I REGRET Not Playing The Legend for 9 Years…

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World of Tanks, The Most Iconic and Famous Tank Tiger I, 7 German Tank.

Today I take a littler trip down the memory lane, properly back into one of the most iconic tanks in World of Tanks – The Tiger I. A lot of us got into this game by knowing Tiger I, but how good is it in this game?

What do you think?


  1. Trust me Dez, you need to Play AMX M4 45, French T7 Heavy with the Pay to win gun (330 Alpha on Gold) this Tank is since the Buffs a hidden Gem in the Techtree.

  2. what is the name of the mode that shows you how much you need for the next mark

  3. I only did this tank in the beginning bexause i was making a rc version with my 3d printer and ingame you had a amazing model for it :p

  4. When they buffed the gun this tank turned into a really really good tier 7 heavy. It’s my go to for tier 7 1v1s. Always win with it.

  5. Ah yes being annoying AF finaly pays of 😀

  6. The Tiger 1 is still an absolute beast…until it faces a Tier 9 match…lol

  7. Tigert 1=HP farm:)

  8. Its my highest win rate tank I’ve played more than 100 battles in – sat at 76%, so reliable.

  9. The Tiger I is the only tank in my garage with 3 Marks, absolutly love

  10. german Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 is pure evil for it reload time and damage it can do

  11. when i was 14 all i can do is playing gta san and red alert 2 on my dad old PC

  12. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Tiger I has german accuracy, piece of shit. The combination to make german tanks useless: 1. fake accuracy; 2. poor penetration; 3. useless armor; 4. bad gun handling; 5 slow turret turn. So you will have fast aiming time factor but super bad dispersion; a slow turret and this ends in a tank that takes a life to aim and simply have the shots flying to everywhere in the reticle. So they have so bad win rates.

  13. you might want to try try tiger p as well, it now (after buffs to turret) feels better than normal tiger 🙂

  14. This is the only tank I have 3 marked, and I still like it, especially after the buffs.

  15. Funnily enough, I feel like the 30.01 P is even more fun and tier for tier potentially even better. I know many people liked it more when it was a medium, but I love my baby Tiger.

  16. I play this fella canny often always does a fucktone of damage. Tremendous vehicle

  17. Have played more then 9 years myself but remember how exciting it was to get more then 1K damage or to get 3 kills…. lol Your right I still have fun but if I don’t get 3K damage better be in a light tank, if I get 6 kills think about how it could have been 8 for the Radleys 🙂

  18. @The red Heavy San Andreas on ps2 with cheats in paper, good old times

  19. I 3 marked it in 181 battles with best being 4234 damage 2469 max xp. love this tank

  20. @DezGamez Nice of you to make this Tiger I video. I still have my Tiger I. Havent sold it. Have 2 marks on it. I will definitely pull it out of the garage! It was fun playing it. 🙂

  21. Dez…could you explain to me (us) why is so many beautyfoul maps excluded from game???

  22. That KV1 player is kind of stupid

  23. Lool back in 2012 i grind so hard for the t29 gun i have like maybe 500-600 avg damage which i thought was good,ooh boi how time flies.

  24. TehButterflyEffect

    Nah it was always the Ltraktor

  25. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    Dez you sound like you’ve been sick. You allright?

  26. That guy over yonder

    Got 8k spotting in t-54 ltwt while listening to this video

  27. adCaptandum Vulgus

    dpm monster, i used to charge solo t29 hulldowns & just out dpm them

  28. Plz play stock leopard pta without food….gl

  29. I have recently instaled aslain mod pack, and there is button that will select random tank from your garage, it even works with filters, so you can chose certain class or tier for this random selection. Since then I am loosing credits (for equipment) and win rate goes down, but I still like it .

  30. What style is this?

  31. Tier 7 is the most balanced tier in the game. On my server at least, tier 7s do not meet tier 9s and rarely tier 8s which just shows how stupidly broken tier 8 – 10 is.

  32. FYI: For the replay bug with no outlines (or messed up ones), just hit the rewind key and when the battle comes back, the outlines should as well.

  33. @galang rizky aiant T29 got 300 alpha 600 avg is kinda ehhhhh meh

  34. Just a Wandering Old Man

    I just started the Blitz recently, and I picked the Tiger line as my first main line there. And riding Tiger 1 was an amazing exeperience. Back then when I was still playing the OG WOT, I didn’t pick the Tiger. I picked the Tiger P as my first tier 7 instead. And I can say that my experience in it and it’s was not pleasant at first lol. I just couldn’t handle the VK30.01P as a newbie back then. I still remember that it was the tank where my winrate was the lowest of all tanks. Especially when I was playing it from the stock state. And sadly, it was the same with Tiger P. Playing it with stock gun and engine was disaster lol. But after some sad battles where I was despising myself, I finally ugraded it with the best engine and gun. And I REALLY love it after that. I can say that I spent most of my time in this tank. Tiger P tank was the one who taught so many things for the newbie me back then. And so, while I love the Tiger 1 now and don’t pick the Tiger P again in Blitz, I still have a special place in my heart for it. I still remember how I brawled with IS3s in it lol. Oh I also still remember my worst moment in it too… It was on the Siegfried Line map. I was trapped in the town part with T95 slowly approaching me from the front lol

  35. I never play’d Tiger 1..on this game. And i have account from 2013,,, i have almost all tier 10 tanks..but still not play’d tiger1. I think i get E 100 from Panther II. But on blitz i play’it and is so good..BTW great job..

  36. Michael Michael

    Dez, this was nice to hear about your past games. Thanks.

  37. When I started playing WoT I played with my co-workers (who dont play anymore) and we used to do, I guess you could say, meme platoons, where we re-enacted scenes form famous WW2 movies like Kellys Heroes where the 3 shermans ride into the german camp and blast everything. We even had voice chat where we said the lines from the movie if the situation suited the line. Man those were happy times….

  38. what do you think about Tiger 131?Is it good?

  39. This reminded me of the good old days of the kv-2 and Maus meta

  40. playing tier 7 puts a sour taste in my mouth because many of the tier 7 tech tree vehichles (especially stock) are awful, and its usually in tier 8 matches. Even in tier 7s E25s exist, tier 6 has KV2 and OI (if your not in one of the good tier 7 heavies they just clap you), and tier 5 has LeFH artys

  41. The damage RNG rolls on the first game was nuts, you hit for over 300dmg a shot with the tiger’s 280 alpha more than i do with a 300 alpha gun

  42. My starting experience: first 1000 rounds i was a meatball on the battlefield……..then i started to counter some enemy actions.

  43. Wait isnt the 3 mark from 95%?

  44. With all the super top gear you put on tiger 1 now not the same tank from back then better now faster,hard hitting equipment make better game thanks for the change of pace.

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