I Quit. (No, not YouTube)

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Source: theScottishKoala

“As of now, theScottishKoala channel is no longer a part of Gaijin’s content partner affiliate program, nor the content partner discord server. I cannot in faith, and WILL not continue to accept from Gaijin to promote premium content in their game, when you the players, MY audience, DO NOT have a voice with which to say otherwise.”



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  1. Hi all, apparently multiple other CC’s are making responses to this video feeling like I insulted them, with my statements that some CC’s may remain in the program even if they DON’T support Gaijin’s actions… because it’s a part of their income and they can’t afford to just drop it. Apparently they feel I was calling them “poor bastards” and shills…

    I’m not sure how they could spin it that way, but I want to warn you all that I do NOT want anybody going and attacking them on my behalf. Again, this was my choice and mine alone, because of what I MYSELF feel was wrong of Gaijin to do. Many may not share that belief, and that is fine. Many may share it but not be in a position to leave, and that is ALSO fine.

    If you see response videos to this, I want you NOT to attack them on my behalf. If YOU have a problem with them, then voice that, but this is not a drama wars video and I don’t want anybody just “taking sides”

    I hope any of my fellow CC’s wishing to respond negatively to this will show the same courtesy.

    • @Und3rpr3ssur3 and ALSO look at it this way the fire won’t simply burn out, he’s put enough fuel in it, it’ll burn out when something is done about it and the way it’s going with his ego that ain’t gonna stop.

    • Dude you’re a fucking loser😂 get a life and get off the video games soy boy

    • @JJBogan Perhaps, tbh with topics like these they tend to go dead a month or two later. Eventually, people will lose interest most likely from the resulting headache growing around it. I’m not all that sure what is to be done about it right now however it’s just another drama episode if I’ve ever seen one.

    • Sorry Warthunder lost you as a CC, but happy to hear you’re still playing. Love watching the channel, look forward to more content in the future no matter what it is

    • @Und3rpr3ssur3 it’s an issue when he is directly spreading lies and trying to show how good of a person he is. As koala says, we shouldn’t just be complacent. Leaving the video alone and allowing the misinformation to spread is not how to go about things. Seek probably did not make the video purely out of hate for Koala, but to show the truthful side to the drama, which koala himself has spread.

  2. This man fans are so GULLIBLE 😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Lmao get outta here

  4. Exact same thing happened to my chinchilla 😥
    He was fine,
    Started stumbling about during the night,
    Was gone by the morning 😔

    Sorry for your loss dude

  5. I opened 10 SL boxes and got 2 premium tanks haha 🤣

  6. Virtue signalling? 💯 Bs? Its over 9000!

    Still he has the integrity to give up both a fortune AND a pittance so you’ve got to respect him for that.

  7. look at you lying and play victim

  8. who tf cares about open cockpits?

  9. So glad you started your weight loss journey by quitting war thunder

  10. Please watch the Video from seeker head !

  11. Victor Daniel Alves carvalho


  12. I have now watched this and seeker head’s video. Will you respond to it?

  13. The Duke of Norton

    You’re a joke, pal.

  14. Before u thank this hypocrite please check seeks video on this before you all are brainwashed by scotty

  15. This clown got exposed hard by seeker LMAO

  16. Никита Митюков

    Yeah, cool. But how about you quit bullshitting your audience?

  17. Bye, have a nice day.

  18. D-Money Entertainment

    Dude most of us in the community complain about this stuff you talk about. Glad you made the right choice, see you in the skies.

  19. why dont you all look at seeks video on this exposing all his bs lies and half truths

  20. its why i left the CC program years ago. doesnt matter how constructive you are, they dont care, they want money with as little effort on their part as possible.

  21. When the snail gives you a bad time, you look it in the eyes and say “Thank you, sir! May I have another 🙏”

    It cannot get to you and break you mentally if you are immune to the absolute fuckery going on each day, especially at top tier.

  22. The whole T-80U-M2 thing was made up Reddit nonsense though.

  23. Wow such a great video. No way a guy talking about his opinion of a game will spark any controversy against him for said opinion.

  24. lol, sure… 🤡

  25. There is all ways two sides to the story. Here is the other side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KGB5B2yP6s&ab_channel=Seek
    Seems like you are rather unpleasant person to work with in general, and are willing to lie to your audience for some egocentric reasons?
    This was rather eye opening video from the “inside perspective” about your actions and demenaer “off camera”…

    Never the less, good luck on your journey forwards.

  26. Hey,I chatted “defend the caps you twots” yes twots and after an easy game “ha,proves there’s no Russian bias!” Got chat banded next day. Not same scale but shows daftness of censors, you’ll get a plague of snails 🙂

  27. That DerivedWhale45 guy sounds like some domestic abuser in a cult or whatever wtf…

  28. Who was the cc who sided with gaijin?

  29. 14:04 I feel like this can be applied to society at large.

