I Roleplayed As A Bunker And Bounced 100+ Shots (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I Roleplayed As A Bunker And Bounced 100+ Shots (War Thunder)


  1. *Seriously can anyone count how many times we bounced today?!*
    Also thanks for supporting me with that link phellas enjoy!!! https://goo.gl/4xJbSH

  2. mr.3inch couldnt get it up in time

  3. literally being a bunker is being in Maus…but Gaijin says no to that with the wrong BR. This thing is a bunker too, but in the right BR.

  4. Phly!

    You need to try our new 2000mm KV-2 in the WT live missions!

    For the glory of the Motherland! 😀

  5. “no reverse challange” please

  6. This thing is the size and weight of Brussels and probably less maneuverable

  7. 2:54 This dad and his jokes? you the best phly always making me laugh ?

  8. Belyy_medved64ru
    Fuck that guy 🙂

  9. 9:02

    Wierd flex, but ok.

  10. Please play the t2 against the F4

  11. I need your help fellas, I’m debating whether or not to spend $85 aud getting the object 120, I have 300 hours in the game all as german and italian ground forces, I loved how straight flying the OBJ120’s shots were, felt like centauro or hvg on roids

  12. -I am a buncker! ” Phly 2 years old”

  13. If you buy an item 100 times, you save 300% off the first item.

  14. wow 3% … not 1 or 2 but 3 whole % discount, LOL shame on you

  15. Hey phly give the unloved and forgotten game mode tank assault a try, everyone I feel is all about the grind and it’s nice to have some non competitive fun vs waves of bots that are sometimes shooting everywhere but hitting you and sometimes they are laser beams.

  16. “Someone (not me of course) get in the cap!” -Is what you and your entire team was saying.

  17. You sould Phly the FJ-4B VMF-232 in the new video pleas dude.

  18. SEVEN YEARS?!?! What is that? DiAl Up?!

  19. I love playing with Steel beast, for once I got WW2 Tier with the Jagdpanther. Took a lot of damage for my team, angling right and left, 14 kills. Ended up with 115 000 SL… When you play these monsters right you can have a lot of fun.

  20. Wow phly found the correct way to play this bad boy

  21. Operation rolling bunker

  22. Play simulator battles

  23. easily one of the best tanks in game, love the gun carrier

  24. Seen Churchill gun carriage at bovington tank museum
    It’s just an old range target

  25. Why people are hating on the kv1-b. Even the Russian have that tank not just Germany

  26. Right so I could do with some advice and help, so when I launch wt it opens, runs for 5 seconds then instantly closes. Any advice? I dont wanna lose my 300 hours XD

  27. “I started playing when i was 3 years old now im 10” lmao i died

  28. KV 1F : EZ kill

    the bunker : *rotate hull*

    KV 1F : still EZ kill *FIRE CANNON*

    the shell : FTAAANG

    KV 1F : *FIRE CANNON* (again)

    the shell : FTAAANG

    T 34 : *ATTACK THE KV 1F*

    KV 1F : *hold J*

  29. In AB it is horrendous, in RB I find it gloriously satisfying! Wonderful vid!

  30. Is that fury sound clip a mod or just a video edit?

  31. I dont know if you already did it, i didnt find on the channel a video about the OF 40 (MCTA).

  32. Just park it in a nice spot, go afk, profit

  33. me in Warthunder 18:51

  34. I couldn’t count how many shots you bounced

  35. Patchouli Knowledge

    just so you know that thing cna be pen by a 20 mm autocannon

  36. Should get points for bouncing shots ! you would be at the top of leader board ! lol

  37. Takes it like a CHAMP!!!

  38. phly : “look how adorable they’re, enjoy it while it last.”
    M13s : *getting strafed by IL-2*

  39. 19:07 phly witnesses the circle of life

  40. I’ve done this before but with a Sherman not on purpose mind you…. I got PTSD now

  41. i love your content bro alot!!!!!!!

  42. Me: uses apcr that can pen 120mm
    3 inch carrier: NO

  43. Phly wins by doing absolutely nothing.

  44. Your ten years old?

  45. Can you make more videos like this? this is so ridiculous.

  46. Heya Phly, Care rolling on out the Panzer 4 H and not the G or F2, I know that it’s not a huge highlighted tank on your channel and I feel that it needs some love. Missing out on a true jack for the germans.

  47. People who play the german tech tree only to end up using russian vehicles are the biggest of brains

  48. the cap is so open.

  49. panzerbuern akavlad

    The kv1b is cancer, too FUCKING tired of seeing them in my 75 Cromwell and top crusader

  50. is Phly still using a sound mod?

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