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Source: QuickyBaby

Buyers remorse in is real no tank triggers it more in me than Kirovets-1 and here’s why!



  1. lol, I regret buying everything. World of Tanks is a absolute shit, pay to win game.

  2. Ily quickybaby ❤️

  3. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Great sharing🙂

  4. your voice sounds weird

  5. I played the Console version of the game for 7+ years, quit the game for good in August of last year – I haven’t played since. Seeing how the game has turned out over the last 3-4 years, and especially since Update 6.0 in late 2020, I regret every penny I’ve spent on that game.

  6. “Its no op enough :(“

  7. Do kirovets vs is-3a

  8. Well, im playing ae phase 1 W/O any equipment at all. Works just fine. Winrate is so so, makes you wonder what kind of gameplay id have on the phase1 if all my slots have equipment on it.

    • I like the fact it can be a bounce king in the right location on a map..
      I run Hardening, Gun rammer 11.5% reload time and turbo.

    • @Jake planning on vents, rammer and vert stab or hardening, vents, rammer or hardening, rammer and turbo. That is, if i can afford even one.


    *Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us*

  10. It’s almost the same as wz-112-2

  11. Reminds me of when I first unlocked the second equipment slots, had 2 separate times I accidentally loaded in with no equipment, and didnt have the option the change at start of match enabled…

  12. Bet all you idiots regret buying the 780 XD what’s a trash game

  13. I have buyers remorse with the obj 780! Can’t make it work, 30% WR after ~30 battles.

  14. Hard mode? I play hard mode, it’s being f2p + no russian tanks

  15. Regerts in this game? The Object 780 OBVIOUSLY

  16. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Did the Steven90 get Raider?!

  17. I dont have this tank and im happy

  18. 3:33 moments like these puts a smile on my face.

  19. That event landed me my T22 med… skipped the Kirovets…. if you rerolled plenty you got intersting things T22 med and Foch 155 come to mind from that event and some “rare” 3d styles… not a cheap event though… gg there… you gave all those lowe tier tanks a proper handicap advantage 🙂

  20. in the end of the year and after all battle passes players have accumulated (the smart ones) some gold,credits, bonds, they may have even bought loot boxes. Those gold waiting in the pocket and credits too…need to get emptied in the year so WG can earn euros for the year…So put a kind of lottery again in game and let them pull out all your hard earned and paid rewards like gold, bonds and credits so when a new tier line will appear i.e. chekoslovakian td or italian ones, you have empty pockets and wont go in tier X immediately or you feel a bit more itchy to buy gold to get there and enjoy the only tanks that is worth your time in new tiers that are usually X’s. They know it. They are casinos masters, and we as players keep approving their tactic by continusly buying every crap event or tank they bring on…This situation is all our fault and WG knows we cant do without it! The problem is when we will awake as gamers and stop feedin their arrogance as company.

  21. Got mine for free, haven’t ever used it, can’t see any benefits over any of my other Soviet heavies.

  22. I think you took the equipment off for a “Playing the Best/Worst Tier #” video, I’m sure I saw you doing it in one

  23. always be negative ! it makes views !

  24. paying 15 mil for a tank that will probably never make you more than 5 mil. Big waste

  25. I got fully refunded for all days on that event. Thanks that I had in recovery kept showing dozens of times, it was infuriating

  26. Dude, you didnt have to buy this tank. No one did, its a credit sink, deal with it.

  27. I can’t find bounty equipmend in my token store does anyone know how to fix this?
    Or has anyone the same problem.

  28. thanks 😁

  29. Kirovet 1 basically IS-3 with better hull armor for its tier but stock IS-3 turret

  30. if somehow by miracle of God u are a F2P player and u got loads of credits but not much premium tanks or u are a tank whale that have nothing to do in the game anymore then sure events that give out tanks like this is a good place to add new stuff to your garage. but if u are just a casual player who dont play everyday or just play the game for fun, better get your hands off it, who knows, WG may advertise this tank that tank as the desirable, very good in this good at that, but eventually u get your hands on it and suddenly u feel its just a piece of shit.

  31. A thing which qb missed about the trading caravan was that you could get the astron for 1 credit and some nice 2d styles for 1 credit also

  32. The Kirovets is Ok. Nerf the rest of stupid premium tanks.

  33. Worst tank ever, i was so happy that i trade this crap for T-103 which is fantastic.

  34. Hardcore mode: Kanjpz 90

  35. Also, turbo in the wrong slot 😁😁😎😎🙏🙏

  36. Console had this for a loooong time, not a memorable vehicle at all. Least one thing is the discounts, offers and general pricing on console is at least consistent. Those events look absolutely toxic for pc, horrendous

  37. What is the best way to earn bonds in this game? Takes forever to get 5000 bonds to buy equipment, let alone accumulate and save for buying tanks? Thanks

  38. So basically you just made the exact same video, saying the exact same thing a year later about the same shit tank nobody cares about… Great content QB…🙄

  39. I lost 30mil rolling for it and didn’t get it

  40. so basically equipments’ effect is a scam in WOT..

  41. QB Confirmed – Turbo is the only mod you need.

  42. Quickybaby moments in this Video:
    0:26 Fails to go up a Slope he must´ve gone up a million times at this point.
    0:51 – 1:41 Completely fails to realise that he is about to be alone on a entire flank and risks his entire life to probably blame his team for not supporting him.
    1:55 This video was sponsored by Intuition Skill.
    3:31 The most useless block in history.
    4:30 Implies someone is cheating due to fast rep kit.
    6:44 Almost gets outmaneuvered by a E-25
    8:03 This video was sponsored by Intuition Skill.
    11:10 Man just straight up forgets his entire module loadout. Also has a TURBO in a Damage Slot wich even if he was running modules wouldve blocked the potential 1,5% additional reload reduction.

  43. Анди Василев

    I also have this tank on account (on console where we got this for free from the battle pass) and I can say that this is REALLY bad tank imo although I don’t play t8 premium tanks but even when it comes to tech tree tanks this vehicle lacks a lot

  44. I regret installing this game.
    Fully aimed on Renegades lower plate and its goes under his lower plate.
    I hate this game dude.

  45. Played it once got a lucky game in it with 4600 damage,aced it and left it on the shelf with 100% win rate

  46. I’ve got myself auwful panther scout and it kinda works but it could use 6 equipment slots to be good rly.
    Ah and I’ve paid 18 mil for it too!

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