But BY FAR the most important thing: you got to learn military tactics – analyse the map for important locations, use cover, check the minimap regularly, analyse the tactical situation… that wins you battles. In short: USE BRAINS.
    All the arcade-mindset people who just rush in are nothing but padding for my stats. 😉

  6. Good, now do tanks!

  7. my name is also ian, ian is better

  8. after 250h of grinding american, german and russian, tank and plane trees i can honestly say: it was totally not worth it and the best decision was to not spend any money on it. Grind is too big. It is unreasonable to have next tank at 4x the previous one ammount of exp and silver lions. It’s dumb and money making machine beacuse at start everything is good and than at tier V shit happens and you can’t progress without 324423432598234k of hours in game to level one more tank/plane. Hate it. Good luck soldiers reading this.

  9. Yeah. War Thunder is not for everyone. Try World Of Warplanes, maybe your skill can work there.

  10. Still a very simple game compared to Eve Online, and not as grind heavy as some of the Koren MMORPGs like Lineage 2.

    I hope you do some ground RB gameplay as well!

  11. War Thunder was a mistake…

  12. the ammo you use matters to use tracers to train lining up shots gl and the snail consumes all

  13. Туан Нгуен

    there’s a thin line between enjoyment and competition

  14. *me with a german prem mig 21 the leo 2pl a leo a1a1 ho 229 a m26 t-28 doom turtle and a grinding addiction* haha look anerican peashooter go flame

  15. If you thought arcade is hell, try simulator battles for an extended amount of time

  16. Watching him say the p-26 is better than the galer hurt me on an emotional level

  17. Finally you can understand the pain

  18. i like the name

  19. hey man i got more than 100 days played as a fighter, i consider myself very good at teaching so if you want i can help you out.

  20. fun fact the p26 ingame is one of the most difficult plane to land not on an airfield because it is kind of bugged due to being so light

  21. local Afghanistan

    this isn why i started with ground

  22. bro took internet from the farm.

  23. Play ground battles

  24. “How do I clean my furry costume.” If it’s a proto just dont?

  25. After 1,300 hours I have, well, a nuanced view of the game. To survive maintain altitude and speed, keep your head on a swivel, upgrade everything–pilot and plane, and select the right ammo belt. Much of it is avoiding getting into too thick of a nest of enemy fighters and getting deflection shots–rather than chasing someone’s tail and wasting all your ammo you attack at an angle and get more hits. What’s a problem is first match making–your team can be uptiered against an enemy, making a much harder game. Second is ping and network problems. such If you fly near the ground and suddenly dive in and crash for no reason, or an enemy jitters on screen and their target indicator lengthens and shortens spontaneously. When it’s more mild I’m flying a plane I know well and rather than getting kills it’s just endless assists as my hits aren’t connecting. And lastly are spawn campers, people who fly over where you spawn (materialize) in the game so you just start out in a plane and are getting your bearings and someone is swooping in from above where you have little opportunity to respond. These guys come and go, I may not see any for a month then suddenly it’s every other game. Never try to nose up to get them, they want you to stall out and make an easy target, and don’t bother trying to argue in chat about what they’re doing. They’ve convinced themselves they’re invincible gaming gods and post all the hate mail and complaints they get thinking people are jealous. I’ve nearly quit the game over them and Gaijin doesn’t care, but they also bicker and fight with each other and most go away after a time.

  26. Play realistic battles

  27. Choosing America as your first text tree was your first mistake since it is a very hard tree to level up, I would go with either German or Russia for first time players

  28. Dude I m sorry to Tell you that arcade is more liekly the easymode and climbing and things like that count more for realistic or simulater battels…

  29. Welcome to hell

  30. Oh no…. Another innocent victim has fallen down the rabbit hole with us…

  31. Energy fighting is used the most in air rb or in air sim

  32. Who the hell said that war thunder is difficult? The kids who fill this game by 99%?

  33. Dude you gotta play ground realistic battles

  34. I actually didn’t get the “cool yellow plane”

  35. “Guys be quiet for a second, my mom just came in.”
    That one guy, as loud as possible: 4:42

  36. dai loc binh chanh

    umm… I have a different expiecerian with war thunder (soviet tech tree)

  37. this is some high tier content imo

  38. The snail has you now

  39. If I understand correctly, the crew never really dies. They are just unconscious and are woken up after the match ends. Also the plane can always be repaired to pristine condition even though it’s been burnt to ash.

    Only if you crash the crew is so pissed that they have to take 8 minutes of vacation 😀

  40. Hey, At least this guy is funny. Gajin Blows but the video is great!!

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