I put this challenge off for 6 months (War Thunder)

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I put this challenge off for 6 months (War Thunder)


  1. ya know how bullets break apart when they hit water (mythbusters did a great test on this…..~6 inches of water stops a 50 cal)
    well…. a tank shell will break apart when it hits diesel fuel

    and diesel should not catch fire like it does in game….. it takes a LOT of compression and a BIT of heat
    its mostly about the compression

    so, if the fuel goes all over the place….. it probably wont catch fire
    now, if the crew was soaked in gas….. thats bad

    but diesel is no where near as flammable as gas

  2. Phly, the reason the 50 is missing so much is that it’s using special range finding ammo. You’re supposed to use it to help find range as it’s custom loaded to mimic the RRs velocity.

  3. Badassery in the making

  4. The plane crashed

  5. I’ve shot down a plane by shooting a building with HE from it

  6. It’s the M8 Scott of the high tier. Hull breach galore.

  7. You should show us some nuclear bombs from the “flying fortress” if you have it, it would make a great video.

  8. This video contains all the pain of humanity.

  9. That doesn’t count; he crashed!

  10. omawo nani

  11. I bought some gold over the link, but i dont know where to find the logo. please help me..

  12. Атомный Танк

    Uh…. T34? I’m confused.

  13. That moment when someone tried to protecc you from aircraft but the challenge is to kill an aircraft *RIP*

  14. The Fighter Royal

    But…..where’s Ka-Mi……

  15. That was painful to watch

  16. “get em ad-2!!” ” DROPPP DAAA BOMBSS!!!!!!!!” by far 2nd best phly talk since the whole “friends? friends? friends?” gambit from Ho-ro gameplay.

  17. The second guy was paid by you tho, wasn’t he?

  18. Easier or harder than KV-2 vs plane in sim?

  19. i seen a ad for warthunder today i what to no what tank use in the ad and here you are useing it

  20. When you use the link on the video to buy staff of the war thunder store to get a phlydaily logo but you dont get it 🙁

  21. How did You adjust your sight for wanted distance?? I always do it manually with my mouse, You check the distance and adjust the sight for it, so corsshair is always on target, pls tell me how to do it 😉

  22. Shameless self advertising

  23. phly, plz play the maus at 9.3 BR for the fatherland. Attempt #3

  24. Buenito Mozzarelli

    Get air kill with ZIS-30 machine gun for родина

  25. TheAuraKnight _Lucario5

    Heres an Idea for ya phly
    Take out the hurricane that has the 40 mm cannons and the wellington out and try and kill Some Germans

  26. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DID YOU SPOT!!!! I’ve been trying to figure that out for years…

  27. I don’t know if you’re taking requests anymore but if you find the time can you please do the JPz 4-5. I honestly don’t see how this tank destroyer can work at the tier its at.

  28. “Ohhhh he didn’t drop bom-”
    *bombs magic into existence*

  29. Phly take out the sherman destroyer su-85m with the mighty yak-1 support 😀

  30. Aril, The Random Guy on YouTube

    *The brakes are broken, Commander!*
    Play the M18 Hellcat and don’t stop, always on the move
    Good luck
    *Attempt #6*

  31. Hetzer 2000 gaming

    nice surprise infront of you phly not realy do not trust low flying Dive bombers

  32. Remember when phly used to phly

  33. that t114’s .50cal reminds me of first person shooter players when they reload like after every 5 or 6 rounds. 🙂

  34. Close enough mate

  35. I do seriously think that the death by “Hull Break” should be removed forever. The vast majority of the times I’ve seen/been killed by hull break are for things that are simply stupid and would never take a tank out of action. That tracking being a good example, and the endless times that make it seem the US half-track AA and M18 are made of paper glued with pure napalm, since a glancing hit, 2-3 FEET away will either hull break your tank, or cause instantaneous death by fire. From the transmission. With no ammo load damage from impact, no detonation, not even the slightest chance to use extinguishers.

  36. About the fuel tanks: A full fuel tank means that there is no oxygen for a fire to start, therefore preventing a fire starting. The fire only starts for balancing reasons in the game.

  37. track down = Hull break GG gaijoob ,well played

  38. Challenge: get a bounce kill

  39. This was frustrating just to watch, and I think he just fell out of the sky in shock.

  40. Игорь Филатов


  41. Most boring video of WT i ever watch.Thank you for losing my time.

  42. Which demon spawn came up with this cruel challenge?

  43. Challenge: Kill a plane with the glorious Sturmpanzer II

  44. War Thunder have feature to spot enemy for team?
    What’s the default button for it?

  45. Pervy Pastry Puffer

    How about use the type 89 I go ko

  46. Shoots a Ru 251 with US T34 AP round at the Hull
    Doesn’t get Hull Break , His driver dead and My gunner + Breech + Loader + Commander got killed by his Hesh Shells

    Shoots a Ru 251 with T114 at the tracks
    Gets Hull Break………………..

    Inner screaming*
    *Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww , WHhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , Fuckin’ WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYU AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW*

  47. Great edditing.

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