I saved my teammate from a TROLL in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

I saved my teammate from a troll in World of Tanks and this happened!



  1. first

  2. I’m da first 😀

  3. Like this comment and you will have good rng

  4. Its not that bad its just very bad

  5. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    You are awesome, have a great weekend!

  6. I got a message that I’ve been playing the game for five years… oh that’s a very long time in the service..

  7. Should’ve left the names unblurred

  8. seeing that thumbnail with the unamused face over the T95 made me absolutely lose it XD
    I don’t have a doom turtle myself personally but I have the T28 and that’s honestly how I feel playing that tank

  9. He was helping by pushing him faster – to avoid the arty. AT8 is slow, so people often give them a push.

    • This was clearly not the case in this video mate

    • @HelixYT Totally agree Mista G watch video again please :))

    • @HelixYT Yeah, probly, but when i had T95 folk would often push me, AND get shelter from enemy fire, using my armour. Only the replay at the end let QB off, as it looked like trolling for real. In game, QB could have been in the wrong, and i think he was surprised when it died…he only meant to set the AT8 free, not get it dead. phew!

    • @Mista G why someone who were talking about ”dating each others mothers” (you know what it means) would be helping him? 3:11

  10. Wow. Arty actually came in at the perfect time to serve karma.

  11. The username of the t25/2 is Skill4ltu report him.

  12. Great game QB good morning from Tennessee USA

  13. I remember watching this live on twitch. This was an epic game

  14. Just like in WoTb with the Ju-nu, Ju-to, Ji-se, Type 71

  15. One time i went to a passive position in my medium (its the kind of position tds like to also sit in) a td drove towards me and started pinging me to fall back, when i didnt react he started pushing me out…. after doing it twice i fell back, drove up behind him, fired to get spotted and waited for him to explode, thats how you handle a troll… then he started flaming the chat and said you will get banned, i answered yea sure send in the replay and get us both banned for the shit we did… never got banned

  16. The T-25-2’s plan to sacrifice the AT-8 to the enemy would have worked if it wasn’t for that meddling Type 58 …

  17. Kill Feed show names?

  18. extremely comfortable things going on

  19. He definitely did drive in front of the T25-2 again and backed into him after the guy came and pushed him and I think that sent the guy full tilt.
    So there was a bit of shit play from both of them.
    Nothing too out of the ordinary for this game though.

  20. i have these people almost every second game i want these people get banned to understand than its wrong and they cant do it

  21. Good show!

  22. Idk they both were kinda troll. Nixed did put his tank in front of the t25/2. And t25 did bump him but then the at8 started reversing into him. Put you made your choice and chose the facts that supported your choice

  23. The AT8 played was innocent in the beginning. BUT, he wasn’t completely innocent. After the T25/2 pushed him in the beginning. Instead of just moving to another position, he backed up into the T25/2 and pushed him. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t agree with the T25/2 actions. And I don’t agree the AR8’s initial response to the T25/2.

  24. Let us be real. They were both jackasses. Both were your prime example of shit-eaters who get heated up over stupid shit. Now the AT-8 might have purposefully blocked the other guy which, I wouldn’t be surprised, but either way, both are guilty in the exchange.

  25. Wow, that save on that one player from your team change really change the outcome of the game

  26. What about td japan

  27. Can we also appreciate how bad RNG did enemies get? I would get slapped 3 times over while doing exactly same moves, Quickybaby was exposed to SU-122-44 and multiple smaller gunned enemies for a long time, shells flying left and right but almost no damage lost up to being stugged.

  28. you did the right thing, I on the other hand may have fucked up,
    today in my game in my at15, a player pushed me out in the open with his O-ho, I got so pissed so I just ruined his entire game until we lose…. after the game, I know I did something wrong but i lost half my hp because i can’t fight his pushing due to his weight
    sorry for venting out here

  29. Every time QB says “remember to uncheck accelerated crew training” i feel the need to remind him, that the average player does not have the luxury to keep the tanks they played through^^
    The average player usually has to sell the tanks once they researched the next one because they need the crew, the credits and the garage slot for the successor.

  30. Last night i saw an 116 F3 in game possible the new tier 10 of this tree

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