  30. You’re the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve. God speed, you magnificent bastard.

    • Watch seek’s video before commenting this, i was brainwashed by this guy’s words too, just a bunch of bullshit to accelerate his point.Some of the stuff he says regarding gaijin is true but it’s:

      wildly blown out of proportion
      Manipulated truth
      Blatant lies

      All of this to catalyse his humongous ego and need to be seen as some hero smh.

      TL:DR take the time to view this from another CC’s perspective, one which covers the real facts
      (for example Seek’s viewpoint on this)

    • @Just Typical still gajin is a very greedy company you can’t deny that so it’s basically true with what he says 70$ planes destroying the matchmaker yea it’s very bad.

    • @Cody F oh yes 100% i couldn’t agree more, what i don’t agree is SK manipulating his viewers for personal gain, compounded by his fragile ego, need for validation and a personality (accurately portrayed through dm’s) which reeks of dogpiss

    • @Cody F we need to go against gaijin but manipulation of viewers is not how you do so

  31. Put on your Big Boy Pants……DCS!

  32. This is the correct decision, although I do disagree with obvious promotions of pointing community pitchforks at certain people, anger or mistreatment of you or not.

  33. I used to think you were cool, you’re not anymore 🙁

  34. Watch seek’s video before celebrating this”hero”who “gives people without power a voice”, i was brainwashed by this guy’s words too, just a bunch of bullshit to accelerate his point.Some of the stuff he says regarding gaijin is true but it’s:

    wildly blown out of proportion
    Manipulated truth
    Blatant lies

    All of this to catalyse his humongous ego and need to be seen as some hero smh.

    TL:DR take the time to view this from another CC’s perspective, one which covers the real facts
    (for example Seek’s viewpoint on this)

  35. Don’t respond to Seek’s video. Just move on from the drama and go into a new chapter for your channel.

  36. Can you say more bullshit in less time the amount of times through video where you straight up lied or twisted truth in your favor or removed blame from your side is hilarious. This videos purpose is making views while telling your truth so sad to see.

  37. Killing you With Logic

    Such a Lier!

  38. I feel like you and I have had the same past. No rabbit for me (yet, if the wife has her way) but almost lost my pup to seizures. I’m watching your video, I hope you consider dipping your toes into DCS. It’s a golden age for that program and we need people like you to shoot straight and call it how it is. Eagle Dynamics (makers of DCS) seem to listen, even if not right away. Lots of the aircraft are third party. So they can be held accountable. If you have a HOTAS, rudder pedals(or twist axis on joystick), and TrackIR. You will hop into DCS and your mind will be blown. You will never be able to fly in Warthunder without shaking your head and laughing.

  39. My first cat was orange so I know lol cats always go where u don’t want them to go lol.if u have delicate wires or connections for ur console or pc or audio receiver they will bite or play with the wires like a toy and ruin them if not careful.

  40. When the 57mm pt 76 came out I pretty much just played premium tanks. Why bother playing tech tree things anymore if most premiums are pay to win.just like wows pc and wows legends. All the premiums are the only things worth playing anymore. They make tech trees irrelevant now.

    • Don’t know what you’ve experienced in Legends but premiums aren’t pay to win there

    • I like how there are tons of premiums just being ignored & complained about because they are average and/or below average & that “gaijin could do better” (they can), but the second something blatantly overpowered gets released the community goes ree.

    • @Gud of course. When one or two vehicles are just a little bit useless… that’s not a big deal. The Su-11, Ju-288, Leopard 2PL until it was uptiered, Ka-50… these things are a big deal.

      Plus there are some just ridiculous situations with premiums vs tech tree counterparts. Take the Su-7BMK for example – same br as the Su-7B, 9.3… despite having the same six hardpoints and upgraded engine as the BKL at 9.7! WHY?! Not only that, but now the fkn Su-25 with R-60Ms is 9.7 too! Ridiculous.

  41. This kinda feels like virtue signaling..

  42. Gaijin is an absolutely terrible company. The current state of War Thunder is a mess. I haven’t played in weeks and I don’t really want to play. Most of the maps suck, half of them let you see into the enemy spawn from kilometers out, and every month there’s some new vehicle that does the job of 3 other vehicles at a crazy low BR, and it just so happens to be purchasable.

  43. I mean you have a problem with the genocide in China…What about the genocide NATO commited Iraq in or the genocide the americans commited in Vietnam. What a joke.

    • Of course I have a problem with them too, but those incidents are not happening RIGHT NOW. They’d be no different to the holocaust, or any war in general. The genocide of Uyghur people in China is ongoing, and unlike Iraq or Vietnam, China aren’t at war…

    • @theScottishKoala hi koala 😀

  44. Yours and spookstons complaints instead of licking gaijins…. Makes me happy cause i love the game and want it to be good

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