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  1. Colonel gnome

  2. Why do ppl in Phly videos are the worst player I ever see and then when I play the game I face the most tryharing players of the world

  3. Not really a fan of the music playing during the video

  4. i really don’t see a point in moving it around in BR,
    it does not matter what tier its at, i use it at top tier, you can pen the turret cheeks of an abrams lol

  5. ‘Yeah look at this guy over here” , BONK!

  6. What song is playing at 11:00?

  7. I thought Harriers were cool when I was in VMA 203 and 542, out of Cherry Point.

  8. music too loud, can’t hear phly.

  9. been struggling in game with the AFT lol good to see Phly play stuff I hate lol

  10. Social credit +10

  11. I love you phly

  12. Stop getting things moved up Phly. The WMA just went to 8.7 lol


  14. I hear WT is going add an assault balloon to the game. It can traverse an entire continent before being shot down.

  15. Please stop showcasing OP vehicles, that BR is a nightmare right now

  16. That ice-slide entrance at 5:55 has to be the best thing I’ve seen in War Thunder. Holy guacamole, I laughed my sides off.

  17. AFT-09 is so OP, i take it along with top tier lineup and it still dominates. Even against T-80BVM.

  18. Light and fast vehicles are amazing.

  19. hey phly, love your videos and been watching them forever. I’ve noticed you’ve started adding more music to your videos. I know there’s some dead space in some videos but I think the music takes away from the experience of war thunder.

  20. Can someone link the awesome intro music?

  21. 11:33 damn why can’t I ever get teammates like that

  22. u should play the VRCC

  23. Phly how many hours do you have in war thunder?

  24. 4:14
    *Whispers in ear*
    “We’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty.”

  25. The instant I laid eyes on your AFT09 I heard the opening seconds of “Red Sun in the Sky” so it works XDD

  26. You’ve advanced from saying War War 2 to Wold War 2. Almost there

  27. Commie-Bias at play again

  28. Yo phly can you do a vid on the warrior in the British tank tree

  29. Amazing video, gave me more happiness than a happy meal


    you might have heard this before, but your mic volume is rather low. i have to turn up the sound on youtube. the background music almost drowns out your voice. its been like this for years btw

  31. Remember that the wiesel 1 a2 is at 9.7 br

  32. Actually the words are upside down
    but who cares?
    i’m Taiwanese

  33. Артем Якимов

    Im really questioning legitimacy of Phly opponents sometimes

  34. Day 1 of asking for another M1128 video

  35. Fire-superme123360

    DUDE.. I love your videos but last time “Spookston” did a video on a China take at 8.3 it got moved to 8.7 from 8.3, So could all the War Thunder youtubers stay way from china or atleast use a tank below 7.7 for my sake (Its what I am currently researching) Love from – Lachlan G

  36. in stat card it says 500m/s but in reality its around 300 maybe less , gaijin forgor to change

  37. Remind me to use heat fs on a heat anything on this tank they all useing darts on you and it makes sense no one really sees this thing and don’t know how to take it

  38. this thing is pure evil at the br its at, i have had multiple games where these just curbstomp our team

  39. i know that the clips and matches posted are picked but seriously how do you get a match with 90% of the enemy having worse awareness than a hibernating bear and a reaction time lesser than a c0rpse

  40. Can we potion to have every single atgm vehicle with over 500mm of pen to be pushed up to 10.0 and no less

  41. Make a video where you only do what the objective says

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